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Published: Thursday, July 25 2013 6:55 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU has sold more season tickets in 2013 than any other year since 2003. Not only did the stadium sell out season tickets quickly, there was hardly any turnover. BYU saw close to a 97 percent renewal rate from last year. Number of tickets per order also increased this season."

Proof, that, as Tom Holmoe promised, Independence can work. Fans just needed to be patient while the first couple of years of scheduling kinks were worked out.

Next step in the process, start winning the big games.

BYU wasted a great opportunity last year, but the Cougars appear to have an even greater opportunity this year.

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

Great atmosphere, generally well mannered fans, and beautiful views. Worth every dollar.

Nephi , UT

not bagging on BYU or anything, but the rough estimate for BYU ticket revenue is flawed. look at the cheapest seats in UTAH or BYU's stadium. for many games the BYU tickets start in the $5-$20 range while the cheapest at the U is 45 for single games. so for every one single game seat Utah sells byu has to sell a minimum of 2(depending on the game of course, big name contests prices are higher) to keep pace. now there is truth that BYU has a bigger stadium and can sell more tickets but i personally think $20 million is a little high. Look at the Home games from the past two seasons Idaho at one point was being given away free with a ticket from any other game, same with some other less than average teams, you don't make any money when your product is free.

Happy Valley, UT

Just as we saw with Basketball, far more premium club members bought their full allotment of seats than in years past. The likely rational being that unused seats can easily be sold this year, many are likely banking on offsetting the cost of tickets this way too.

Like watching games for free on local TV, the days of being rewarded with good seats for years of loyalty are long gone.

I have two suggestions for those who were priced out of season tickets this year.

1) The unprecedented supply of spare tickets outside LES will likely mean that donor tickets can be had at face value without paying extra for club dues or to watch Idaho from an igloo your kids built at 10pm in late November. Purchasing good seats second hand will get you into games that you couldn't afford otherwise and at the same time support those big money donors who pay for indoor practice facilities.

2) Seniority is gone. Lump sum donations in the year given will get far better benefit than cumulative smaller donations over time. Spend a year on the bench with ESPN and put the money saved towards great seats the next year.

Salt Lake City, UT


Your math is waaaaay off; those cheapest seats at BYU don't even exist at Utah.

Who cares about home opponents from the last two years, that's just plain silly; Home schedules for 2013 are the ONLY thing that matters.

As far as opponents with fan appeal go:

Texas > Stanford (not even close)
Boise State > UCLA (it's been a long time UCLA did anything of note)
Utah > Utah St (obviously)
Georgia Tech = Oregon St (wash)
Mid Tenn St > Colorado (8-4 vs 1-11 in 2012)
Idaho St = Weber St (both teams are simply fillers)

No Conference Will Take Us

When some Amway guru buys 30% of the LES tickets. How is that a sellout game? BYU depends on big contributors to buy a bunch of tickets and give them away. Where are my fellow, or real, BYU fans for that matter?


Runningute24 - not sure what prices you are looking at (student prices)? From the first article on ticket prices -

Season ticket cost including donation per seat per game
End zone20 yard line50 yard line

The majority of sales are season ticket sales and not only are BYU's tickets generally more expensive the stadium is much larger so the $20 million is very possible, even with games that have low attendance. With BYU's stadium being ~40% bigger that means $14 million (Utah's revenue) times 1.4 = $19.6 million without even the price increase which would likely easily offset any revenue lost for low attendance games. Unfortunately, I don't think we will know for sure.

JP Skillet
Salt Lake City, UT

re: UFan that was his point that byu has a bunch of cheap tickets.

And you're comparison of games is wrong. I don't care who the comparison is it will always be better than MIddle Tennessee State. Also, if you say Boise State has more appeal than UCLA, than you must say that Stanford is bigger than Texas. When was the last time Texas did anything. That team has not been up to par lately. And UCLA was great last year, and even won their division two years ago. And sorry but Oregon state > Georgia Tech.

Nephi , UT

Excuse me Mr Ufan, whose side are you on, it sounds like your parading around thinking BYU is the king of scheduling. I'll admit that BYU does have a good schedule I'd love to see texas or BSU come to town. but the only point i was getting at is that BYU doesn't make money off every game especially when is a bad team once or twice a year like they have had in past years and will undoubtedly continue to have simply because not everyone can schedule 12 A level opponents. Also if you look at the UofU ticket office website reguardless of how good/bad the team was last year the tickets are $45 (yes its $45 for even FCS weber state)on the U's for in the red zone and go up from there. there are now $5 nose blead endzone seats at Rice Eccles, so even though the single game seats are more limited Utah makes more off each one.Even the three game pack that includes weber, ASU, and colorado comes to $120 making it $40 a ticket.

