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Published: Monday, July 29 2013 3:35 p.m. MDT

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Dustin Black said it perfectly. This is the wrong fight against the wrong Industry. Ten years ago, before it became more fashionable to support Gay Rights, Disney Corporation faced down the Southern Baptist Convention and the American Family Association who initiated a boycott of their films because they were offering Domestic Partner Benefits to their employees. At the end of the day, is a boycott against Ender's Game any different?

I'm happy to oppose Orson Scott Card's ideas in the political sphere, but I see no reason to do it at the Movie Theater when the Film has absolutely nothing to do with his political views.

Cache, UT

Ugh. Free speech is excellent, as long as you don't disagree with the gay agenda, eh?

spring street

@ md: Really? I don't see your free speech being infringed upon. (Oh, and in case you think it is - "free speech" means the government won't censor it or throw you in jail - it doesn't mean other people won't use their free speech to express disagreement with you.)

And, FYI, as Henry Drummond points out, those who oppose gay marriage have engaged in boycotts, too.

As a matter of fact, those who oppose gay marriage and rights for same-sex couples still have the upper hand. Don't believe me? Try to adopt or foster in Utah as a same-sex couple - see how far you get.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Salt Lake City, UT

I used to live a very different life. I didn't obey, but I was rebellious in most things. I knew the church was true, but I just wasn't living the way I should and I wasn't sure how I felt about the doctrines regarding Family within the LDS Church. I ignored all this and kept living the life I lived.

Eventually it catches up with you. All of us have to make a choice. We all learn at some point whether the choices we're making make us truly happy or not.

I made my choice. I'm happy. I'm not perfect. We all make mistakes so I don't have any expectations of perfection from anyone. All I can do is hope for others. I hope others can see the happiness that others are finding through returning to the gospel and keeping the commandments. It isn't an easy decision. For me it took many years to get my life back in order. I wish I had earlier but the time is lost.

See the movie or not, but a boycott doesn't make you any more right or any more happy. The gospel will.

Sugar City, ID

Richard Wagner was a Nazi sympathizer but he also wrote beautiful music. Should I avoid listening to Wagner because some of his personal beliefs are repugnant to me? I suspect that those who are protesting "Ender's Game" think of themselves as being broad-minded liberals. But if someone refuses to watch a film, go to the opera, read a book, listen to good music, etc. because someone involved in the work of art has an opinion different from their's they are really displaying their narrow minded bigotry.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

I have been waiting for this movie since reading the book 20 years ago. Card could publish an article entitled "'Floyd Johnson' is a Cod Fish" and I would still be the first guy in line.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Basically they are saying we don't have to be tolerant of you, you only have to be tolerant of us.

Same old, same old from that group.

I can't wait to see this movie. One of my all time favorite books. It will be a big hit and this boycott will be a complete failure.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Boycotts are a complete waste of time and rarely effective. If some LGBT activists want to organize a boycott of Enders Game good luck. I suspect most of them will say they are boycotting the movie and then sneak off to see it when their friends aren't looking.

This whole thing is a tempest in a teapot which the media is trying to inflate into something bigger than it is.

Richland, WA

The story of Ender's Game was originally published in a magazine in 1977. It has nothing to do with sex of any kind, let alone homosexuals or same sex marriage. The people behind the boycott are demonstrating the sheer intolerance of some people in the "gay" community, who cannot stand that anyone disagrees with them. They share an attitude of self-righteousness justifying harm to others that has, in other societies, been cloaked with the term "jihad". And in states where same sex marriage has become law, they are using it as a weapon against dissenters.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Any one that has read Orson Scott Card extensively knows that he is anything but homophobic. Several of his books have gay characters that he treats sympathetically. In fact, I have been surprised at how openly gay some of his characters have been given his stance on gay marriage. He obvisouly doesn't hold any animus for gay people, but is simply opposed to legalizing gay marriage. The movie, Ender's Game, should be allowed to be judged on it's own merits, not on the personal beliefs of it's author.

Layton, UT

Fwiw, OSC issued a statement stating that since the supreme court has decided this issue, he considers further debate on the topic to be moot, and he resigned his position with the National Marriage group that originally got some homopoliticos up-in-arms.

