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Published: Tuesday, July 30 2013 1:25 p.m. MDT

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Unemployed Law Grad
Sandy, UT

The "Million Dollar" study is bogus. Harvard, Yale, and Stanford law schools may be worth the price of tuition. The "U" and the "Y" law schools, probably not worth it unless you get a guaranteed three-year full scholarship.There are no jobs for newly-minted lawyers. It's rough out there! Caveat Emptor!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

We desperately need more lawyers. How else are we going to continue to lead the world as the most incarcerated country.

South Jordan, UT

I am torn on this subject. I am a recent law grad, and I am well-employed. But even with a good job, I will be paying off student loans for quite some time. There are legal jobs out there, but they are hard to come by, and employers are still picky. I was fortunate to find work in my preferred niche, and others have not been so fortunate. But I would disagree with Unemployed Law Grad's comment above that the U and the Y are not worth it. In my opinion, those two schools are two of the best values for law schools in the country (and rankings think so also). While the U has raised tuition substantially over the past decade, it still remains one of the cheaper schools, and is quite reputable. BYU is also a great buy.

I don't think law school is as worth the money as it used to be, but I hope that in 10 years I will be able to say that it was worth it to me.

Sandy, UT

Is starting a business worth it? Of course it depends. A percentage of business owners go under. However, there are also many who make a good living and many who become wealth. However, if you focus on the ones struggling, you will get a skewed picture.

One I problem is that too many law grads have the mentality of an employee. I want someone else to give me the work and pay me well. While this happens for many, a law degree is like starting a business. Go out, work very hard for inconsistent pay and make your customers happy. If you do you will most likely be a success.

If you work hard in private practice, there is no reason that 10 years out you should not be averaging over 100k per year (with many earning 2-3 times that). So what other degree (other than an MD) is going to give you a good shot at make 100k plus most of your working life?

As for schools, Harvard, Stanford, etc. are probably worth the money. Otherwise, if you want to work in Utah, the U or the Y are the schools of choice.

San Francisco, CA

Consider the fact that law schools are conveyor belts that churn out people who will end up as members of Congress or ambulance-chasers on late-night telemercials--and then ask yourself how much socially redeeming value these lawyer factories have.

South Jordan, UT

@ Californian#1@94131

I hope you never need a lawyer! If you do, don't call me! While there are lawyers who have little socially redeeming value, that can be said of any profession or occupation. But thanks for choosing to lump us all together as horrible people.

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