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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 10:45 a.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

4 wins and Whittingham will be holding a sign in December that says "Will work for Food."

West Jordan, UT

I suppose I'm one of the very few who has no ties to either BYU or Utah, but it sure would be nice to see at least one of the local teams do something great. I think the Utes have the best chance of that. One real obstacle to their success seems to me to be their fixation with one-upping BYU. I know not all involved in the program see it that way, but there are plenty who see the Pac 12 membership as nothing more than a vehicle to laud some sort of superiority over non BCS schools.

I'm going to suggest that they are flat missing the boat with that type of thinking. This is why taking 2 years off from the rivalry is probably a good thing for the Utes. It's time to move beyond BYU. It's time to see your success quantified with PAC 12 victories rather than just the silly BYU game. Rose Bowls and Pac 12 championships should be the objective here, not how the Utes look relative to BYU. BYU is going nowhere with a brutal independent schedule and lack of team speed year in and year out.



"No Utah player has ever won a national individual player of any kind."

The last time I checked, football was a team sport.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"You wish Utah was reverting back to WAC days."


The Utes have been in steady decline since 2008, but BYU managed to beat them while they were still a Top 20 team, and should have beaten them three of the last four years, if not for a fluke shanked punt, that bounced off a BYU blocker and kept Utah's game winning drive alive, and a bad snap scoop and score, that gave Utah another unearned win. BYU outplayed Utah in both games every where but on the scoreboard.

Utah's heyday is over. Bottom dwelling conference finishes and bowl-less seasons are the new (old) norm for U.

West Jordan, UT

The reason that nobody picks utah is because one sportswriter started saying they couldn't compete, so a few more "experts" joined in. Then all fans everywhere decide that these self proclaimed experts know everything, so they too decided that utah isn't good enough. Only time will tell, but, I believe all these experts will be wrong.

Salt Lake City, UT

"According to voters, Utah is second to last in the Pac-12 South, ahead only of Colorado."

This shouldn't be new to anyone, after all, the other four teams in the south could conceivably be ranked (presumably not all of them will be since Oregon Stanford Oregon State Washington USC UCLA Arizona and Arizona State will play enough games against each other that a few of them will fall out).



And yet, with all of your downgrading the Utes, they STILL keep beating BYU.

Salem, Ut

- - Chris B. I apologize for my previous comment. It was not right. I admire your loyalty and enthusiasm to the U of U.

Best of luck.

South Jordan, UT

"not a single Ute was named a candidate for a national college football award."
This is not a flattering article about Utah football.

And, how about mentioning Coach Kyle Whittingham (a nice man and former BYU star player) who is drawing a 1 1/2 Million dollar yearly salary. How long will he last if the Utes don't start producing?

Oh, I forget momentarily; if you are in the BCS, that is all that matters. Some bloggers think that means you are automatically "wonderful" no matter what you do on the field!

Go Cougars!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Utah is a PAC doormat and cant win good teams and byu is way better.

BYUtah Fan
Herriman, UT

Despair not Ute fans. The talking heads have never played a down, caught a pass or won a game. Plus their prophetic abilities leave much to be desired. If the Utes can get a few early wins and get their confidence up, these kids have the talent to beat anyone. I have always appreciated the effort and skill of the guys in red. Yes, my blood runs blue, but I live in Utah. Go Utes!!!

CO Ute


Curious how you consider last years game a 'close fluke win' for Utah. It took a blown assignment on 4th down on the Y's final drive and then a fluke penalty to give them a chance at the final FG attempt. Even if they had made the FG it would have only tied the game, not given them a win. This was far from a fluke.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


I thought that the Utes would do better than they have too. The Utes went into the PAC12 with momentum, a stingy defense, and great special team play. They also benefited from being in a division where they would not face the top two teams in the league and USC had been struck with sanctions. Unfortunately, the Utes wilted at home against a Colorado team that was frankly atrocious throwing away what will be the easiest route to the PAC championship they likely will ever have.

Something happened on the way to the Rose Bowl...

The middle of the league has improved much more than I had anticipated. Arizona, Oregon State, Washington and UCLA now have the stuff to compete with the top (O, AZ ST, USC, Stanford). I expected the Utes to be in the middle tier. The bottom tier teams were supposed to be Washington St., Colorado, Cal. Utah still should beat those three teams most years but something tells me Washington State is about to turn its program around.

The Utes do not seem able to stay healthy. Until they find greater depth they won't be getting back to bowl eligibility.

CO Ute

@byualum - the comment that this was not a flattering article is your opinion. The article is very realistic about the U's football team is my opinion. The article is not about the team from Provo is a fact.

No, a major conference affiliation does not mean a school has a good team but it does mean two things. First, the school will have a great schedule of opponents and second it will continue to irritate some fans of other schools (not in the conference) to the point they feel compelled to make a post that berates the U because they are jealous.


EarlOfHemsley, no problem, good article overall. Everyone makes mistakes, but you're fun to read, and your interaction is cool, too!

Boise, ID

CO Ute"to the point they feel compelled to make a post that berates the U because they are jealous."

I'm not speaking for every BYU fan, only myself. When I heard the Ute's were headed to the Pac12 with Colorado and not BYU, I was initially jealous. I can admit that. It hurt to see a rival move on to a better league, leaving my Cougars behind. It hurt that the rivalry game was only that - a rivalry game, without conference implications.

However, a few years later my perspective has changed. Have you ever heard the proverb "Milk before Meat." It seems that Utah was in no way prepared for the "meat" of the PAC, and were definitely better off with the "milk" of the MWC. One could make the argument that your road to the BCS was easier in the MWC than it is now.

What has Utah moved on to? More money, possibly more exposure, an edge in recruiting in-state, and conference irrelevance. If this embarrassing trend continues, I would argue that their situation was better in the days of the MWC.

Salt Lake City, UT


"I wouldn't say its the 10th most important game, its the 12th, right after USU"

Your fans always storm the field for the 12th most important game?

Iowa City, IA

Uhmm best tight end in the state, reciever? No way, sorry Murph. Love the spin article, no opportunity here to run the table, do you think ute fans?

I'd be surprised to hear u fans think this season is nothing more than trying to get to .500.

Play Nice
Herriman, UT

I know Jake Murphy is a good receiver. But to name him the best in the state is quite a bit like hiding your head in the sand. Did our writer forget about Cody Hoffman down south?

Play Nice
Herriman, UT

Jake Murphy had 33 receptions last season. Cody Hoffman had 100. Jake had 349 yards receiving and Cody had 1248 yards receiving. Cody found the end zone 4 times while Cody put up six points 11 times. How arguable might that be?

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