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Published: Wednesday, July 24 2013 2:20 p.m. MDT

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So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I'm asking a sincere question. As a member of the church away from SLC and this tremendous parade, I've always been interested in how the various stake floats are funded. Do the funds come from stake budgets, or do stakes accept donations to cover the expense of the floats? This is not meant to be a snide question. I'd like an appropriate response. Thank you.

David in CA
Livermore, CA

It would have been nice to see the parade and all of its floats and personalities
on TV.

This is kind of like a miniature version of the Rose Parade that happens every
New Year's Day. Pasadena and Los Angeles don't keep "their" parade all to themselves.
It is seen Worldwide via Local and National TV networks to a bigger than Just California

The Church OWNS both KSL-TV and BYU-TV, with BYU-TV being the service that travels nationwide and worldwide, WELL BEYOND just Utah.

In years past BYU-TV did give us, who live beyond Utah's borders, coverage of
the Pioneer Day Parade. But not this year or last year.

What do we tell the kids about why we (here in California) can Not see the parade
when their cousins in Utah Can See It on "their" TV??

Is Not the purpose of BYU-TV to bring the Church together from places all around the
World?? What Happened??

Lake Havasu City, AZ

I have the same question, why did BYU not carry the parade. When we were younger, we and all ofour family would not miss the parade down Main Street. It was a wonderful family activity, later a family picnic was held some place to continue to celebrate our ancestors challenges aa they cross those many miles by wagon, or handcart. Now that I don't livein Utah, and am in my late 80's I really Miss the 24th of July parade. Maybe next year it will be on BYU

Phoenix, AZ

No trying to sound rash or anything. But I think this parade is deserving of some national coverage. It's celebrating not only the LDS faith and it's marvelous journey to the west. But celebrates the reason we're the United States of America! Freedom Of Religion!

Kaysville, UT

When we lived in SLC, people in our stake asked if anyone wanted to donate money or materials for the float they were making. It was low pressure, they were trying hard not to make anyone feel obligated but letting them know they could participate. I'm guessing it's funded through private donations.

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

Just a few more awards and every float can get one!

Shreveport, LA

I think the Brigham Young University float should have won the Brigham Young Award. What do the various awards represent anyway? Saying that a float won a certain award (other than sweepstakes or theme and a few others) doesn't mean a lot unless we are told what the various awards represent.

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