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Published: Saturday, July 20 2013 12:50 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

This guy seems like a perfect fit for BYU and clearly has a ton of potential. That aside, it is a bit annoying the the DN would just list a slew of random colleges that supposedly recruited him, (which in the real world means offered him scholarships) when that is clearly not the case. Looking at a player or contacting is not recruiting him. Maybe Utah offered, maybe not. But not all of those schools tried to recruit this kid.

Bristow, United States

Stars really do not matter. Rivals and Scout do not go to every recruit and actually look at them. One major way they do there rankings is that they look at who gives them offers. If Alabama or Oregon offers a kid they will get more stars simply because the school that offered. If a school not in the bcs offers someone that they have not researched then they'll at most get 2 stars. So except for the very elite players that research and scouting is actually done on the star system is a self fulfilling prophecy of "bcs dominance"


R.A.W, are your neighbors the Katoas, by chance?

North Salt Lake, UT

In threads like these I am reminded of the line from the movie "Miracle", where the US Olympic hockey team coach Herb Brooks answered a question about why he had included some supposedly "inferior" players on his team, instead of the obvious all-stars: "I'm not looking for the best players; I'm looking for the right ones."

Bronco Mendenhall doesn't pay attention to the star ratings, nor does he care if a player is the most talented. He's looking for a kid who can fit into his system, who can work hard and give his best, who can handle the rigorous academic standards at BYU, and who most of all can abide by the strict Honor Code guidelines and not embarrass the school.

Those criteria significantly limit the pool of potential recruits, but Bronco seems to be able to consistently churn out winning teams, bowl game victories, and top-25 seasons with supposedly "inferior" recruits.

He's not looking for the best players; he's looking for the right ones.

Mesa, AZ


While there's a slight modicum of truth to what you stated in some instances, it's not even remotely so pervasive as you would have us believe. I'm especially knowledgeable regarding Scout and their methodology and I assure you, they're significantly cleaner in their methodology than you've understood them to be.

For instance, as a general rule, Scout caps their various ratings and issues far, far fewer 4-/5-Stars than the other recruiting services do [i.e., Rivals], which explains the difference in ratings commonly seen w/many kids.

Star ratings certainly aren't the end all, at least not w/each and every recruit ever rated. However, over time a school which Is regularly bringing in 3-/4-Star recruits will beat a school more often than not which is regularly bringing in 2-/3-Star recruits.

If Stars truly had zero bearing on Ws/Ls, how do you believe Alabama would fare, annually, w/merely 3-Star recruits, w/the occasional 4-/Star recruit thrown into the mix, as opposed to what they currently bring in?

Think about this scenario for a moment!

St George, Utah


No, but I do know the Katoa's well. Thor is another example of an unrated athlete being recruited by big time programs all over the country. Has Utah offered him as well?

West Point , UT

The problem with only being concerned with stars is that it doesn't take into account coaching, and schemes, and work ethic, along with a plethora of other variables.

Another poster made a statement but I don't know if people caught it. Chris Petersen at BSU doesn't even recruit as well as BYU in some years, yet has had some of the best most dominant teams in CFB in this decade. Sure, many will argue strength of schedule, but it's a hard argument to make when Boise consistently beats ranked BCS teams. I'm a Georgia fan (along with BYU) and I watched a "2-star" BSU team tear my 4-5 star Dawgs apart in OUR backyard in the Georgia Dome.

It's interesting that FSU & Miami still rank high in recruits and NFL players, yet haven't sniffed a NC or even a top 5 finish in quite some time (many times, neither has even reached the ACC championship game). There's much more to success than stars, which are merely a measure of potential not actualization on the field. Nick Saban wins because he's a heck of a coach, not just 4-5 star recruits.

Idaho Falls, ID

The kid likes to play in December, so he told Utah to pack sand.

River Falls, WI

You’ve got to love the trolls. Their preseason smack consists of dissing BYU’s recruiting and SOS, attempting to argue BYU is inferior to Utah because Utah is a BCS team with better access to BCS bowl games. Ironically, Utah is one of the few BCS bowl busters. Let’s examine Utah’s outstanding 2004 BCS busting season.

In 2004 Utah had a recruiting class of 76, which was worse than BYU’s 2-star studded 2013 recruiting class. They had 20 2-star recruits, one 4-star recruit, and their Scout average ranking of 1.59 was significantly lower than any recruiting class from BYU ever. Their SOS was ranked #67 by Sagarin and they played USU, AF, New Mexico, UNLV, SDSU, Colorado St, and Wyoming (far weaker than BYU’s 2013 schedule). Yet they ran the table, played in a BCS bowl, and ended the season ranked #4.

What is the correlation between recruiting classes, SOS, and winning games and being ranked? With Utah as a case study there appears to be little or no correlation.

