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Published: Monday, July 29 2013 4:15 p.m. MDT

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I wish him the best! I think he obviously would have thrived more in BYU's up tempo offense with talent around him and prepared him more for the NBA but you can't knock him for wnating to be close to home.

Bountiful, UT

Additional evidence that the Utah basketball program is headed in the right direction. Kudos to Coach K for his recruiting work.

It's a great day to be a Ute!

Murray, UT

Here we go!! I love my PAC 12 membership!! Utah is on the move. It will be nice to have those new b-ball training facilities done when Chapman arrives!

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Fantastic! Welcome to the U. I am thrilled with the progress Coach K is making on the hill.

Go Utes!

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

I think this is the guy that Mika and the boys took to the cleaners. It will continue in college and the Cougars will continue to dominate Utah in basketball.

Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to Ute Nation Brekkott. The basketball dog days are behind us. On our way back to restore our proud basketball heritage!

Go Utes!

Onward and Upward.

Way to go Coach K!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Well done.

Love skiing
Salt Lake City, UT

Way to go Utah. Glad you stayed instate and get that degree.

Ernest T. Zass
Salt Lake City, UT

Best basketball player this country has seen since Jimmy Chitwood! No doubt about it!

Franklin, IN

Smart kid...must have a high IQ... And wants to play big schools...

Good job Coach...


Let me know the day BYU signs a top 50 prospect! This kid is going to do very well & Ute basketball will be back in full force. As they say in Utah County..."Mark it down" Go Utes!Go PAC 12!

Salt Lake City, UT


This program is on an upswing.

Ute buster
Eugene, OR

Best player in this country? Really?? Let's not forget Mika and the Haws kid. They are hands down better and they both ended up at BYU. Utah may be a bit better this year but BYU will still own for the 12th time out of 13 games. That my friend is total domination.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Hes pritty good but no Jimmers or Shawn Bradley. Final four by 94!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

To my fellow BYU fans, there's no point in trying to downplay this kid or display sour grapes. We would have loved to have him. And as much as I think Utah basketball has deserved every bit of criticism and derision it's received for allowing itself to fall from a national power to one of the worst programs in the country as recently as two years ago, I do think Coack K has done a great job getting them back on track. Getting Loveridge and now Chapman means they're finally getting the young talent they need to become a winning program again. Congrats to Chapman and the U, and kudos to Coach K. As for us at BYU, we're still doing just fine. We had a top-15 recruiting class last year, and if we get Dastrup, we're poised to have another, if not better. Basketball as a whole in the state of Utah looks to be on the rise

Salt Lake City, UT

Good choice Brekkott.

Playing quality teams in a real conference.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think Larry is rebuilding the Utah tradition and doing it the right way. Ute fans began to see the payoff at the end of last year. I think there is more to come.

Salt Lake City, UT

I've read about Chapman. He has the potential to go to the next level. Is there a coach in Utah more qualified than Coach K to help him achieve that goal if that is in fact what he wants? Nope! Chapman absolutely made the right choice.

"Chapman has been impressed with Utah's progress as a program and likes the prospect of playing with Loveridge."

"I believe Utah is a program on the rise, and I'd love to be part of that."

Right you are. Well said, young man...welcome to Utah!!

Salt Lake City, UT

"...and prepared him more for the NBA but you can't knock him for wnating to be close to home."

There's no one in the state more qualified to prepare him for the NBA (if that's what he wants) than Coach K. It's also clear that he wants to compete at a higher level in college so the Pac-12 is the obvious choice. Being close to home had nothing to do with his decision...read the article.

Washington, UT

He obviously isn't interested in playing fun basketball or winning

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