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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 10:45 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

@Ernest T. Bass

"byu would donimate the PAC11!"

They ought to try dominating Utah once in a while.

Salt Lake City, UT

There's more truth in your sarcasm than you realize. It's certain that the Utes won't dominate.

Palo Alto, CA


"32 names of former utes who could care less about being put on a preseason list:..."

Remind us which bowl game Star and the Krueger brothers played in last season.

Individual awards are usually made possible by team performance.

It's not a coincidence that a program that's only managed to finish in the AP Top 25 five times during their entire history has never had a player win a single national individual award.

My Humble Opinion
Sandy, UT

@ Ernest T. Bass: byu hasn't beat Utah for three straight years. And as you byu fans have pointed out, Utah hasn't exactly been at the top of the conference. So what makes you think byu could win a game in the PAC, let alone dominate the entire PAC?

Palo Alto, CA

"Jake Murphy...arguably the best receiver in the state of Utah"

Phil Steele, whom Ute fans consider the guru of pre-season college football prognosticators, ranks BYU's receiving corps as #12 in the country.

No mention of the Utes.

Palo Alto, CA

My Humble Opinion

BYU has been beating PAC teams for years - see Oregon, OSU, UCLA, Washington, WSU, and Arizona just during the Bronco era.

BYU wouldn't dominate, but they would be a lot more competitive than the Utes have been. Bronco never would have lost to a pathetic 10-loss Colorado team at home with a gift-wrapped PAC South there for the taking.

Layton, UT

We're cooking crow up on the Hill for the byu "fans"...
And as I drove threw happy valley yesterday, I got a whiff of them yummy turnovers. lol.
Go Utes, Go Virginia, Go Heaps.

Boise, ID

"According to voters, Utah is second to last in the Pac-12 South, ahead only of Colorado. Not a single voter picked Utah to beat Oregon or Stanford."

Haha, well there you go Utes, now you know how much respect you've earned now that you belong to a "mighty BCS conference!" Long live the BCS!! Not one vote! Hahaha, that's rich.

Blacksburg, VA

I just don't see Utah wining only 3-4 games. As much as I dislike them, they always seem to beat expectations (which drives me nuts). In years where I think that BYU is clearly the better team, Utah beats them. Yeah, i'm expecting Utah to surprise people.

Las Vegas, NV

Yet another Utah story that has the trollers coming out of the woodwork!

Thanks for your support for all things Ute, guys. We love and appreciate how you hang on every word that is written about Utah!!

As far as Murphy goes, no byU "fan" will ever give him the credit he deserves because he came to his senses and chose the right school. While he may not be the best receiver in the state, or on the Utah team, I do believe he has the greatest upside of any TE or receiver in the state, both at the college level and at the next level. He still has two years to hone his craft.

@killarney: "this is byU's year"
Says every byU "fan" every year. Bronco needs to put that saying on a t-shirt and sell it to the byU masses. At least you would have another t-shirt to add to your collection of un kept promises.

Go Utes! Onward and Upward!!

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


"We're cooking crow up on the Hill for the BYU "fans"...

Better add some spice and make it tasty, because Utah fans will be eating it.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


I hope we can revert back to our true MWC stature, where the legacy program down south was just a "speed bump" to TCU and Utah accomplishments.

MWC Tiles:
1. TCU 5 (Rose)
2. Utah 4 (Fiesta, Sugar)
3. BYU 4 (Bowl Diddly)

Last 3 years in the MWC:
1. TCU 36-3
2. Utah 33-6 (lost to @#6 TCU, @#12 BYU, @#11 Oregon, @#2 TCU, @#9 Boise, @#26 ND)
3. BYU 28-11 (lost to Arizona (8-5), FSU (7-6), @USU (4-8), @AFA, Nevada, etc.)

Last year the pundits had us 8 to 10 wins... then reality set in when Wynn went down AGAIN and we had no depth to compete in the PAC-12. This year at least the QB depth seems to be solved.

