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Published: Friday, July 26 2013 10:20 a.m. MDT

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CougFaninTX said:

"@Chris B -

Yes, finally an acknowledgment that Fresno State is in a power conference. In basketball, you probably think Willamette University is in a power conference?"

Hey don't diss the Bearcats! They won the NAIA D2 BBall title. Dan Hawkins coached there before putting Boise St. on the map.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I for one am very happy to see this. Yes, we might have roped USU around a little longer, and yes there was a financial disincentive, but when BYU needed a friend in the football world, Utah State was one of the best. I think their loyalty deserves the respect shown by this move.

I DO think that the game conference weekend was part of the magnificent tradition, but I am totally jacked about a new thanksgiving tradition and I hope it NEVER ENDS. The Utah game can be squeezed in wherever, IF it is convenient. Like the House of Israel, I wouldn't mind if Utah wandered in the wilderness (ie the PAC whatever basement) for forty years before ever sniffing the Promised Land.

I'm sorry. My frantic emotions got the best of me. I LIKE Coach Whit and the Utah football team. But as for the fans who are too frequent guests over here: the desert is that way.

Southern, UT


You and I are on the same page because we know the truth. And USU will be lucky to get 6-8 win's on the season. We all know there are people who disagree so who is it gonna be first.


Basically what we're seeing here is BYU gradually turning Utah State into its main rivalry and putting Utah in the rearview mirror. And that is the true reason for Chris B.'s rant.


Well, at least Utah State has the moxy to play BYU every year.

We can't say the same thing about the little school up on the hill.

Go Cougars!

Layton, UT

That Little School Up On The Hill owns you, and starting this year, the Aggies will too.

Go Utes.

Sandy, UT

Glad to see the BYU-Utah State game moving to November. Both teams, but especially BYU, will be taking a big hit financially and far fewer fans will be able to attend the game in person, but this will give both teams a fun, season-ending rivalry to look forward to each year.

It would be nice to see the Utes grow a backbone and get the PAC to allow them to play BYU in November every year. The Colorado/Utah game could easily be moved to September every year, with both teams playing their natural rivals in November. Unfortunately, as long as the Utes are content to remain PAC 10.2 serfs, that's unlikely to happen.

Layton, UT

No backbone necessary to beat byu.

South Jordan, UT

, correct me if I'm wrong but when BYU went independent, they scheduled a 2 for 1 in PROVO with Utah, go figure. My first comment was declined because I put Chrissy in there. Thanks Dnews, you allow so many more comments that are rude.

Salt Lake City, UT


This will be good for BYU since it should open up opportunities for more high profile games earlier in the season and playing USU late in November should at least have some interest due to the in-state factor.


Best comment on the thread.

- Gives BYU a significant upgrade from the Idaho's of the world in strength of schedule
- Gives BYU players a reason to be motivated in November
- Gives the Aggies something to shoot for if their season has gone bad and validation for them outside the MWC if their season has gone well
- Creates a consistent rivalry -- something missing in BYU's independent schedule. Even Notre Dame has USC, Stanford, Army, Navy and now the ACC. Here's hoping BYU can evolve into a rivalry with Notre Dame.
- Gives Ute fans something to be obsessed about after their season is already shot
- All of which gets more viewers to tune in: Win for ESPN, BYU, USU and little u.

The only downside is heavy travel in Sardine Canyon, which can be hazardous in November. Take a bus, people.

Layton, UT

Gives byu an in state opponent closer to it's ability, since they can't beat Utah.

Orem, UT

Gives BYU an opponent that the Utes are no longer good enough to beat.

Southern, UT


Please tell me you did not just say that about Utah/USU. Once in 100 years doesn't make you the better team.

River Falls, WI

RE: Stang08

I'm pretty sure that SportsFan was just being funny in his response to ekute (who was trolling). However, if you believe the trolls than his statement isn't that far off. According to many who post on this board (i.e. AZUTE, Chris B., Howard S, etc), football started the instant the Utes joined the illustrious PAC12. Prior to that MWC was on-par with the BCS conferences, the BYU/Utah rivalry mattered, and the the BCS was the evil empire. Now that Utah is in a BCS conference all of a sudden football matters (see arguments about SOS, in-state recruiting, etc). If that is all true than you have to submit that during the PAC12 w/Utah era USU is undefeated against their little brothers up on the hill.

Southern, UT


To me it doesn't matter what conference Utah is in. They are still a better overall program then USU. Or would you like me to look up the overall record and show you? The MWC was great when Utah and BYU were in it. When they left and who knows how many other teams left. And half the WAC went and made it the WAC 2.0 then the MWC became nothing. Utah/BYU made the MWC. Now that they are on to bigger things the WAC 2.0 is nothing. Again let me know if you want to see the actual Utah/USU record. You aggies really don't want to see it. 1 win out of 100+ games. just sad if your a USU fan.

The A Game
Logan, UT

What if everyone made this about Utah and BYU? That would be so cool.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


It doesn't matter who is the better overall program in terms of revenue, wins, recruits etc. I think that is the point that has been lost by the University of Utah and many of its fans. The matter with all three teams is who is RELEVANT.

BYU has always been relevant with football fans around the country. They are even more relevant outside of the United States. Relevancy continued through the awful stretch of the Gary Crowton years. Being seen internationally and as the top US sports program from the US in many smaller countries (including professional) BYU will always be relevant outside the state.

Utah was relevant while part of the MWC. They used to be one of the teams that was talked about nationally and considered an upstart program capable of mixing it up with the big boys. They beat a fantastic Alabama team. They joined the PAC12, face-planted and have since left all national discussion outside of the state of Utah.

Utah State wasn't relevant until that game in Auburn. Its a shame you haven't noticed what the program has done the past two years.

River Falls, WI

RE: Stang08

Relax, I didn't mean to insinuate that the Aggies have a stronger football program than the Utes--I know better than that--I was just giving you a hard time for going along with the trolls.

The truth is that Utah has been very good this last decade, but there has been a dip in their performance these last few years. The Aggies have historically not been very good but they have seen a definite uptick in the last few years--and shouldn't be disrespected for the progress they've made. I believe of all the in-state programs BYU has the strongest tradition (most national respect) but they haven't been great in the past few years either. All three teams have the potential to surprise people (i.e. play in BCS games), can't wait for the season to start in a few weeks.

The Ocean, CA

I just find it funny that BYU scheduled Utah to a 2-2. Just sayin'.

Southern, UT

What uptick Wiscourgarfan? One maybe two winning seasons, one conference title, two bowl games only one of which was a W, and finally beating BYU for the first time a couple years ago, and finally beating Utah for the first time last year. Sorry but doing all that in one MAYBE two years isn't on the uptick. And everyone seems to forget why all those event's happend.

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