Comments about ‘Utah Mormon missionary one of many injured in Spain's fatal train accident’

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Published: Thursday, July 25 2013 11:25 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I thought missionaries had to stay with a companion?

JP Skillet
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris - they do, unless given permission by their mission president. This Elder was traveling to his assignment from the training center. Good question though. Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

Well thank God he's going to be OK. I couldn't take another missionary death right now.

Zoot Suit
Charlotte, NC

Chris B, missionaries can travel alone when going to a new assignment.

Brigham City, UT

Many times, it's not possible for them to travel with a companion on transfer days, or as with this elder, travelling to his first city.


It's common to not have a companion when traveling to your first area, or on a regular transfer. You travel to where ever you are going and then somebody waits for you at the bus station, or whatever, in your new area and picks you up.

Barstow, CA

In Europe it is not unusual to travel by yourself on transfer or, as in this case, to your first assignment. I served in Switzerland and did all transfers by myself.

Beck to Harline
Provo, UT

Steve is a great guy. Happy to hear he is doing well.


Poor guy. Just terrible luck to have been on that train. I'm sure he'll make a quick reocvery and get on with things, but it just shows you how quickly something good can go bad.

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