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Published: Thursday, Aug. 1 2013 10:40 a.m. MDT

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Richmond, VA

Ain't freedom a wonderful thing? Imagine living in a country where a government dictates how, where, or what to spend your money on? Frankly, I think the Ducks uniforms are some of the most hideously outrageous of any I've seen but that's the beauty of a free society. You can spend your money any way you want without worrying about anyone else's opinion because it's nobody business but yours.

As far as "Nobody get scared by a duck" That maybe true of any ordinary duck but those Oregonian ducks are a different breed. They are mean and tough with nasty attitudes on the field. They didn't get to sit on top of their conference by just having colorful uniforms.

St. George, UT

lol @ advocating for "redistribution of wealth" that most of you rant and rail against

West Point , UT

My bad, I realize the article was talking about Forbes, but as you stated that's not the only metric for academics. You stated that recruits care about academics, and I agree, many if them do. But they are probably more aware of AAU status than Forbes ranking in terms of academics, especially when AAU status has been such a talking point during realignment...agree?

My comments were not meant in any way to disparage the university of Utah. I know it's a great academic institution. But in terms of AAU and graduation rates, Oregon is better. That said, it's interesting to note that Utah has a higher avg SAT entrance score, higher freshman retention rate, and a much larger research endowment than Oregon. Both are quality universities. Cheers.

Murray, UT


Agree. AAU status is the ultimate. That is the main reason Arizona led the charge to leave the WAC back in the day and join the PAC 8. It took Arizona about 6 years to achieve AAU status after joining the PAC 8. I don't know how interested ASU, Wash ST, Oregon St are in getting to AAU status. I know Utah is very interested. But as you know there is a nominating process and a school must be voted in by the other members in addition to achieving certain academic ranks. I know Utah is working on it and possibly in the future the U will be nominated for membership by another PAC 12 school since those schools are interested in keeping up with the Big 10. I don't know if you have seen it but the new ambulatory care complex under construction at the U med school is huge. The size of that facility alone would cover about one third of the area of a typical college campus. The new Dental, Law and Education buildings are also under construction. All these things will eventually lead to AAU membership. Cheers.

Salt Lake City, UT


I am going on what was reported in the article. If you have a problem with that take it up with Landon.

Baltimore, MD


"Utah has medical, pharmacy and dental schools and all the research that goes with them. That is what opened the door for Utah into the PAC 12."

It certainly wasn't Utah's flash-in-the-pan football program that never did anything before 2004 and hasn't done anything since 2008.

The PAC got just what they wanted, an expanded television footprint and cannon fodder for the big boys of the conference to pad their conference win totals.

Olympia, WA

The U of U does not have a dental school. It has two residency programs (I think), and a few students take the first two years at the U and move on to Creighton. They do not have a dental school. Great med school, sure pharm is good, but had to correct you on one thing I actually know something about. The goal of BYU is not in having these very expensive programs, nor should it be.

Murray, UT


You need to get up to speed. Utah certainly has a new Dental school separate from Creighton University. Google it if you don't believe me. And the pharmacy school is not just good, it is ranked one of the highest in the nation. And why did you bring BYU into the discussion? I have not disparaged BYU at all.

Murray, UT


This comes from the University of Utah School of Denistry web page:

The University of Utah School of Dentistry will grant its first DDS degree in 2017. The School of Dentistry is part of the University of Utah’s Health Sciences, the Intermountain West’s only academic medical center, and our new School of Dentistry building is slated for completion in late 2014. The health sciences comprise University of Utah Health Care, the School of Medicine, the School of Dentistry and the Colleges of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health. Our classes are currently held in the Health Sciences Education Building, an award-winning facility in the heart of the education corridor of the Health Sciences.

The U is no longer sending students to Creighton University.

Layton, UT

SS Smith:

If it doesn't have at least 3 stars next to it on rivals.com or come out of Larry Scott's mouth it isn't a fact.

Castle Rock, CO

To me the disappointing part is not that the facilities are extravagant. The disappointing part is that athletes are not paid while all that money is getting spent on the facilities. Yes, their education and room and board is being paid for. But these student athletes also go through school largely unable to do any meaningful internships or get much meaningful work experience for graduation. They need to be compensated well for their time there earning the schools so much money.

Pay the athletes.

Murray, UT

Isn't it great that the kids in Utah have the opportunity of attending the University of Utah, a top flight world class university, where they can earn a professional degree in medicine, law, Denistry, nursing, pharmacy, business, engineering, etc etc and the taxpayers of Utah put up only 40 per cent of the cost of grad and under grad education when it used to be 75 per cent. The State of Utah gets a great deal and calls it their flag ship university for a bargain price.

Highland, UT


"The State of Utah gets a great deal and calls it their flag ship university for a bargain price."

The state of utah owns it in whole, whatever accomplishments are made, whatever deals are realized, whatever it does belongs to the state and is because of the state. It is nothing without the state. You need to accept that.

Murray, UT


Accept the fact that the state makes a measley $253 million appropriation that covers 40 percent of the cost to educate grads and undergrads when the state used to cover 75 percent of the education costs. The state owns the university but does not own the entire $3.2 billion budget. Argue that they do in court and you will lose.


Isn't there a thread for "Odd Arguments" you guys could jump on?

Logan, UT

Now kids...Lets not be hasty!

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