Nephi , UT

I was looking at and trying to focus on SINGLE GAME prices which i do state in my first comment. The article series listed the prices of what each seat comes to for those that buy a season ticket, before all the donations that are required to keep the seat. I wasn't trying to confuse anyone just trying to point out that their is a significant price difference between those tickets belonging to single games between the two schools.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

"Even if the games aren’t in the afternoon, fans are clearly more excited to see Texas and Georgia Tech than they were for Wyoming and New Mexico" (don't downsell nighttime football, fireworks, drama, nothing's better Austin or Provo)

BINGO----the current state of Wyoming, UNLV, Colo St, New Mexico, Hawaii, football ifalls below what a fan might expect to see when watching a North Dakota St, Montana, Eastern Washington, Montana State match, it's simply deplorable. Add in the one year wonders like USU, Fresno, San Jose St, in toto it's one sad group of schools who can't win a non-conf game, in fact when you add up the losses to FCS schools it's far worse. I "get" BYU playing in Las Vegas as bad as UNLV might be, in a 4 game home and home arrangement. There is a deal to play a possible yearly match vs a Big 5 conf, in a new UNLV stadium during November for the equiv of Bowl Money. To think BYU would ever return to the MWC laughable......When they've been to Paris (Par-ee), you've never get the kids back on the Farm.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Gotta luv how the Utah trolls just make stuff up in order to make themselves feel better about there fading program on the hill. You have no "fellow" BYU fans; the only thing you have are your MUSS buddies, who obviously don't even bother showing for Utah basketball games anymore. A couple more years of losing seasons and no bowl games, and the MUSS at RES will look just like the MUSS at the HC.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


Middle TN State is a strong mid-major program rated just a little bit below the University of Utah in most rankings for football this year. They are no cakewalk. BYU will be favored to win the match-up. If the match-up was between Utah and Middle TN State the game would probably be considered a toss-up since Utah is on a rebuilding year and not expected to do anything while MTS is expected to contend in its league and once again go bowling.

BYU football is the hot ticket this year with the Jazz finally playing the young guys. Nothing in sports quite compares to seeing the Cougars play (I am sure the same is true for the hundreds of Utah fans that read EVERYTHING about BYU for their own experiences watching the Utes).

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

“It definitely felt like BYU was making it clear — money talks. Because we don't donate as much as other fans, our (long-time) seats were long gone by the time our ticket buying time came.”

It's reality that sports spectating is becoming a meritocracy. Priority is given to those who contribute the most. BYU isn’t doing anything other schools haven’t done, but for those fans who are negatively affected, that’s a hard pill to swallow"

Chum, welcome to reality, BYU season tickets with min donation are less than 25% the price for the most popular tier of ASU Sun Angel Foundation tickets. For the most popular tier of UT tickets, the cost is 75% more than ASU's. I alternate one year ASU next UT, BYU is a deal. The athletics dept at BYU has more say than at more schools who turn all the sideline seats over to a separate fundraising group, that foundation or group promises the university a certain large donation for the right. WAC schools paid $30,000 to a visiting team in its heyday, BYU will pay $800,000 to $1.5 million to its visitors.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

The proofs how good it is to be us. Tons of money flowing in. Tons of exposure.


The math adds up ute fans. BYU's stadium holds 64,000 fans. Utah's stadium holds 49,000. BYU can stuff in 15,000 more fans.

The cheapest BYU season tickets I could find was $130. For the entire season. Divide that by 6 games evenly, and you are looking at just over $20 per game for the season, for the terrible seats in the upper corners. Normal sideline seats are at minimum $180, which is $30 per game on average, and up from there.

Remember, BYU has big time stadium donors, who drop $250,000 to just get good seats on the west or east stands. Utah's good seats don't even come close to requiring that type of donation.

Fact is, BYU did earn over $50 Million for their athletics last year, and Utah was below $50 Million. The 2 revenue sports are Football and Men's Basketball. BYU will always make more on tickets until Utah increases their cute, little, tiny stadium. Until then, you ain't playing with the big boys.

Go Cougars!

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

JP Skillet

Texas like USC and Notre Dame are always huge attractions, regardless of how well they been doing recently. Boise St has been a perennial Top 25 team for the last decade; not so Stanford, which has been up and down. UCLA was unranked last season; BSU finished #18/#14. Ga Tech for BYU fans is just as intriguing as OSU is for Utah fans. Regardless of your opinion of Mid Tenn St, unlike Colorado, they're not one of the worst teams in the country. Mid Tenn St won TWICE as many games last year as Colorado has won the last two years COMBINED.

Salt Lake City, Utah


What possible relevance does last year's schedule have on this year's season ticket sales?

Obviously, ZERO!

Single game tickets are also irrelevant since BYU sells far more season and student tickets than the capacity of RES.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Since public single-game tickets, based on availability, don't even go on sale until Mon., Aug. 5, it would be interesting to see what your source is for price and number of tickets available for each game.

Don't be too surprised, however, if single-game prices for Texas, Boise St, Ga Tech, and Utah far exceed your extremely low-ball estimates.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Running Ute 24

BYU makes more money per game than Utah does even if they schedule opponents like Montana State, Idaho State, SUU, Weber State or any of those schools the Utes have on their recent past or future schedules. BYU sells out. Utah sells out. The difference in stadium sizes and the higher cost for BYU football tickets guarantees BYU will earn more. The gate for BYU falls somewhere between 3-4 million. The money made between the schools is not comparable because Utah lacks stadium size compared to the Y.

BYU also gets larger paydays than the Utes on the road by playing in an NFL stadium about once a year, and the higher likelihood of playing a bowl game and actually coming out ahead. The only place the Utes WILL have the monetary advantage once they are full-fledged PAC12 members in two years is for TV first broadcasting rights. Rebroadcasting rights are substantially more important to the Y because of its mission, so it gladly took a lesser amount to retain those. BYU uses those to keep the brand relevant around the world. 1984 Football has been on the TV forever in South America!

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