West of I15, UT

@Poyman...."It's because of this type of recruiting that BYU is continually rated in preseason power rankings above their little brother on the hill and it's because of recruits like this that BYU has the earned reputation nationally of being a perenial football power."

Is it because of recruits like this that the cougies can't beat the utes on the field where it matters??

Also in regards to you bringing up basketball. I would have to agree with you the Y has definitley had the better program since 2004. See how logical that is and how that works? If I tried to say the utes had a better basketball program right now I would look as foolish as Y fan's that try to say they have a better football program over the last decade.

West of I15, UT

@cougfaninTX....."Chrissy - just to put the record straight, there are more 3 stars in the NFL than 4 or 5 stars. Please do your homework before you post."

Come on really? Please tell me you do realize there are a ton more 1-3 stars in our world then 4-5 stars? The % of 4-5 stars that make the NFL over 1-3 stars is staggering it's not even close.

I agree completley that stars don't matter 100% of the time. I believe a 0 star recruit can come in and be the best player on the team. However I assure you teams that get more 4-5 star recruits are the teams that are consistently top programs around the country. So to say it don't matter at all is wrong. If Alabama had a roster full of 2-3 star recruits I assure you they wouldn't be winning Nat titles like they are right now.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

It's utterly hysterical that Utah fans put so much stock in the star ratings of thousands of still developing athletes, yet constantly question the ratings of 120 football teams, except, of course, when Utah is highly rated.

AP Top 25 ratings are far more accurate than ANY recruiting rating.

Far more 2- and 3-star recruits are stars in college and in the NFL, than 4- and 5-star recruits.

Highland, UT


While watching youtube highlights did you happen to notice the size of utah's conerbacks?

Joseph Smith 5'9" 189 pounds

Justin Thomas 5'9" 173 pounds

Micael Walker 5'9" 182 pounds

Thomas is the one utah coaches, "fans", and homers like dan sorenson, are claiming is going to be a star and future NFLer.

So perhaps you can tell us why this gigantic 5'9" tall 173 pound corner with a slower 40 time than this BYU recruit is going to be such a superstar while the BYU recruit is "to short" and "to light", and "to slow" to be worth even having on a team?

Highland, UT


"If I tried to say the utes had a better basketball program right now I would look as foolish as Y fan's that try to say they have a better football program over the last decade."

Yes you would look foolish seeing as though BYU basketball has not only dominated the head to head matchups in that time, including 11 of the last 12, but they have also won more overall games, FAR more, been to the NCAA's far more times, won far more conference titles in that time, and been nationally ranked far more times and much higher.

But that isn't quite the case with football between the two now is it?

In fact BYU has won more overall games, been to more bowls, and been nationally ranked more times than utah football has during that time frame. utah has one case for declaring they have been better, the head to head during that time, but BYU has far more things to show their superiority, like more wins, more bowl games, more times ranked.

Nice try on your part but....FAIL!



R.A.W, not a firm offer yet that I'm aware of. They're a great family, I'd love to see Thor end up at the U, but mainly just want to see him succeed anywhere. Nearly every one of them had college football ability, but didn't develop and showcase it as much as they could have, it's great to see Thor taking those extra steps.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Please try to keep up here. Utah wanted him so I guess you are saying they are a nobody?
Kind of thought so. Their records sure shows it. LOL. I am sensing some nervousness in your comments about the upcoming year. Sorry that you have to be a ute fan.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" ........ a 4.43 forty and a 10.7 100 meter time, a 38-inch vertical and a 3.91 shuttle time ....... "

Otherwise, not very athletic.

And the ute trolls just can't stay away. Completely obsessed with BYU Football. Just the way we like it.

St George, Utah


Thor has definitely been putting in the time and hard work, he has been training hard with former All Big-12 Texas A&M Linebacker Misi Tupe, he deserves the chance to play D-1 ball. I know his older brothers much better than him. Both Isaac and Bill are at Snow and I wouldn't be surprised if either of them end up playing D-1 ball next year. Small world!

Bristow, United States

Right, Alabama gets high quality recruits because they are getting elite talent. Those who have 5 stars usually have earned those stars.Quality players are drawn to quality programs
I think a lot of past and current Utah, BYU and USU players would get 3-4*'s if they were truly

It may also be less true in football, but I know it's true in basketball. I know a lot of basketball players in state, and a few of them tell me there recruiting stock dropped after they signed with their current teams.

No system is perfect, and you may be right, scout might be the best, but even scout is flawed, because it does not evaluate every player, but tries to rank every player.

Kaysville, UT

Well this kid also had a scholarship offer from Auburn. Does that make him legitimate ChrisB? A BCS school (SEC to boot) offered him a scholarship. According to your morbid way of viewing things that should make him a legitimate athlete. So tell me, if Auburn thinks he is good enough to play for them, what argument do you have that he isnt good enough to play for the mighty Utah?

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