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Published: Wednesday, July 31 2013 2:50 p.m. MDT

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Twin Falls, ID

I like this role for our team. Nowhere to go but up! No major pressure - just play ball and have fun. I'm excited to watch the upcoming season, even if there are a few "painful lessons."

Ogden, UT

The jazz are ranked one of the worst and deservingly so. They have 4 new starters with the average age of 21.6 years of age and they are unproven, plus they have zero help from the bench. Having said that, the jazz will be leaps and bounds better than anyone outside of Utah thinks and they'll fight every single night. I'm not saying they're going to win more than 30 games, I just think that they'll be in a ton of games, especially if they stress defense above all. The only reason why they wont win 40+ games is the lack of depth at bench and that these young guys are inexperienced and are learning on the job.

This is what every jazz fan wants though and I am very excited about what is happening in SLC...this team is going to be special in a year or two, mark my words.

I applaud Lindsay, KOC, and the Miller family for taking this leap of faith. It is better than middling in mediocrity.


Richfield, UT

The plan is simple and brilliant, bring in only promising young guys, sign no veterans who have reached or passed their peak, play the season out with the young guys and come out of it with a sure knowledge of which of them are the cornerstones to build around, then you have a ton of money at the end of the year to re-sign Favors and Hayward and still have plenty of cash to pick up a couple of free agents which will be of a much higher quality than any we could have signed this year, then throw in an excellent chance of picking up a possible super star in next year's talent laden draft.

I say the Jazz set themselves up in an awesome position. Will they be bad next year? Probably but I believe they will be back in the playoffs in 2 years and on their way up.

Ivins, UT

The guard line bench I think got better with the signing of Clark. If Burke and Burks are the starters, we will have Lucas, Rush, and Clark ready to come off the bench to cover either the 1 or 2 spot. It's the front line bench that is more questionable it appears. If we start Hayward, Kanter, and Favors the first off the bench would probably be Gobert who is untested but has promise, and Evans who might really have a break out year based on his summer league showing. I'm sure Marvin Williams will get plenty of time once he comes back from his injury because Corbin seems to have a major man crush on him but I have no confidence in Williams. I remember complaining about CJ Miles because he would have 1 good game then 5 bad ones. Even with that I would take CJ over Williams in a heart beat, and he his one half the price. Other than that the front line bench is slim pickings right now. I believe that will be addressed next year though.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Jefferson will be leading an even worse team than last year. A career of putting up stats on bad teams. Good dude but his track record has moved beyond coincidence.

As far as the Jazz go I would guess they will lose a lot primarily because they are a super young team....one of the youngest in fact. That is to be expected. Kobe, Durrant, and LeBron were all bad to start. Not suggesting we have that from talent standpoint but that is just how it works. Young teams don't skip steps.

sandy, ut

Just play ball and have fun... and lose game after game after game. Not a great plan.

Holladay, UT


Was continuing to get a middling record with the players they had,

and continuing to get middling draft choices,

a better game plan?

Temecula, CA

He's even got the Celtics ahead of the Jazz. Hmmm, well besides not mentioning Burks and Hayward, Helin apparently hasn't been paying more than superficial attention to the Jazz. I stick with my preseason prediction (recently helped with the addition of sharpshooter Clark) of the Jazz being at least close to the final playoff spot.

Lindon, UT

In another article, Ansris Biedrins is noted by his home country coach as "absent" status on the team for this summer. When asked why, Biedrins said he wants to work this summer to improve for this season in the NBA. I'm sure he wanrs playing time, but it is also a contract year for him, so he needs to impress. If he is serious about improving, maybe he will have a breakout year for the Jazz. He is 7' 4" and 240, 1" taller and 8 lbs lighter than Kanter, so maybe needs to bulk up in muscle before the season starts. Maybe Malone can help there - if he really is serious, he might listen to Malone, unlike a previous 7' 3" former center on the Jazz team. He will be someone to watch. Rush is another player to watch - he could have a breakout year along with Alec Burks. Maybe Jazz management had something else in mind when they brought in the 3, including Jefferson via trade to give them cap space for next year. They can go either way on all 3 of them - if any of the 3 pan out, they can give them an offer.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

We're number 27! Yay!
And like others who have written in here, I'm all for it. Time to build. And the 2014 draft is going to be loaded. Jabari Parker time! Yay!

Tokyo, Japan


let me correct you..biedrins is only 7 ft...not 7'4"....and he is 242 lbs....Rush is the person most likely to be resigned..

sandy, ut


Yes I know. That is why they could have re-signed some of their vets, not all of them. And they had a decent piece or two (ellis, iguadala, etc.) and they could have made some noise. Just an opinion. But the idea of tanking a season with your youngsters to possibly get a couple good draft picks that may or may not pan out seems foolish to me. We lost too much.

St Louis, MO

They say the worst place to be for multiple seasons in the NBA is the middle of the pack, and Jazz ownership apparently feels the same. It's going to be bad -- hopefully not the demoralizing kind of bad -- for the next season at least, but I can live with that. If 'Sap and Big Al are your best players, your absolute ceiling is maybe a six seed. They've got the right idea, now they just need some luck for it to work out. I'm looking at a nice run starting in 2015-16.

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

This team will win 15 games at best. Lindsey your a joke.

Bastrop, TX

SlopJ30 has hit the nail on the head in describing the situation.....When you are in the middle of the pack, you don't get high draft choices, and it's difficult to get really good ball players to come to a mediocre team...so you continue to wallow in the middle of the pack.

To those who are terribly disappointed because this team will be one of the worst in the NBA this coming season, I would ask...."What's the glory for finishing in the top 16 teams? Or the top 8? Or the top 4?" Fact is, the only glory is finishing on top, with maybe a little dust spilling over on the #2 team....Big question, though, would be, "What;s the difference between 17th and 27th?" Neither one is anything to brag about.

The Jazz organization has funtioned for about 35 years, and they have produced zero NBA champioships......They have tried buying championships...Okur, Boozer, et al....They've tried trading for championships...Jeff Malone, Korver, jefferson, et al.....all to no avail. What they are doing now is trying another method....growing one....I, for one, like it!

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