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Published: Monday, July 22 2013 1:35 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

I still feel Jake was mismanaged here at BYU. He seems to be a coddled, arrogant player in some respects (press conference out of high school) but I think he has a great arm and great potential. Bronco had that mancrush on Riley. I hope things pan out for Jake.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Apparently Heaps decided a floundering Kansas program was a better place to end his career and a better chance at preparing him for the NFL than his previous university.

Can't say I blame him.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The Big 12 is a prestigious conference indeed.

Best wishes Jake.


Fellow BCS member University of Utah Utes

Lincoln City, OR

Some things never change... You can rotate the player into different colleges and their football teams, but you still have the same player with the same character traits... If Heaps doesn't go into Promotional Advertising Work he's missing his calling... I had thought that he had learned to let his "play" do the talking and not his "mouth", but apparently not...

We'll see soon enough if his words can match his footwork and his passing...

I always liked Heaps when he was at BYU... I thought that he would be good to outstanding his Junior and Senior years with a "redshirt year" between his Sophomore and Junior Seasons... So I personally hope that he proves me right...

I just wish that he would learn how to manage expectations better... While his coach is telling the media not to expect too much this year, Heaps is telling them that Kansas has one of the best backfields in the country and that their Offense is going to be hard to stop... He just gave every locker room an article to hang on the bulletin board before their scheduled game with the Kansas Jayhawks... Big Mistake (with a capital BM).

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

He has poor decision making skills so I would not expect much from Kansas.


The expression is "CHAMPING at the bit," not chomping.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Hard to believe it's been two years since Jake Heaps was here. I hope in that time he hasn't forgotten how to act entitled, run away from fumbles, etc.

Provo, UT

I wish Jake great success. Not sure what, if any good he would have done with BYU's sputtering offense last year that had much to do with playing a QB with a broken back!

Stansbury Park, ut

@Chris B so you're saying its better to in AQ confrence at the bottom of the barrel like how Utah will be this next decade with the pac 12 is that what you're saying just like how Kansas is the at the bottom of Big 12? Thats how I smell it.

Ann Arbor, MI

How can you get better than the trip/flip over the fumbled football in the inzone?

the guy was a joke going against Mountain west "talent"....imagine the "deer in head lights" when he actually faces legit BCS talent on a weekly basis.

Draper, UT

This is one BYU fan who hopes Jake does well. I remember the first time I saw him throw a pass in a game and my jaw hit the floor; his delivery, precision and velocity are amazing. Was/is he a coddled, prima-donna? Of course he is! That's what you generally get with the #1 QB prospect and one of the most hyped high school players in the country. For whatever reason, the coaches at BYU didn't understand that and/or could not manage that. I'm sure his attitude what not much different than Jim McMahon, or even Ty Detmer (we just didn't hear as much about them because of the differences in media coverage).

springville, UT

Chrissy, what bowl game again did your BCS utes play in last year?


As a BYU fan I hope Jake has a great year. Wish it could have been better at BYU, but just never seemed to get on track. Good luck Jake!

Cedar Hills, UT

Heaps is a good QB and as it turns out now - in a much better situation at Kansas in the Big12 and a BCS conference. BYU is the loser from all this. Robert Anae would have made Jake an all American.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lincoln City, OR

When Jake was becoming a Cougar, Cougar "fan" loved the Iggy's press conference. Now he's a Jayhawk they call it "promotional advertising work." Typical.

West Jordan, UT

Somewhere there is a drive-thru line that gets backed up every time a new BYU article appears on Deseret News.

BYUtah Fan
Herriman, UT

It is hard to argue with Jake's decision. He left a BYU offense that was heading down the tubes. Every coach he played for, except one, is now gone. He may indeed have seen the handwriting on the wall and decided to salvage what was left of his college eligibility. He wasn't much of a QB at BYU. But that may not have been his fault.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

The only worse decision than going to Kansas would have been going to Utah, both cellar dwellars. Big 12 is far superior to PAC from top to bottom, especially since Utah entered the conference.
BYU is better off without him. After he gets hit a few times he will get rattled and do the same stuff he did at BYU.


"The expression is "CHAMPING at the bit," not chomping."

Champ is not used outside of this idiom and thus archaic. How many people know it means to bite down? Chomp on the other hand is used outside of the idiom and far more people know it means to bite down. Either is acceptable by most grammar guides.

'Fellow BCS member University of Utah Utes'

Ironic that in the last year of the BCS, posers (oops, I think I meant posters) still need to remind people the Utes belong to a BCS conference otherwise readers from BIG12 (Kansas) wouldn't know.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The expression is "CHAMPING at the bit," not chomping."

Actually, chomp, which began as a variant of champ, is alive in English while the biting-related sense of champ is dead outside this idiom. In point of fact, chomping at the bit is about 20 times as common as champing at the bit in written language. Champing at the bit can sound funny to people who aren’t familiar with the idiom or the obsolete sense of champ, while most English speakers can infer the meaning of chomping at the bit.

Still, thank you for the grammar lesson. *rolls eyes*

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