"Our preseason hype last season was misguided, and the Utes' lack of depth was exposed. It takes time to build not only a starting lineup that can win in the Pac-12, but also the depth behind those starters. [Except for 2-star, legacy program like BYU]" -- ESPN

If Utah plays like last year then yes we win 3 games: BYU, Wazzu, and Colorado.


Las Vegas, NV

killarney: "The Utes are going to have to live with their cowardice"

We'll show our "cowardice" with a home and home with Michigan. In the mean time, byU shows its "bravery" with a home and home with Middle Tennessee State. We play at The Big House while byU plays at Johnny "Red" Floyd Stadium. That about sums it up!

Go Utes!! Onward and Upward!

Bountiful, UT

Just curious. If Utah is awful, and has beat this crop of BYU seniors 3 times already - what does that make BYU?

Layton, UT


Them turnovers are perfect the way byu serves them up.

Go Utes, Go Middle Tennessee, Go Idaho State.


The last time this years High School Seniors saw BYU beat Utah, they were all in 8th grade. That's Jr High and Middle School, for those BYU trolls on this thread that haven't made out of Elementary School yet.

Alpine, UT


"I hope we can revert back to our true MWC stature..."

Unfortunately for U, you're reverting to your WAC stature, where BYU is your bowl game, and your chances of winning a conference championship are even less than your 1 championship every 20 years pace in the WAC.

Last four years in the MWC/PAC/Independent

BYU has beaten #18/#18 Utah and #16/#17 USU and is 4-0 in bowl games.

Utah has beaten unranked/#25 BYU and is 2-1 in bowl games.

"Last year the pundits had us 8 to 10 wins... then reality set in when Wynn went down AGAIN and we had no depth to compete in the PAC-12."

Last year the pundits believed Whittingham's misinformation that Wynn was ready to play, when anybody who was paying any attention could clearly see that Wynn wasn't even close to being at full health. Blame Whittingham for leaving his QB cupboard completely bare.

"It takes time to build not only a starting lineup that can win in the Pac-12..."

Whiny excuse-making has replaced bold predictions from the kids on the hill that Utah could play with the big boys.


I am a huge BYU fan. The reality is this. The Utes are in a much better situation. I would take being in the PAC-12 with BCS money and big bowl access any day over being independent. I think Utah is in a great spot. They are in a great conference playing great competition and receiving big money for it. They updated their facilities and I would assume a stadium renovation/expansion aren't too far off in the future. With all of that will come better recruits that can compete at a higher level. BYU has too many restrictions/baggage to keep them from landing those amazing recruits or getting an invite to a BCS conference. Honor code and no sunday play are a couple of those. This is just fine. I am happy to be a BYU fan and I am happy with what they accomplish year after year. If roles were reversed I would be much much much happier to be the bottom dweller of the PAC-12 than to be an independent.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


"Just curious. If Utah is awful, and has beat this crop of BYU seniors 3 times already - what does that make BYU?"

Your whole premise is false.

First of all, most of this crop of seniors has already beaten U, in 2009.

Second, two close, fluke wins in the last three meetings doesn't prove anything. It could just as easily have been BYU winning 3 of the last 4.

Third, final records and rankings are a much better indicator of overall team strength, in which case, BYU has finished ahead of the Utes in record and rankings 3 of the last 4 years.

Omaha, NE

Sheesh, a lot of concerns across the board for the U. I hope that they can at least make the games interesting. If they are blow-outs, I fear that Whit will have lost his team, which may cost him his job. I have a sneaking suspicion though that Dennis has a few tricks up his sleeve that should help the Utes out in making the games a little more competitive.

I knew that moving to the PAC 12 was going to be rough, but had no idea that it would be this hard. Week in and week out heavy competition has its wear and tear on teams. I have gathered a lot more respect for the strong conferences (SEC, Big 12, Big 10, etc..) now that we play in the same sandbox.

GO UTES!! (fingers and toes crossed)

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