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Published: Thursday, Aug. 1 2013 1:40 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

If BYU was smart, they would wear the black helmets with these royal unis for the game!

Layton, UT

If BYU was bold, they would wear the black helmets and black pants with these royal jerseys. Those would be awesome looking!

Omaha, NE

"Frankly BYU ought to use these colors ALL the time. Much more unique than the darker blue, and then we won't have to listen to Utah State fans claiming we stole their colors (which we did, frankly...)"

Please, don't add to their whininess. No one has a market on any shade of blue. How many teams wear red? The royal blue is classy and it's too bad they don't use it more often.

Mt Pleasant, MI

I switched to being a Ute fan around the time of the jersey change. The cougars just didn't look like the team I had cheered on for so many years during the magical winning years of the 70s,80s and into the 90s. Studies said people weren't willing to wear royal blue back then. I'll bet that study today would show differently. Oh well, I'll cheer for them for the cougars playing any other team. But now my home bleeds a bit more red than blue so cheering the Utes no matter the cougars colors on Sep 21.

Idaho Falls, ID


There is only one trueblue and the Aggies had it first. Thou shalt not steal!

Murray, UT

The royal blue brings back a lot of great memories so I am all for it. I do think they should still continue to use the navy blue for most of their home games. If they were to tweak the royal blue by adding a darker shaded trim to it, then I wouldn't mind it becoming more of a mainstay.

Clark W. Griswold
Sandy, Utah

It looks like the Utah game will be treated like royalty for BYU this year. I guess this game means a lot for BYU, that they need "special throwback" uniforms for this game. The uniforms won't make a difference, the end result will remain the same. Utah will win it's fourth straight game against little brother this year.


"If BYU was bold, they would wear the black helmets and black pants with these royal jerseys. Those would be awesome looking!"

Thats funny 'cause I was just thinking, if BYU is going retro, Utah should go modern and wear the black helmet, red jersey, black pant combo debuted last year vs. Arizona. They looked awesome, even though the game was disappointing.

I dont know who it was that was knocking Utah for their Black jerseys, because BYU used black trim first (supposedly. I havent seen every uni both teams have ever worn). Especially since Utah has been doing the blackout for several years and BYU just started this past season. And neither team was first, btw.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

The only think I hate about playing BYU is that even when you beat them; the majority of their fans refuse to give credit. They refuse to acknowledge that they were beaten by a better team. A fluke is one thing, but 3 in a row and 8 of 11 is a trend.

Oh well, let's get this season started already; daunting schedules for both Utah and BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

Spokane Ute

You get credit when you win the head-to-head and have a better season, as in 2004 and 2008.

You only get one-game bragging rights if you finish with a worse record and lower ranking.

2 of the last 3 were flukes - to suggest otherwise is to deny reality.

- Did Utah really plan to shank a punt so badly that it bounced off a defender 20 yards away from the punt receiver?

- Did Utah have anything to do with a bad snap that led to a gift scoop and score?

13 of the last 16 being decided by a touchdown or less in the closing minutes or in overtime does show a trend toward extremely close, competitive games, but it hardly demonstrates a trend toward any sort of "superiority" or "dominance" for either team.

From 2005 through 2012, BYU has the 12th most in FBS (74), 3rd most among western teams (Boise State and Oregon).

Except for our BYU-obsessed Utah friends, overall achievement is a much more important trend to follow.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Royal blue, huh? Time to dig out those '1984 National Champions' t-shirts...unless you never put them away to begin with.


"Did Utah have anything to do with a bad snap that led to a gift scoop and score?"

Yes, actually. If you watched Utah football, which Im guessing you dont and that's fine, you would have seen lots of bad snaps. Those snaps would have been due to Centers, including BYU's and USC's (considered on of the best in the country), so physically intimidated by the Freak of Nature that was Star, so scared they were way off target. Direct result of a Utah Player, Star was disruptive and obviously got in several players heads.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I guess I never reailized that BYU wore differnt shades of blue?

@ Swoop

I could dig up a number of plays that would have widened Utah's margin of victory in each game, but why bother? I don't look for credit from you, winning on the field will suffice. 8 of 11 is a definite trend, but spin it any way you like. I'm not sure why the D-news denied my previous comment? I guess "a constructive comment" is extremely subjective.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah never beats BYU.

BYU beats themselves.

Spanish Fork, UT

Bring back PERMANENTLY the real Cougar Blue and ditch the Aggie Blue.

Oceanside, CA

Re: Cougars- Wise Older Brothers

Older than who? Better do some research.

"BYU 31
Utah 14

Mark it Down!"

In the last 25 years, when they have won, BYU hasn't beat the Utes by more than seven points. Now, with a new QB who can't throw you're going to win by 17? ha!

it's 1984! it's 1984! Click,click.

Provo, UT

@Mildred in Fillmore

I like how you keep repeating yourself as you seek attention. Everyone knows you make radical claims about BYU being perfect in all they do. Maybe write things about how the U will be bowl eligible or the fact that the Pac 10.2 treats you like a doormat.

You my friend are quite entertaining.

It's interesting that no matter the article Chris B will mention a possible 4-0 sweep, and how he's a better human because the team he cheers for is being used as a punching bag in the Pac 12.

I'm excited for the season Go BYU woot woot!

Gilbert, AZ

Is it important to beat Utah? Yes. When the Cougs lose that game, I'm crushed. I Can't think of another outcome I would like on 9/21 than to end the game and start a 2-year break with scoreboard braggin rights.

If I had to choose beating Utah or Texas, I'd pick Utah. If I had to choose beating Utah or Boise, I'd pick Utah. If I had to choose between beating Utah or USU, I'd pick Utah.

Would I ever trade a winning record for an entire season and not go to a bowl game just for a win over Utah? Never. One win gives you scoreboard bragging rights for that one win, but doesn't guarantee a better "season" no matter the outcome.

That's the difference...beating Utah is VERY important, but not the only reason that I root for my team all season long.

Gilbert, AZ


"Did Utah have anything to do with a bad snap that led to a gift scoop and score?"

Sorry, the real answer is an emphatic, NO!

Crowd noise that prevented BYU's center from hearing Riley's snap count MAY have affected the poor timing of the snap, but Star had NOTHING to do with Riley turning his head to reposition his RB at the moment of the snap.


Spokane Ute

I could dig up several plays that with better execution would have changed the outcome of the game in BYU's favor, but none of them would be classified as flukes. Face it, U got lucky to pull out a couple of games that you should have lost in 2010 and 2012.

Bottom line, U hung on to win a couple of games by the skin of your teeth, which totally debunks the "Utah domination" narrative Utah fans have been obsessed with pushing, since you've had absolutely NOTHING else to beat your chests about since 2008.

North Salt Lake, UT

You shouldn't mess with tradition. Everything significant that has ever happened to BYU football occurred in royal blue and nothing particularly noteworthy has happened since the change. It was bad karma to change it and should be changed back permanently.

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