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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 2:25 p.m. MDT

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Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Rancho63

No need to stop taking your chidren and grandchildren to games. Come up to the UTE games! Don't let your family tradition die by clinging to false stereotypes of Ute fans. I take my young kids to games all the time (the reason I bought my season tickets) and we are making some great memories. My six year old daughter has been asking me all summer about when we can start going to games this year. Ute game on Saturday and primary on Sunday. It's great to be a Ute.

Become a Ute, my friend, and your football problems (and many other problems, I'd wager) will be solved!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wasn't it last year, in order to sell tickets to the Idaho State game a promotion was for each football ticket sold you would be given 4 basketball tickets, 4 hotdogs, and 4 drinks. You could either get that deal or stub hub had prime tickets for $10. (There appeared to be a few "takers".)


Just for the record, Utah just barely got to the point where they can expand their stadium, since they had a long standing contract with the old Olympic committee not to mess with anything. I am pretty sure that contract just expired.


Are people really complaining about $157 season tickets??!! I make more than that in a day. I know that some people are more pressed for money than I am, but come on...

Sandy, UT

I've had Ute student tickets for the past 3 seasons, they have never been 'free.'

This year I tried to get regular seating season tickets, the price with an alumni discount for ROW 60+ in the redzone were 250$ per seat. 500$ for two seats row 60+, they really need stadium expansion so these prices aren't so high.

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