It's clear the only group that doesn't want this issue to be resolved in a positive way is anyone still calling for a boycott.

Murrieta, CA

I will not go see the movie because I have known Card's personal disgust of gays for years. I will not spend time advocating others do the same. I just don't care to read his books or now see movies from which he profits. The word is now out on him to a greater degree and I think that is a good thing.

Auckland NZ, 00

I wonder how many LDS would choose silence if it were Mormons who were the objects of naked castigation by politicians and religious leaders? Who were widely denied rights available to every other group? About whom misinformation and hatred were regularly disseminated? The fact that you personally dislike the notion of normalised homosexuality shouldn't affect your support of fundamental principles of fairness and equality.

mid-state, TN

@jem53 --

"Any one that has read Orson Scott Card extensively knows that he is anything but homophobic."


I HAVE read OSC extensively. I have **also**, however, read many of his virulently anti-gay editorial rants, AND I have heard him speak against gays in person as well (in Utah, as it happens).

Remember -- OSC has actually advocated **insurrection against the Federal government** if gay marriage becomes legal.

IMHO, the "Geeks Out" boycott has done a good thing, because it forced more people to publicly confront the issue of homophobia.

OTOH, it's also obvious that the majority of people who will profit from the movie are NOT homophobic, and in fact are generally firm supporters of gay rights. In fact, Lionsgate is an exemplary supporter of gay rights itself, and will be hosting a benefit in support of gay causes.

So by all means, go see the movie. Support Lionsgate and all the other people involved in the movie, almost all of whom are enthusiastic supporters of gay rights. Sure, there's some sting to supporting Card -- but he is only one man, while Lionsgate and the rest of the industry represents thousands who disagree with him.

Clovis, NM

It is sad that boycotters don't get a taste of their own medicine. Using their logic,it is unlikely that I could go to the movies again. If I don't see a movie because I dislike the personal views of one of its key actors, writers, or directors, that pretty much excludes me from all movies. However, I am tolerant enough and smart enough to restrict my movie critiques to the content of the movie and not to the views of the cast. Boycotters should take a reality check on what they expect from society. When they are intolerant of other points of view, why should they expect tolerance for their own views? While the rights of a minority may need to be protected, so do the rights of a majority. Point to note: This movie, no doubt, has many actors and staff who sympathize with gay rights. Those people are being damaged as well. So it sounds like a case of "cutting off your nose to spite your face." Damaging one person is causing damage to hundreds of other people.

Brigham City, UT

Great art and morality go together. Sin is playing only one key on the piano: boring and dull. Play all 88 keys and life is better. Hollywood is boring and dull.

Spanish Fork, UT

To our friend JSB -- Wagner died six years before the monster Hitler was born. But your point is well taken. I find Barbra Streisands politics absurd but she sings great (although I do draw a line at listening to this patently anti-Christian singing "O Holy Night", but I'm not silly enough to boycott -- I just don't chose to listen to the supersillious juxtapostion).

But on Card, the heterophobes are certainly out in full force. Once again hysterically but illogically making their lack of case.

Harrison Ford's opinions were certainly accurate.

VA Saint
Chester, VA

It amazes me that this group wants to boycott Card's work because he's a member of NOM. Defense of traditional marriage is homophobic and bigoted? I think not.

West Jordan, UT

I get a kick out of the LGBT community response to anything they deem as offensive.

They make it very hard to be sympathetic to their cause.

Temple City, CA

I completely agree with the idea that a boycott is a useful weapon in the war of ideas that is our democracy. I personally boycott things that are made by people whose agendas I disagree with. For example, I refuse to buy things made by the creative team responsible for "Hairspray" because of what they did to a friend of mine who supported Prop 8. If GeeksOUT ever produced anything, I would boycott it.

I know it might seem facetious, but I am completely serious: I support the use of boycotts.

For a number of reasons (personal, political, and artistic), I hope the boycott of "Ender's Game" fails, but I applaud the use of boycotts for political reasons. I intend to continue to boycott people and products I disagree with.

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