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Published: Sunday, July 28 2013 4:45 p.m. MDT

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Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Wow...great article...I think it's time to go slaughter me some ducks!!

Toughest schedule ever...Amen...game over?!!

Sandy, UT

Let the games begin.

White Salmon, WA

The funny thing about the schedule rankings is that having BYU on their schedule strengthens Utah's SOS and having Utah on their's weakens BYU's. Who actually has a more difficult schedule won't really be known until the season is done.

Sandy, UT

And before Chris B says it,

I wasn't aware that Chris B. was a member of the BCS



I nice article to soften this year's blow. I can hear it already. "We only won 4 games, but the Utes had the toughest schedule EVER in the state."

Coug in China
China, 00

Could it be that Utah's schedule is tougher than BYU's because Utah has BYU as an opponent and BYU has Utah as an opponent? If BYU is a better, tougher, stronger team than Utah (which yes, I am implying this by virtue of my statement) and all other opponents of each team are deemed as "equally" tough, then logic stands that Utah has a tougher schedule... it doesn't make them the better team though. I also ask the question, how would Utah fare if it were to try and schedule as an independent? My thoughts are that it wouldn't have nearly as impressive a schedule as BYU does three years into their independent adventure!

Clue Bay

If you can not go to a bowl game - at least you can have a tough schedule. Wait does that even matter?

Vancouver, WA

In my opinion the PAC-10/12 is overrated every year. Just look at last years bowl results:
Baylor 49- UCLA 26
Texas 31- Oregon St 27
Georgia Tech 21- USC 7
Wisconsin 14- Stanford 20
Boise St 28- Washington 26
Nevada 48- Arizona 49
If the PAC was as good as it was they would win their bowl games every. Remember that Georgia Tech was at the bottom of the ACC last year and USC was a favorite to win it all. Strength of schedule in the PAC is inflated like the Zimbabwe dollar. There is a reason every game is a toss up in the PAC and it's not because they are all 'that' good. Just look at last years results against the other conferences. This year will prove it overrated again as the media continues to inflate the strength of the PAC.

Farmington, UT

Hey Baby---season over, for Utah that is. Bowling at Orchard Lanes yet again.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

BYU's toughest schedule ever was 2004 when they played and lost to Boise State, USC and Utah who all went undefeated that year, as well as a strong TCU. As I recall that year the Cougars ended the year listed as having played the toughest schedule in the country.

This year's schedule is great, but none of the teams BYU will play should finish undefeated.

Utah has a great schedule simply by having Oregon and Stanford replace teams that Utah can beat. They also have USU and BYU on the slate. There will be no shame in Utah going 4-8 this year since they are rebuilding and the teams they play are all improved.

Cinci Man

Utah's schedule is tougher because they play so many BCS teams from the mightiest conference ever known to man. I can buy that. Go Alma-mater Utes!

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: Coug in China

Utah's schedule is tougher, because as Robinson mentions they play really good teams every week (excl 3 weeks (Weber, Wash State, and Colorado)), they also have 2 great teams they are playing (Stanford and Oregon).

Since when is BYU better? BYU goes bowling (because of an easier schedule), but they lose to Utah.

BYUs independence schedule is mostly 2 for 1's. Utah got Michigan on a home and home. Utah would do fine if they wanted to be independent, but they don't want to be independent.
Who would want to be independent? Idaho, Old Dominion, and New Mexico State are all independent because they can't get into a conference. BYU is independent because they can't get into a BCS conference.

CO Ute

@nw coug - if you really look at the schedules, your comment is totally incorrect. BYU is in the lower part of Utah's schedule for most difficult games. While BYU has 4 very good opponents, Utah fits in the next group for strength of schedule above Idaho St, MTSU, Virginia, and Houston.

Las Vegas, NV

I am always surprised at how BYU fans can take ANY piece of information and spin it to show how they are better than Utah. Having BYU on their schedule doesn't bump Utah from 42 to 5th. It certainly doesn't hurt, but suggesting its the only difference in SOS is another example of willful ignorance.


Utah plays 1 team that played in a BCS bowl last year. BYU plays 2: Notre Dame & Wisconsin.

I will take BYU's 2013 home schedule over Utah's home schedule any day.

Really, you can only compare 9 games, because BYU and Utah play each other, and they both play Utah State and an FCS team. If you compare the other 9 games, the schedules are very similar, but BYU's is more national, where as Utah's is all west coast Pac12 teams. BYU will be on national TV more than Utah and will get more exposure for the big national games they are playing.

BYU > Utah.

Little brother on the hill can still keep trying. When Utah goes 4-8, all we will hear about in the off season from Utah fans will be how hard their schedule was, and BYU fans will ask if they have put another Pac12 sticker on the back window of their car this year?

Keep storming that field Utah fans.

Sanpete, UT

This is all pre season talk. Who knows, maybe many of the teams may actually have horrible years that Utah plays, thus at the end of the season giving them a weaker SOS. Could play out vice versa for both sides. SOS is pointless before games are even played. Nobody knows how good anybody will be until the cleats hit the grass.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

"Ute schedule surpasses BYU's toughest ever slate"

It's amazing how much stronger our SOS has increased just by adding Stanford and Oregon to our schedule. Too bad we have our little brother down south on our schedule that is slightly weakening our already tough SOS. Oh well, we'll take another easy win over the Cougies!

Lehi, UT

BYU is overrated. They will finish the season barely above .500 if they are lucky.

Salt Lake City, UT

Coug in China
"My thoughts are that it wouldn't have nearly as impressive a schedule as BYU does three years into their independent adventure!"

Good grief. You are really impressed with byu's schedule, aren't you. Two points to ponder:

1- According to Holmoe and Mendenhall, ESPN is the key factor in building byu's schedule
2- Look ahead to 2014 and come back and tell this board how great it is being independent

As for the rankings...go back an re-read the article. Phil Steele has it right...I'm sorry you are disappointed but reality can be harsh sometimes.

Salt Lake City, UT

3 straight BCS Bowls; 35-5 (.870) last 3 years; 30-3 at home; ranked Top25 47 straight weeks; 13-4 against teams ranked top 15 last 3 years; only team in last 12 years to beat #1 and #2 ranked team in same year; led nation in sacks last year; stingiest defense in America 2012; 3 Heisman Trophy Finalists since 2009; 10 ALL AMERICAN FIRST TEAM since 2009; and I could go on and on...

BYU fans and Utah fans keep beating your chests as to who is the irrelevant best. No question Utahs schedule is tougher. Better lace em up boys.

GO Stanford!

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