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Published: Thursday, July 18 2013 2:25 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT


"98 years tells it all."

Yes, it tells us that you don't have the foggiest idea what you're talking about.

BYU hasn't played nearly that many seasons, and Utah has played far more.

What really tells it all:

AP Top 25 Finishes
BYU 17
Utah 5

National Championships
Utah none

Heisman Trophies
Utah none

National College Football Hall of Fame Players
Utah none

National Individual Awards
BYU 15
Utah none

Bowl Games
BYU 31
Utah 17

btw, being invited to be a whipping boy for the big boys of a "power" conference, isn't an accomplishment, its servitude.

More Mature Y Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

After reading four pages of comments I am fully convinced that anyone canfind a statistic that will support virtually any theory. Imagine what could be done if people would put as much effort into researching things that matter as they put into trying to prove superiority in the rivalry.

West of I15, UT

@Marked it down...."When it comes to records and rankings, the inconsistency of the kids on the hill is laughable.

UNLV(2-10) better than Utah(9-4)
Colorado(3-10) better than Utah(8-5)"

Please list the overall head to head with UNLV, please list when the U lost to them 3 times in a row or 8 of 11, etc.?

Yes a win head to head here and there happens with underdog's. What's laughable however is to think for even a second that happens 3 years in a row, 8 of 11 years or a landslide of an overall series.......LOL!

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

Ute fans should check out Phil Steele's College Football Preview.
Picked to go 1-9 in Pac 10.2.

One victory over the Buffs

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

A couple of fluke losses is one thing; getting SHUT OUT by 2-10 teams and then getting embarrassed at home by a 3-10 team that hadn't won a road game in four years is quite a different thing.

Kyle has lost to as many 10-loss teams in the last 6 years as BYU has lost to in it ENTIRE HISTORY.

Bronco NEVER lost to ANY MWC bottom dwellers - Wyoming, UNLV, Colorado State or New Mexico.

Kyle lost to ALL of them, and he lost to the absolute worst PAC 10.2 bottom dweller in his first season.

pocatello, ID

bountiful, ut
With every utterance by the naive Utah fan base, fans of Notre Dame must sit there and cringe.... Either cringe or laugh their faces off at such belligerent crass naivety. It is kind of funny how anyone outside the SEC can consider themselves a 'power conference' in that they won only 4 (5-9 if USC hadn't been vacated) of the illustrious BCS championships through the years of its futile existence. Ute fans, continue to be dazed by the red colored kool aid you keep drinking and we will continue as BYU fans to be perfectly content not being in the cellar of a conference... Yes, if we are in a conference, we prefer to be up at the top no matter how big or small it is...


ND? Every current and former MWC program is thankful not having to deal with BYU anymore on a conference basis.
Well you are in a conference of sorts in the WCC. Not at the top yet but keep wishing. There is more to conferences than just football. The SEC is good but has a long way to go catching up to the PAC 12.

Springville, UT

WAC (USU) paddled my Utes

"The SEC is good but has a long way to go catching up to the PAC 12."

Said the coat tailing Ute "fan" of the PAC10.2 LOL

Lincoln Park, IL


"Well you are in a conference of sorts in the WCC. Not at the top yet but keep wishing."

BYU won the WCC Commissioner's Cup this year; in fact, the Cougars were the first institution since 2008 to capture Cup, and Men's and Women's All-Sports Trophies.

On the national scale, BYU, with 505.00 points, placed 43rd in the final National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) Directors' Cup final standings. The Utes, with 261.25 points, placed 77th, barely ahead of #79 Coastal Carolina, #80 Kent State, and #81 Columbia.

In football, BYU finished 26th and Utah 61st, in Sagarin.

In basketball, BYU made it to the semi-finals of the NIT and was Top 100 in RPI; Utah barely finished in the Top 200 RPI.

In volleyball, softball, and women's soccer, BYU played in the NC game and made deep runs in the NCAA tournament. And in rugby, BYU won another national championship.

There is much more to college sports than football.

Try to keep up.

Mission Viejo, CA

What drivel.

Utah fans, go enjoy your 1-7 record in the PAC-12.

BYU has moved on. I don't waste a minute thinking about Utah. They're bottom feeders and a puff game for real PAC-12 schools. I don't care if BYU ever plays Utah again.

BYU is a better game for real PAC-12 teams, and they're hard to beat. Utah is easy to beat.

BYU is a national brand. Utah is a single-state brand.

To argue that PAC-12 membership gives Utah some cachet is to argue that Big10 membership gives Iowa some cachet.

Just ain't so. Nobody outside Utah cares. Nobody.

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