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Published: Tuesday, July 30 2013 1:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Jake was the most accurate passer ever at BYU! I never saw anyone who could consistently throw the ball five yards short of his receiver in the dirt every single time.......lets hope he has fixed his problem!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Yeah, I confess I may want to watch Heaps again this year.

I'll log on a few times to BYUtv and replay the 54-10 blowout. Man, that never gets old!

Lincoln Park, IL

Jake's biggest problems were heart and leadership. As soon as I saw Jake throw a pick at the goal line against Ole Miss, and then watched Jake make no effort whatsoever to try to tackle the defender as he ran the length of the field to score, I knew BYU had a serious leadership problem at QB. None of BYU's previous QB greats would have just stood there watching as a defender returned an interception for a TD.

Aurora, CO

I hope Jake does well at KU and is able to reach his potential. He wasn't right for BYU, in his opinion, and the OC's inability to get everything out of him was obvious. Not sure why he chose KU over a program that would prepare him better for the NFL but maybe Charley Weis is the guy to help him.

I believe that we are better off with Hill at QB but time will tell.

Looking for a 9-3 season this year.


Cedar Hills, UT

Jake was a rising star under Robert Anae. Remember the bowl game where Jake shined. Next season Bronco let Anae go and gave the reigns to Doman and Heaps floundered. You can't make a drop back passer into an option QB. Now Bronco gets rid of Doman as coordinator and brings Anae back to resurrect his offense as Anae did after Crowton left. What a waste. Had Anae never left where would Jake be now? I am guessing Jake would have had a GREAT season last year especially with the receivers BYU had. I suspect Jake would have had a season similar to Detmer during his soph year. What a waste. Kansas has a really good QB...too bad Kansas was 1-11 last year in the BIG 12.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Not sure why he chose KU over a program that would prepare him better for the NFL but maybe Charley Weis is the guy to help him."

A QB isn't going to go to the NFL unless they're the starter for a college team and generally most good college programs already have someone in their system that they'd rather use than a hand-me-down.

Ashburn, VA

I wish Heaps the best. He has handled his situation with class, perhaps more than some of us fans deserved.

That said, he's gone. He's moved on, BYU has moved on. These constant updates on him are even more obnoxious than the repeated Mitt Romney post-mortems.

Frisco, TX

I'm anxious to watch Jake. He was coming on strong the last few games of his Freshman season, but was dreadful against Ole Miss, Texas and Utah the following year.

I remember sitting in the stands in Austin and watching Heaps overthrow Jacobsen on a 20 yard pass. The ball was 6 or 7 feet over Jacobsen's head. Jacobsen was wide open, for what would have been an easy TD.

Hopefully, he'll come closer to his potential in Kansas.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

KU got themselves a great QB, and BYU muffed it with Jake. Jake did great in the bowl game as a freshman. If Anae had stayed on at BYU Jake would now be a senior and we probably would have won at least three more games last year.

When KU becomes bowl eligible everyone will know it was Jake that made the difference. I personally hope that KU goes undefeated. I also hope the Cougars does the same.

Go Cougars! (and Jake)

Phoenix, AZ

Hey Truth,

I loved the comment. However, I thought Nelson would give Heaps a run for his money. I saw Nelson consistently throw the football to opposing players for a pick-6.

Hey Patriot,

You make a valid point. I never thought much about Anae leaving after Heaps Freshman season. Still, an NFL caliber player wouldn't let a coaching change effect him the way Heaps showed signs of being affected. I suppose we'll never know.

I hope Heaps does well, I just hope DN will stop running stories on him. If KU doesn't do well, then I'm sure we won't.


Patriot, let's keep in mind that the bowl game you referenced was against UTEP. Heaps ate up some poor defenses but, got eaten alive when facing any with a pulse.

I agree that Anae being let go was ridiculous and almost smelled of something personal in nature. But, I'm still skeptical as to what Kansas actually has at QB. Even if he's good, the team around him is not very good so it may not show. There are no Hoffman, Apo, Van Noy's at Kansas.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Jake Heaps was only a great QB when he lined up opposite poor teams. Vs. solid teams, he just couldn't be counted on to win the big game. And that's why Jake will flounder vs. Tx. Tech, TCU, Okla, Baylor, Texas, Okla. St, WVU, and Kan. St, but have "career game" numbers vs. So. Dakota.

Rice, La. Tech, and MAYBE Iowa St. should be toss ups.

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

JohnInSLC "Yeah, I confess I may want to watch Heaps again this year. I'll log on a few times to BYUtv and replay the 54-10 blowout. Man, that never gets old!"

Warning: The Fiesta and Nutra Sweet bowl seasons are getting smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror.

Just curious, do you occasionally watch the replay of the 47-7 camouflage game against TCU on national TV at RES too? It's equally entertaining, unless you're a fan of the then #5 team in the land.

I know, I know, Chris loves her BCS membership

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

There is no doubt that Riley Nelson did better at BYU than Heaps did. A mobile QB will always do better with an O-line that can't protect the QB.

Give Heaps a good O-line and he will excel.

KU has some ponies in the backfield. If nothing else Heaps can throw the ball to them.

BYU consistently defeated teams with more highly touted athletes. Under Edwards, the QB's excelled. It was offensive philosophy, coaching, and the system. Heaps went to BYU to take advantage of those thing. Too bad they left town about the time he got there.

Provo, UT

Who is disin' on LA Tech. They have a good program.

Lindon, UT

If Heaps can overcome his fear of being tackled and improves his weork ethic, he may have a good year. We'll see.

Helendale, CA

I wish Heaps well. I don't like snide remarks by BYU fans or Utah fans. I was as disappointed as anyone that Jake didn't work out at BYU. I don't know the reason and I don't care now. That's all water under the bridge. We have a new season ahead, and I wish BYU AND Jake Heaps good seasons. Go Cougars!

Washington, UT

Until Heaps proves otherwise, I will predict he will have a great opening game, will throw for 400 yards and 5 TDs, but this game is against South Dakota State. I don't see Kansas winning anymore games this year, and Heaps will complete less than 50% of his passes on the year and throw more interceptions than TDs. Kansas is not a good football team. I think Heaps knew he was a bit of a fraud and that he would never start again at BYU, thus the transfer, and the only way he could start again was to go to a program desperate for a QB. Hello Kansas.

Cinci Man

I wish Jake Heaps well this season. If he had played with BYU last season, he would have gotten creamed because he is not a QB draw resource. He always showed he had a great arm, but he had no finesse and poor accuracy. Throwing a rocket off target spelled doom for the receivers. But now with Kansas, he's likely more mature, more poised, more accurate, and more finessed. Time will tell and I'll be watching for the results of Kansas games every week. Jake is a great person and I hope his maturation has paid huge dividends for him. Go Cougars and Go Heaps!

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