Comments about ‘Cottonwood Heights residents rattled by snake sightings’

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Published: Wednesday, July 31 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

When they say don't bug the snakes..Don't bug them. Those of us that live in AZ know not to mess with a rattle snake!


Since when have rattle snakes on the east bench been news? Cottonwood Heights' residents were used to them in the past, when did that change?

Ogden, Utah

They're just thirsty too. They follow the field mice out of the hills, who are also searching for water. Leave them alone and they'll generally move on.

sandy, ut

What did they think they would see when they build their houses in the foothills? Yes, you will see the occasional snake. If you move away from them they won't bother you. They don't want to bite you, they want to get away.


Hasn't Utah had one of its wettest months of July ever?

Beverly Hills, CA

When ate people going to stop being surprised to find critters when they move into an area that borders wildlife. They were here first.

Snake Man
Holladay, UT

I don't hear the snakes complaining about the humans in their yard, but they have every right to. It's a matter of eminent domain. Live and let live.

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