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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 2:25 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

Call me crazy, but isn't the ultimate indicator of value how you feel about a product after it's purchase? You may be willing to embrace a little risk and pay a particular price up front, but the actual value you place on it is not evident until afterward.

BYU and Utah football are not great values right now. BYU rarely beats competitive teams, and Utah is getting it handed to them by other teams in their "power conference".

Hopefully that changes soon, but right now I wouldn't pay what either one is asking for!

River Falls, WI

Great article, it was interesting to read about how the Utah schools compare to one another and to out-of-state schools. I wish I could get Badger tickets for the price y'all pay in Utah.


Its obvious that Utah is shooting themselves in the foot the longer Hill refuses to upgrade the stadium. Obviously there are risks, but over time the upgrades pay off. Utah has several high profile home games every single year now being part of the Pac-12, and without signle game tickets because of the 98% renewal rate of season tickets, the university isnt profiting because of wasted opportunity.
I know these aren't your teams, but you sound like a fair-weather fan to me. I payed $90 for two tickets in the South End Zone for this past years game vs. Cal, I felt pretty good about the purchase even when you factor in the hours and cash I wasted when I had to drive out to some guys house to buy his tickets off KSL and I got a flat tire during a snow storm.

Bountiful, UT

I have had Utah season tickets for 11 years now and will continue to renew them. I am willing to pay more for them if necessary because they are under-priced for what you get. That however should not be interpreted as me wanting the price to go up. And yes, I will continue to buy them even if Utah has a bad season. It's called loyalty. As for value,try to go to an away game at any BCS school and see if you still think we are getting a bad deal here. You'll notice they didn't even factor in food prices at other stadiums. I took my family to the game against UCLA and to say I felt ripped off is an understatement. $16 for a drink and a truly disgusting stale hotdog. You would think for that price they could at least grill it instead of boiling it in water. I would have gotten a burger, but it looked like it was being readied for use as the puck in a local hockey game. So many people don't realize how good we really have it here.

Murray, UT


You are putting too much weight on wins and loses. Sure I want Utah to win all the time but I also enjoy watching the other team play and when USC, Oregon, Stanford, Washington, ASU etc come to town it is a real kick to watch Utah go against great competition. Case in point, the Utah Jazz do not win many playoff games lately but how many Jazz fans show up to watch the Jazz go up against the Lakers, the Heat, Spurs etc. People will pay good money to watch great teams no matter how well your own team is doing.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

End zone seats $25
Drink $5
Hot Dog $4

Home and homes every single season with USC, UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, and other prestigious teams like Michigan...


I love my Pac 12 membership!

Logan, UT

Are there any other top 25 teams in the country that you can see for that cheap? We get a steal of a deal up in Logan!

Lindon, UT

I wonder it the "premium" seats at Utah and USU include food and if the ones for BYU are the ones that do. I just know the ones I consider "premium" for BYU include admission to the big food tent next to the stadium where you can eat before, during, and after the game and includes an individual cooler of snacks under your seat. This might help explain the difference but without know, you can't be sure. Agreeing to move to Provo, meant my spouse had to agree to letting me buy season tickets each year. Helps ease the sacrifice for me.

Las Vegas, NV

jdub - couldn't agree with you more about expansion. 98% season ticket renewal after a bad season is proof enough that the demand is there and delayed expansion is wasted opportunity.

Go Utes!

Mcallen, TX

Three things to remember:

* television revenue
* players don't receive a salary
* BYU has the highest attendance

Danbury, CT

Well Chris, one clear advantage you have as a Ute fan is with such a small stadium and rare sell-outs, you can always sit close to the action and watch Utah get pummeled by better teams. It would be great if Utah could get up for its other games like it does for BYU. They'd be in the Rose Bowl every year.

By contrast, BYU was selling 45k seats for its home games (similar to RES capacity) way back in the 1970's.

It would be great for the U's program if all their fans put their money where their mouth is and started going to games.


I bought season tickets back when BYU upgraded their stadium because they were $15 just to see what it looked like and have been renewing them ever since. I have watched Notre Dame, Texas, Texas A&M, USC, Miami, Florida State, Washington, and Penn State among others. I pay $180 per ticket now for 6 games which I think is still a great deal. I think we all have it pretty good.

CO Ute

@eastcoastcoug -

A little bitter in your post? For one Chris B made no reference to any other school and only stated facts. Ticket and food prices are very reasonable and season ticket holders get to see USC, UCLA, ASU, and U of A every other year. Also will see Michigan, Oregon, and Stanford over the next couple of years. Hard to argue that Utah didn't get some nice perks from joining the PAC 12 regardless of what BYU does or doesn't do.

Danbury, CT

Me bitter? I'm just stating the facts about paid attendance at games vs. talking about the teams. I wish Utah well in their quest. Can't take a little good-natured ribbing??

U 90
Corona, CA

@eastcoastcoug "with such a small stadium and rare sell-outs, you can always sit close to the action and watch Utah get pummeled... By contrast, BYU was selling 45k seats for its home games way back in the 1970's."

Utah has sold out all home games over the last 2 years (probably longer). BYU was giving away tickets in the 70's. Unsold tickets were sent to bishops in nearby wards, our family attended BYU games at no cost all of the time. Utah is 47-11 at home over the last 10 years. Never let the facts get in the way of a good post.

South Jordan, UT

East Coast Kitty

The Utes have been oversold in their stadium since 2007. That's 37 straight sell outs. We can only buy what is available.

Your Cougars rarely sell out their stadium. Considering byu fans are half the state, every game should be sold out. Because less than 20% of the state is Utah fans, I would say Utah fans as a whole are doing a lot better at bringing fans than byu fans by a long shot.

Salt Lake City, UT

U 90

"...as a Ute fan is with such a small stadium and rare sell-outs, you can always sit close to the action and watch Utah get pummeled by better teams." Still bitter, eh? I can't remember the last time RES was not standing room only. As for the pummeling...the Utes have done some themselves. However, at the end of the day, the hot ticket is always at the RES.

byu announced their 2014 schedule. Go take a look at it...you'll be thrilled.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

What is the cost of upgrading the U stadium? Why can't the school get this done?

Utah will likely host another Olympics in the next thirty years and needs to have a bigger venue for the opening ceremonies. The U even if they lost every single game for five years will be able to sell at least 50k seats simply because of all the PAC12 fans wanting to see their alma maters play locally. The only logical reason the school hasn't moved forward on this issue has to be cost.


2014 is a fantastic schedule for the cougars, especially if the last unscheduled game is a marquee match-up. Its better than the 2004, 2008 Utes schedules, and may be just balanced enough to mark a perfect season and a trip to the playoffs. I'd rank it as the third best BYU schedule of all time. One of the benefits of independence is you don't have to play set teams that are always bad. While UNLV shows up on the schedule, it is the only team that hasn't had respectable records the last five years.

Provo, UT

Less than 20% of the state are Utah fans? A) Not provable, B) not likely true. And BYU fans are super cheap...but we should do better about selling tickets. I'm actually not a big fan of our fans here in provo, but that's another topic for another time.

On to more important things...

I really think the U should upgrade their seating, and I don't think it's that much of a risk. Not that it wasn't a good investment to upgrade their facilities, but I would have thought get an upgrade that will bring in more money, which can lead to other upgrades sooner.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"It would be great if Utah could get up for its other games like it does for BYU. They'd be in the Rose Bowl every year."

Actually it's not a matter of Utah getting so "up" for BYU. The more logical explanation is that BYU just isn't as good as the majority of Utah's schedule. Sorry.

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