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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 2:25 p.m. MDT

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CO Ute

It's not always the content of Chris B's posts that people have a problem with. You know and I know that the only reason for him to be here is to agitate people. A little would be OK, but it's EVERY SINGLE BYU article. It's like what you'd get from the "queen bee" in Junior High. And like with most 13 and 14 year olds, if you say anything it gets worse. And because a BYU fan might do similar, it might be a reason, but it's a poor excuse.

nsl, UT

Perhaps the Utes are waiting until we get another winter Olympics here so the expansion costs can be subsidized again.

Salt Lake City, UT

These filler stories are getting worse, and we're still over a month away from starting the season.


First off, I think expanding RES would be great. Filling in the south side of the stadium to make a complete bowl would look really cool, and I think selling an extra 10,000 seats per game is completely doable. An expansion of RES would be nice, but it's not crucial. Upgrading first the football/tennis facility, then the upper campus athletic facilities were rightly so the top two priorities on the Athletic Department's docket. The stadium may have one of the lowest capacity in the conference (though still within 9,000 seats of Arizona's, Oregon's, Oregon State's, Colorado's, and Stanford's, who all rank ahead of Utah, but few of them are routinely sold out as Utah is), but it is entirely up to date, lowering its priority.


Also, the question of where the money funding it is coming from plays a major factor in prioritizing these projects. I understand that building the track and field a few years ago was a very low priority for the Athletic Department, until the McCarthey family stepped forward with a $2 million donation, moving it to the top of the list, and Campus Rec. offered to pick up the rest for use of the field during non-athletic department-scheduled times. So if any of you feel like pledging $20+ million, Dr. Hill may be a little more receptive to expanding the stadium sooner. But as of right now, getting all the sports programs' facilities up to date is a bigger priority, such as an on-campus baseball stadium (which I understand is in the not-too-distant future), and possibly upgrading the swim and dive facilities (like BYU's, serviceable, and one of the best in the nation when they were built... 40+ years ago; but obviously far outdated).


Wiscougarfan, I will be spending some time this year in western Wisconsin, as well. Sounds like I may be better off going over to the Gophers' new stadium to watch my first B1G game, although Camp Randall would be amazing!

Moab, UT

A lot of you ask why Utah has not expanded their stadium. The U. has other facilities that have to be completed first. The money is not yet there to began expansion. Once the other athletic facilities are completed, Rice-Eccles will be next. There are plenty of articles about this topic if you desire to learn more.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I have been a faithful football season ticket holder at BYU for over 30 years, from the first year of the modern expansion. My children grew up going to games.One son grew up sitting only 50 feet from his future wife. I have taken my children and their fiancees to games as well as all except my youngest grandchild. Now after the last two years of heavy increases in ticket prices I can no longer afford them. I will no longer be able to enjoy going to games with my children or grandchildren. Sadly for me, that is the real cost of football tickets at BYU. I have lost a dear friend.

River Falls, WI


Cheers for the insight into the UofU stadium situation. With all of the money that is starting to come in from being part of the PAC12 I wouldn't be surprised to see stadium expansion happen sooner than later, along with all of the other projects you mentioned.

Bluffdale, UT

"Utah has sold out all home games over the last 2 years (probably longer). BYU was giving away tickets in the 70's. Unsold tickets were sent to bishops in nearby wards, our family attended BYU games at no cost all of the time. Utah is 47-11 at home over the last 10 years. Never let the facts get in the way of a good post."


Did you read the article? Utah gives away 6000 student tickets every game. BYU makes students purchase season passes so that they can attend sports events. Sounds like Utah is still 70s BYU, only instead of giving tickets to Bishops, they are giving them to students.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

First of all, it's easier to sell out a smaller stadium. That is mathematically understandable; each seat out of 45,000 is a larger percentage than each seat out of 65,000, just like 5 out 10 is halfway there, but 5 out of 15 is only a third of the way.

Second, Utah would do well to expand their stadium. It is true that there will be down years, but Utah seems to be selling well enough that the expansion will ultimately be worth it, especially if Salt Lake hosts another Olympics.

