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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 10:45 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

It sounds like the pre-season prognosticators are finally starting to realize the true potential of the PAC 12 Utes; occassionally competitive, but seldom ever a real factor in the conference race. Utah had one great season set up by a series of close home wins over good teams and a nice Sugar Bowl win over a disinterested Alabama team. Now they're reverting to their true stature.

Highland, UT

No argument can be made that jake murphy is the best receiver in the state.

Rock Springs, WY

I'll take Cody over jake anyday.

Farmington, UT

"Jake Murphy...arguably the best receiver in the state of Utah"

How can anyone take Landon Hemsley seriously with ridiculous comments like that?

Bluffdale, UT

Loved the video clip attached to the article "Tell that to Barry Switzer."


Salt Lake City, UT

"According to voters, Utah is second to last in the Pac-12 South, ahead only of Colorado."

Ouch, Utah. I hope U play with a chip on your shoulder and score a major upset somewhere. That would be sweet.

Arlington, VA

"Save for Jake Murphy... not a single Ute was named a candidate for a national college football award."

Why even bother? No Utah player has ever won a national individual award of any kind.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

The problem with this team is we haven't had a OC for more than an year or a healthy starting QB in 3 years. If DE and Wilson can fix the offense I think we're looking at a 7-5 season and 8-4 is a real good year.

@Uteanymous: "Utah had one great season set up by a series of close home wins over good teams and a nice Sugar Bowl win over a disinterested Alabama team."

As much as #16 Oregon State was disinterested in playing BYU in Vegas after losing out on the Rose Bowl? The funny thing is after we whopped Bama, they haven't been losing much since then.



"Save for Jake Murphy... not a single Ute was named a candidate for a national college football award."

Again, this is false. Trevor Reilly is on the Butkus list. DN not very observant.


I hate this part of the football year. All the pundits talk, but the true test is between the lines. The most exciting thing in Utah College football this year is that the 3 largest schools have a compelling season ahead of them. Bring on the season, win or lose my blood runs red. GO UTES!!!

West Jordan, Utah


Yeah Jake Murphy is a real talent. As a Ute fan, my concern is that the QB and offense will struggle getting Jake the ball in places to make big plays.

It's like Cody Hoffman and BYU needing the QB and offense to do the same thing. I marvel at the numbers Hoffman has put up the last two years with a limited offense. Plus defenses focus on stopping Cody, yet he still gets his receptions, yards and TDs.

From an offensive perspective, success on the field has so much to do with QB play. That said, when Utah went 8-5 the first year in the PAC 12, they did it with Hays handing the ball to John White IV 40 times a game (no joke). However, last year Mr. durability (White IV) was still feeling the wear and tear from his heavy carry total the year before. He was banged up and the freshman Travis Wilson (post Wynn shoulder injury number 100) was a disaster. I am still not sold on him although maybe Ericson makes a difference there.

If I was a BYU fan, I would be confident in Anae. Taysom Hill lacks experience though.

Springville, UT


Hey, just for the record... I and several others were predicting a bowl-less Ute season months ago, long before these sports pundits.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can tell you all right now, the football team knows what the media is saying about them and it is just fueling their fire. The Utes are going to surprise a lot of people this year.

Payson, UT

32 names of former utes who could care less about being put on a preseason list:

Burton, Brandon
Asiata, Matt
Beadles, Zane
Siliga, Sealver
Bergstrom, Tony
Black, Conroy
Brenner, Sam
Misi, Koa
Shelby, Derrick
Soliai, Paul
Stanford, R.J.
Dunn, Reggie
Sylvester, Stevenson
Finau, Tevita
Schlauderaff, Caleb
Gross, Jordan
Lotulelei, Star
Smith, Steve
Johnson, Robert
Weddle, Eric
Rolf, David
Kruger, Paul
Kruger, Dave
Kruger, Joe
Lee, Mo
Reed, David
McCain, Brice
Sellwood, Sean
Smith, Alex
Smith, Sean
Stevens, Tevita

Murray, UT


".....a nice Sugar Bowl win over a disinterested Alabama team."

In the second half of the game a "disinterested Alabama team" gets the score to within a touch down. Kick off to Utah, hold them to a three and out, get the ball back and tie the score. Instead, Utah takes the ball on an 80 yard drive and goes back up by two touch downs. Was Alabama "disinterested" when they could have tied the game up? I don't think so.

Highland, UT


I think murphy is a talent, but the comment that he "is arguably the best receiver in the state" was ridiculous. Hoffman is head and shoulders above every other receiver in the state. But I more or less agree with you on all of that, thankfully it is almost football season and we'll start finding out who steps up and gets it done and who doesn't. I'm starting to get excited.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah 8-4(4-0 sweep over byu)
usu 8-4
byu 7-6

Utah 30
byu 14

Mark it Down!


Long live the Pac 12!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

byu would donimate the PAC11!

Sandy, UT

As a Ute fan I can't even say Jake Murphy is the best receiver in the state, while he has the potential to be I think that needs to be proven. He might not even be the best receiver on the team with Kenneth Scott and Dres Anderson.

I don't think Hoffman is anything special, but as far as statistics go he is probably the top receiver in Utah. Not very much competition though since both USU and Utah didn't have great passing offense last year. Then again Hoffman hasn't exactly had the best QB's, he could be the next Collie. As much as I didn't like Collie he went to my colts and was a beast, I hope his concussions don't ruin his career. Last I heard he was working out for the niners.

I do however, think that Jake is the best TE in state.

Any way, all this is pointless to debate.. As Utah will extend to 4-0 against BYU seniors. :)

Lincoln Park, IL


You got the numbers for Utah about right, just in the wrong order.

4-8 is pretty much the upper limit for Utah this year; 5-7 would be outstanding, but 3-9 is a real possibility.

As far as the head-to-head with BYU; this is BYU's year. The Utes are going to have to live with their cowardice for the next three years. Enjoy the bragging rights of beating Fresno St!

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