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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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sandy, ut

Joey D, oldschooler

Why would you make predictions on what kingdom somebody went to? How would anybody know that?

Orem, UT

The mortality rate for people ages 15-24 in the US is 0.0792%, as opposed to the mortality rate of LDS Missionaries world-wide of 0.0042%. LDS Missionaries are 20 times less likely to die than their peers.

Missionaries are protected by our Heavenly Father.

Heavenly Father is in charge. He is in control of the lives of our Missionaries. He extended Josh Burton's mission call to the other side of the veil. This was His plan for Josh.

On Facebook, Josh's mother wrote, "Please know that our faith is intact. We are certain Josh was in God's care even as he died. We fully believe we will see Josh again when it is our turn to be called Home." "All will be well."

May we all follow her example.

Plano, TX

Condolences to the family, and Best Wishes that you'll find peace in remembering your loved one.

Henderson, NV

When injury or accident occurs, God blesses and is aware of ALL our missionaries; those who pass to the other side and those whose lesser injuries allow them to stay on this side. May His spirit continue to be with us all.

sandy, ut


How do you know what god's plan is for him? How would you know that his call is extended to the other side? How would anybody know that.

sandy, ut

If they were protected by heavenly father then why do any of them die? That is a flaw in logic.

"He extended Josh Burton's mission call to the other side of the veil. This was His plan for Josh."

This statement is pure speculation. You do not know that, and I don't know why anybody would assume that. We have no idea.

Your stats may be correct that missionaries are 20 times less likely to die... Don't you think that has something to do with them not doing dangerous activities during their missionary years? They don't swim, hunt, motorcycle, fight, go to bars, drink, smoke, ride bulls, join the military, etc. that is why the death rate is less. they spend their nights in members houses or in their house. There is your reason for missionaries being 20 times less likely to die.

Henderson, NV

Brahmabull, The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches that our Heavenly Father resides in a place and in a time outside of this earth. He is able to see things before they happen, when they happen, and after they happen; and all at the same time, if He so chooses. He already knows each choice you and I will make. He comprehends the impact His missionary’s passing will have on all connected to this young elder. Thus, He is able to make ALL things work for His good. Who are we to say that this is not the best way for this young man to have passed over? We have been promised that no blessing (marriage, children, posterity) will be denied those in this young man’s situation.

These things are not known to the majority of people in the world today, but to the Latter-day Saints they are known! Who’s to say that this Elder’s passing will not have an immense impact on those he worked with and on behalf of.

Let us rejoice in this knowledge, and use our faith to carry us through the challenging days ahead before the Savior returns.

Cardston, Alberta

The Burton family is truly an exemplary family. Elder Burton was known and loved by so many in our two entire stakes here in the Cardston area. A huge funeral on Monday is anticipated as he touched so many lives. Tonight as we attended the Carriage House Theatre we viewed a tribute in the theater lobby that has been created in Elder Burton's honor. He may even perform at his own funeral if clips of his performances are shown.

Harwich, MA

@lasvegaspam....are you kidding? You just listed opinion after opinion. I for one don't believe in a thing you just mentioned and I've been a member for 61 years.



I must correct you. None of the things you stated are known. They may be believed, but how would you know that? Of course, you can't. Why would god allow a young man to be taken before he grows old. Why does got let children of any age die? If he knows us all, and knows what our choices will be anyways, why can't he stop tragedies from happening? Why does he allow children and young men to die daily?

Henderson, NV

Silverprospector: Your questions all revolve around man’s narrow and limited view of time, space, life and death. Thirty years ago Rabbi Harold S. Kushner wrote a book entitled, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” since people everywhere struggle with the same questions.

The millennia-old fear of death has been answered and overcome through the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ! His church today, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, contains the answers to all your questions, and more, about the purposes of life. I urge you to meet with our missionaries so that you can learn more. If you are a member already, there is always more to be learned through the process of study, faith and continual revelation, which is the unique doctrinal difference between the LDS church and all others in the world today.

You will find that belief can turn into knowledge when faith is exercised, and that exercising faith is one of the key purposes of this life. Best wishes to you in your search for truth.

Gringo Chef
Phoenix, AZ

having served in Guatemala on my mission in the 90's I can visualize exactly what happened. We would ride in the back of trucks all the time, even though we were advised by the mission president not to. But it was so much easier than taking the "chicken" busses and being squished and sat upon (really they cram them like sardines!)The roads out there are terrible full of pot holes, etc. I can only imagine up in Coban, the jungle area how bad the roads are. My heart and prayers goes out to the family of this missionary. It makes me remember how easy this could of happened to me too when I was serving and my disobedience in riding in back of trucks. I am not saying that this elder was being disobedient riding, it was just the policy in our mission. But living out there in Guatemala is noting like living here in the States.

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