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Published: Friday, July 26 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT


This a Utah/Pac12 article, but if it was a byu article we can still post because we own byu, and we have moved on, but we can come back and own byu any time. Hide, watch...believe.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"Utah no longer has anything to gain by playing their weak little brother to the south, and everything to lose."

Quite the contrary. Judging by Utah fans' comments and actions after last year, Utah has everything to gain by playing BYU. Did you see how important that game was for Ute fans? Did you notice how many Utes validated their season simply because they beat BYU? If it weren't for the BYU win, Ute fans would have nothing. They HAVE to try to show how they are better than BYU. It seems many Ute fans' success depends on how they compare against BYU.

All this talk of "getting over BYU" is just talk! The truth is, they need to believe they are better than BYU.

North Salt Lake, UT

SoonerUte, MyPerspective:

No, he doesn't mention BYU by name. But these statements are in response to questions about the BYU-Utah game. Just whom do you think Larry Scott is referring to, Boise State? (Not that the Utes would ever dare schedule the Broncos, given the results of their past two games against them).

Read this sentence again:

“Basically there were some openings that came up as we looked at future calendars that made sense for them to reinstate the rivalry game, which we think is terrific,”

In this sentence Scott is discussing reinstating the November BYU-Utah game, which incidentally the PAC-12 thinks is a "terrific" idea.

Which goes back to my original point: Ute fans have been claiming for quite some time now that the PAC-12 would NEVER shift their schedules to accommodate BYU, and that if BYU ever wanted to play Utah or any other PAC-12 team it would be on their terms only -- ie, early in the season

Yet based on this article, it would appear that Mr. Scott is willing to make exceptions for BYU. Now why would he do that?

North Salt Lake, UT


Call me when you have the moxie to actually beat USU; they're likely going to beat you again this year -- and by a much bigger margin than last time. Ute fans won't be able to claim it was a "lucky" victory this year.

North Salt Lake, UT


"This a Utah/Pac12 article"

Um, no it's not -- not at least according to the Deseret News.

If you click on the BYU subheading on the Sports page menu, this is the first article that comes up. And I know you do that all the time, based on how often you troll the comments on BYU articles.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

Great example of the pecking order in the PAC. Scott makes no comment when USC and Stanford schedule BYU. But when Utah schedules BYU, Scott throws down the gauntlet just to make sure Dr. Hill knows he (Scott) is in control of Utah's schedule and Dr. Hill better sit up pay attention.

I wonder how long Utah is going to be allow itself to be forced into home games om Sunday, a rivalry with one of the worst teams in the nation (Colorado), and a smaller piece of the PAC TV pie.

Its got to be humiliating.

Salt Lake City, UT

FelisConcolor "Yet based on this article, it would appear that Mr. Scott is willing to make exceptions for BYU."

Scott said "Basically there were some openings that came up as we looked at future calendars" He did not say "because it is BYU, we will open our calendar". BYU has nothing to do with the openings on some future PAC 12 calendars.

During some (not all) future calendars, Utah will have the option to schedule a non-conference opponent late in the year. If Utah chooses to schedule BYU, it is Utah's choice, and if Utah chooses a former rival for that game then Scott thinks it is "terrific" (a word you changed to "beneficial").

It would be nice if some old rivalries could be retained in all this realignment. I appreciate your hopefulness, but end-of-season Utah-BYU game is not coming back every year, just sporadically. His words are pretty clear when you don't twist them to mean something else.

Layton, UT

surf is up,

Did that kid own you? On the field?

And are you sure that you was on the "popular kids" team? Or did you just throw that in to cover yourself? lol.

Go Utes,

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Lets continue to disassociate ourselves from byu

Power conference teams don't maintain rivalries with non power conference teams.

We have moved above byu. We don't want recruits thinking we are on their level


For you Utes who keep talking about dropping the BYU game I have a serious suggestion. Stop writing on the boards and stop caring about the game. If Ute fans really don't care they won't even bother to visit the BYU boards, then they will stop talking and then maybe they will get their wish - no more BYU/Utah game.

So please go away and stop talking about how Utah should drop the game. To you all I say - Whatever.

Oh and also - forget the 2 for 1 talk. It is just lame.

North Salt Lake, UT

Chris B: "We have moved above byu"

If only you'd move above trolling articles about BYU.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Chris B

"Lets continue to disassociate ourselves from BYU..."

says my delusional little sister who is so completely obsessed with BYU that she often posts 5 or 6 comments on BYU articles before a single BYU fan has even read the article.

Your actions scream so loudly little sister, that we can't hear a word you're saying.

West of I15, UT

@Riverton Cougie...."They HAVE to try to show how they are better than BYU."

They don't have to try and show anything. The utes have proved it over and over and over again on the field just how much better they are. The Y would have to go on a winning streak over nearly a quarter century just to even things up. The way the last 10-15 years has looked I would say it's more likely that streak goes the other way has it has been 8 of 11, 4 of 5, 3 in a row etc.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"As far as the utes go they will dewinde [sic] away in the PAC 10.2 sports wise. It's a good thing that u of u is a great medical institution. That will be the only notoriety they will receive from the PAC 10.2. And that's the ONLY reason why their in the PAC 10.2."

Haha! Your tears are so very delicious!


@byu joe

"For you Utes who keep talking about dropping the BYU game...stop writing on the boards and stop caring about the game."

Uh, I believe it is a right of Utah fans to write on local college football articles and voice their opinions, even if those opinions may differ from your own.

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

Keep hanging your hat on the elite conference thing Navel. Since 5-7 and no bowl game is where reality got you last season.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"They don't have to try and show anything. The utes have proved it over and over and over again on the field just how much better they are."

You're right, they're so much better than BYU that they almost get within 10 spots behind them in the final rankings. They are clearly better!

Navel Vet,

BYU does not need Utah. 2014-15 will be proof that BYU does not need Utah. But let's check the comments during those seasons and I can guarantee that many comments will be from Ute "fans" trying to validate their team. As far as the "no conference wants BYU" claim, that has been proven to be a lie. Conferences have shown interest in BYU; you just choose to ignore it because it interferes with your idea of BYU being "unwanted".

Iowa City, IA

PAC 12 has now learned that Utah does not carry the state market, not even close. So now, they'll pretend to consider everything, then agree to grandfather BYU v. Utah. This one rivalry game will bring huge market revenue and exposure to the PAC 12. By now they've realized BYU touches every media market in every state in the West, especially California, Utah does not. Maybe the utes reach out to Wendover and south to Sugar House park, but not much further.

You just can't ignore big brother.

Magna, UT

Blue sour grapes make such a sweet whine!

Harrisville, UT

Scott doesn't respect the Utes enough to commit to anything yet.

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