BYU is not doing as poorly as people make it sound. If that were true, they wouldn't have been over 95% filled to capacity against Idaho in a cold, 8:15pm game in November. If BYU were more desperate to fill their seats, they would start offering free tickets to students.

Enid, OK

Ya know, if I were a Ute fan, I'd be embarrased by their stadium. What is it?...in the low 40 thousand?

They're in the big time?


I know of a HIGH SCHOOL in the Dalls, TX area that holds 18,000. Yes, 18,000.


Syracuse, UT

Why would the u upgrade "other" venues before RES? It's not like anyone attends them. ur only sports are football and gymnastics and the latter sells out once a year if they are lucky. I would hope they don't even consider touching that basketball place (whatever it is called), after seeing some of the photo's of last years games, u could put everyone courtside. After a couple more years in the pac 10.2 and being in the cellar begging for scraps, season ticket holders will be tossing their tickets out with their trash making sure they hide them so no neighbors find out they wasted their money on them.

Logan, UT

A note on those "free" student tickets. They aren't really free. We pay for them in our student fees (and I'm sure that applies to the U as well). So whether the students are buying season tickets on their own (probably at a discount) at BYU or being forced to pay for them (again, probably at a discount) via student fees at the U and UState, it's probably all the same. Personally, I'd prefer not having it as part of student fees. I'd still buy them, because I like going to games, but I don't like forcing students to pay for something they may or may not use. This goes for other student fees as well, but I won't launch into a tirade over student fees, as it's off topic. :)

Salt Lake City, UT

It seems many criticise BYU's attendance from last year without knowing the facts. The average attendance for last year was 61,161. (And that is attendance, not tickets sold, there is a difference. Tickets sold of course is higher, but some season ticket holders don't go to all the games, especially the late night games against lesser competition.)The capacity is 63,470. So on average, even with home games against Idaho, hawaii, and weber state, the stadium was filledto 96.4% of capacity. The only time you might have seen lots of empty seats was in the 4th quarter of a blow out win late at night when it was cold. Many had left the game early.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

"Less than 20% of the state are Utah fans? A) Not provable, B) not likely true. And BYU fans are super cheap.."

In one point you claim that something is not provable and in the ensuing point you go on to claim something that is, if not provable, certainly hasn't been proven by you or anyone else.

How do you prove that BYU fans are "super cheap"? That is not my experience at all. When I was out in Provo last year it was my observation that a lot of BYU boosters were (1) some of the wealthiest people in Utah (2) Quite generous with that wealth too. Perhaps you were confused by the fact that BYU fans, while largely affluent, don't blow their cash on booze and other vices.

I'd say that is a very foolish statement you made there.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Isn't it interesting that Utah has the 11th largest stadium in the PAC11+u and their football team is the 11th best team. Now that is saying something to think that Utah is at #11. Oh wait, there are only 12 teams. Sorry Chris that you have to settle for so little when you could be a BYU fan and sheer for a winning program, one with national prominence.

Utah Alum
Orem, UT

Before spending $40 to $60 million, or more, to expand RES, Chris Hill wants to see what happens at RES when the Utes suffer an extended losing streak. Will Utah fans continue to fill the stadium, or will RES become just like the HC, a vast sea of empty red chairs?

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Utah Alum

Judging by the attendance in the once proud Huntsman center I think you came to the same conclusion as I. However, the Ute fans seem to buy season tickets, and likely will still buy them if the cost is reasonable. I still believe even if the Utes don't see a bowl game for three straight years, they will still sell out. There are always Chris B.'s of the world out there who dream of winning championships that will always shell out cash for tickets.

Provo, UT

@Surf is Up

By BYU fans I meant the students for the most part. Considering I worked in BYU's bookstore in the accounting department and saw a lot of their financials (which includes clothing sold at the stadium), I would say I'm qualified to make a judgement on whether or not BYU students are cheap. And if you've ever heard BYU students complain about the prices around campus, you would probably agree with me too.

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