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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 10:25 a.m. MDT

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How can a woman get married a month ago when the divorce proceedings are still ongoing?

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Litigation to enforce the decree can contine long after, especially when the parties are still grinding their axes.


The divorce can be bifurcated, where the divorce is granted but all other matters (like child support, alimony, etc.) are saved for later proceedings. It's done all the time.

God bless these families. What a horrible thing!


There are some facts in this article certainly, some basic facts. I always wish that there were more information and, if that is not appropriate or possible, that there would be a longer and more productive discussion on such incidents which clearly are more common than one would like to see.

There are tremendous stresses on modern marriages, much more than in the past I think. We are left wondering about further specifics of this case and others like it, more than are offered in typical articles. I think we could learn more potentially if we studied the whole question and avoid prejudiced or partial treatments.

I think this article tried to be fair which I appreciated and offered more details than we often get. The subject is worthy of discussion but the amount of information is not sufficient in my view in such reports. A general discussion might nevertheless ensue.

Eden, UT

Utah gun deaths continue. The proliferation of guns has deadly consequences, and all we do is shrug our collective shoulders; pretending that there is nothing we can do. Its a shame and the NRA carries the blame.

sandy, ut


Are you really claiming that an object (a gun) is the one responsible for her death? How does that make any sense. The coward wielding the gun is responsible solely, not the gun. Are ropes responsible for hangings?? Are cars responsible for accidents? Come on, you must know that people are the ones that are responsible.

Cedar Hills, UT


Utah's per capita homicide-with-a-gun rate is lower (in fact, it's a mere fraction) than that of Massachusetts or California or Illinois, which all have draconian gun control laws compared to Utah.

Your concern over Utah gun laws is misplaced and uninformed. The problem here isn't gun law, or even the gun. The gun was merely a tool that was used by an individual determined to cause harm.

Cedar Hills, UT


If the gun was responsible for the crime, than I should be able to blame my spoon or my fork for my weight gain.

Paris, 00

I already had plenty of reasons of never wanted to marry .. and i never did ... this is just another proof, if all the others were unsufficient enough to support my decision, that i made the right decision...

Truth and Light
Chicago, Illinois

Hold on here folks...two people are dead. All the pretty photos of Mrs. Eatchel, but it takes two to tango. I'll hold judgement until we find out more about what happened. Neither of these folks were saints. Too bad the kids are orphaned...and the grandparents are left to clean up the mess.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK


1 - @ Beverly - Eden, UT - "Utah gun deaths continue. The proliferation of guns has deadly consequences, and all we do is shrug our collective shoulders; pretending that there is nothing we can do. Its a shame and the NRA carries the blame."

Beverly, obviously you are a liberal: blaming anyone or anything except the one who, literally, pulled the trigger. Did you know, Beverly, that a gun, even a LOADED gun, will sit peacefully on a shelf f-o-r-e-v-e-r, until a human being pulls the trigger? I know, amazing, isn't it? Those against the 2nd Amendment will do absolutely anything to avoid even the hint of personal responsibility. What a shame.

2 - How sad for everyone involved. I remember after seeing the movie "Saving Private Ryan" I went outside the theater and in the dark night sky, sat there and hugged my wife. It was overwhelming for me to see such an accurate and painful depiction of what full fledged anger and hatred does to God's children. This story proves it once again.

God bless this family.

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