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Published: Wednesday, July 31 2013 12:40 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber 2

Where's the fairness? Why the discrimination?

Just because some poor uneducated person gets into more accidents, why should they be punished for failing to be good drivers?

We need a federal program to make the evil, rich, educated, safer drivers "pay their fair share," right?

Or, maybe this is just proof that people who work hard, get a good education, and obey the rules (including traffic laws and common sense) take fewer risks and have fewer accidents and should be rewarded.

Rural Hall, USA, NC

I'm down with that, I just wish they would take my perfect record more into consideration. I think the single, highest factor, regardless of who/what etc should be driving record

# of accidents and penalties/years of driving

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

wish my rates were lower...and I'm college educated and have had zero incidents (tickets or accidents) in 25 years of driving. It's still a sham

Sugar City, ID

Are white-collar, educated professionals less likely to get in an accident than blue-collar workers with a high school education? If so, then if you want lower insurance rates, then get an education and a good job. People who live in some states must pay higher rates because there are more accidents in those states. Is that fair? It is if you are insuring people and want to stay in business.

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