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Published: Monday, July 29 2013 12:35 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Keep chasin' that rainbow, Mike.

The Reader
Layton, UT

Mike Lee should be in the cross hairs. He has done nothing constructive since his election to the Utah Senate. I have never seen nor has history ever recorded such a contrary person in the US Senate. He is only out for headlines. he cares nothing about the good of the country - only the good of Mike Lee.

Oream, UT

Senator Lee is not a player in Washington. He sits at the kids table while others make decisions at the adult table.

Holladay, UT

These comments from the extreme left are hilarious as they are wrong and uninformed.

Woods Cross, UT

But Mike, you promised you shut the government down. How can I ever trust you again?

Durham, NC

Dragline.... very funny.... hopefully not true...but still very funny.

Salt Lake City, UT

Correct me if I am mistaken Senator Lee. But the message of the Tea Party is ax Obamcare, then medicare, then social security. Am I receiving the correct message?

The Hammer
lehi, utah

Sen. Lee should remember that even mentioning the shutting down of the government will only be a non starter. People don't like it because it causes lots of problems for everyone. If Lee would have started the conversation with "We need to talk about the funding of the IRS and its handling of peoples taxes" this would be the right time and place to ask for something like a special prosecutor to look into the mess at the IRS before signing onto any funding for Obamacare. But Lee leaped before he looked.

If the Tea party doesn't get smart by finding ways to win politically instead of dying on every sword that comes along they will only alienate and destroy the repubilcan ticket for the senate and president for the forseeable future.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

What's clearly terrifying the extreme right is the very real possibility that Obamacare will work just fine.

St.George, Utah

This Utah Senator doesn't seem to know if he is coming or going. One just cannot keep changing their mind. Thought Mitt Romney's behavior set a standard for a "don't ever do this again" message.

The Reader
Layton, UT

Reply to Jazzsmack.

I think you are hearing from the Republicans in Utah. Not the extreme left. The extreme left laughs at Mikey. The far right Republicans are even upset with Mikey.

Springville, UT

@Eric Samuelsen

Notice the increase in health premiums since the "Affordable" Obamacare was enacted? Yeah, mine have gone up 44%. So much for affordability. You must be on the government dole to make such a silly comment. No, it can't work without putting a substantial burden upon the rest of us. But as long as you get your handout, I'm sure you're happy.

Keep up the good work, Mike. You're ticking off the media and others on the radical left.

Saint George, UT

Where's Waldo (mike lee)?

According to the DN article...

"...Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, appeared on Fox News...".

"...Lee told Fox News...".

"...After the senator’s Fox News...".

"...a stark departure from what he had said six days earlier on the same Fox News...".

"...“Speaking on Fox News, Lee said...".

mike lee can be seen on fox news...talking to fox news employees....


mike lee is clearly in way over his head.


Stop the constant face time with fox news.

Utah voters know who you are.


You have been taken to the woodshed.

Slinking off camera while threatening to do what you will never do is behavior unbecoming to a US Senator from UTAH.

You have embarrassed yourself.

2016 cannot arrive soon enough.

Enough is enough!
Saint George, UT

Eric S...What is truly terrifying is that Obamacare will actually go into effect. Very few in our citizenry have read it and even fewer know how it will affect our country. The non-readers include our elected officials and some of the agency people who make up the rules and administer it. In fact, it's so complicated and incomprehensible that they simply can't get all the regulations figured out.

There isn't enough space here to outline how Medicare has undermined our country's medical system. Obamacare will be the death knell.

If you think it's hard getting into see a doctor, just wait a year or two. Doctors are retiring in droves...good, hard-working, dedicated, compassionate doctors who often can't provide you with appropriate medical care because the government and insurance companies (because the government lets them) mandate care. Some simply can't earn enough to keep the doors open because of the HIPAA compliant computer systems they are forced to buy and the scant income they have to take because of the government and insurance mandates.

You will wish you hadn't supported Obama and this madness.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good Job Senator Lee, keep up the good work! RINO's like McCain, Graham, Murkowski, Hatch, should just admit they are communists like Obama, Reid, Schumer, Clinton........Obamacare is like trusting the people at the DMV with your healthcare and paying four times as much for it! All services are improved when they are managed and competitive at the private level!

Salt Lake City, UT

And another thing. Mike Lee does not care that his actions may deny some people critical care, resulting in suffering and death. Lee is supposed to be some kind of Christian. Not from my perspective!

Salt Lake City, UT

Re: MapleDon "But as long as you get your handout, I'm sure you're happy." I am a senior citizen who has played by all of the rules and never asked for a handout from anyone. I assume you mean me when I ask that I receive my medicare benefits as promised. You're basically calling me a parasite. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Lindon, UT

@ enough is enough. Scant incomes? Doctors take home in excess of an average of $750,000 per year. If they are forced to take home a little less for the common good then so be it. The best doctors love what they do and would never quit medicine becuase they thought they might lose 10% of their income. Most doctors are in favor of the Affordable Care Act and the best were enlisted to help write the legislation. Mike Lee is a Tera Party shill that hearkens back to the days of Chris Cannon. Both are true embarrassments to our great State. 2016 we need a leader, not a Fox News contributor.

Springville, UT


Your name says it all. No wonder you're afraid of limited government.

Further, you must also be Eric Samuelson.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

A Senator should not threaten to shutdown government for Fox media coverage. He should resign.

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