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Published: Saturday, July 20 2013 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Great coaches will continue to build on the inherited talent, and that means recruiting.

Mike Alisa is a senior and next year Jamaal Williams and Adam Hine will be juniors, they all won't be around forever.

There is a guy right now, coach, that attended junior day and is loaded with talent, who doesn't have an offer that you've been holding out on, who deserves an offer. You know who I'm talking about.

Either way, enjoy the talent you currently have and Go Cougars!

Idaho Falls, ID

With a hurry-up offense, they are going to need all the running backs and linemen they can get. If they can move the ball downfield, everyone should get plenty of playing time.


Very promising running backs this year for BYU. With a new O-line coach, I'm hoping for great offensive production from this unit this year. Austin Collie said that Jamal Williams will go down as the best and most athletic player EVER at BYU.

Go Cougars!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

First year running back coach?

Don't try to gloss over it BG... say it directly...

This Atuaia's first year of coaching at a competitive level... ever.

Bluffdale, UT

Hey Howard,
If you kick a dead horse 1 time or 50, he is still not getting up. We are all aware that Atuaia is a first year position coach. Thanks for pointing that out for the millionth time.(eye roll) I am not any more nervous about him than I was about Doman being a first year OC.
In other words, as a BYU fan, we really have no choice but to have faith that he will do well.

springville, UT


how did the utes play in that bowl game last year?

Idaho Falls, ID


Now wait, you're telling me this is the first year coaching for Atuaia? I hadn't heard that. Are there any other coaches with limited experience on the BYU offensive coaching staff?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Why yes... since you asked...

The OL coach has never coached a game at the d-1 level... that combined with new and inexperienced o-linemen and a new offensive scheme are a recipe for success in the opinion of the Cougar Nation.

Vancouver, WA

I would take BYU's top 3 Running Backs over Utah's any day. High character, extremely athletic, and if used right they will be very successful.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


High character?

Are you assuming something other than high character among the Utah running backs?

Bluffdale, UT


Are you assuming that Atrix was insinuating ANYTHING about the character of Utah running backs? Wait....you already answered that.

Idaho Falls, ID


"This Atuaia's first year of coaching at a competitive level... ever."
"The O-line coach has never coached a game at the d-1 level..."

Oh my, oh my!! What shall we do?! Our season is ruined! We don't stand a chance against anyone!

Thank- you so much for reminding us all of that little known fact. Now all us BYU fans can worry together.

Now, would you remind us again, just one more time, about the inexperience of the offensive coaches?

Springville, UT

hey howie

This is the Utes 3rd season in the PAC10.2

From season 1 to season 2 we saw a downtrend, will that trend continue?

Is this the fault of your OC who never had any D-1 coaching experience or was it just an overall lack of talent of the 3 star level?

Will an old has been OC make a difference or is it just a tough SOS, or again a lack of talent of the 3 star quality that will be the Ute excuse this year?

We're dying to know the #1 excuse that will be used in Uteville this year.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Haha. Utah didn't go bowl last year.


So what Howie,Atuaia was a pretty good running back at BYU,so i think that makes him a better coach than you ,have not seen your name as a coach on any team anywhere,so what makes you such an expert,that,s what i thought you.re not.

Layton, UT


IF we need an excuse, #1 will be...That it doesn't matter because we beat byu 4 in a row. lol.


I am a huge Utah fan, and let me just tell you I'm glad I misread the title. I thought it said "Death of BYU running back..." Whew, nobody die this year please.
Go Utes!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


If you're not concerned about the youth and inexperience of the BYU offensive coaches and players you're just not facing reality.

But hey... if you think youth and inexperience is the key to success... then you should be very optimistic.

Idaho Falls, ID

It will be interesting to see how each of the big 3 will compete in the running game. Interesting to see how each of the 3 will compete against their schedule. I do believe the Aggies have the advantage, best qb and returning offensive line to go with a really fast returning running back in Hill. I hope each school does well and expect another 2 close games. Go Utah Schools, especially the original true blue school.

west valley city, utah

To all the Utah fans that always show so much interest in the BYU football team. Do any of you know how your team is going to do this year? Are all of you looking forward to your bowl game this year? It's against Colorado right? Don't you call it " Rumble in the Rockies"? WOW!! Enjoy because that's as good as it gets.

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