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Published: Thursday, July 18 2013 2:25 p.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

That's a Good One:

"Hill added that playing BYU in the future has 'always been our full intention'...How could that possibly be true? That flies in the face of everything that 95% of Ute homers commenting on the DesNews have claimed for a couple of years now."

It appears that in your frenzied plea for validation, you misunderstood what Dr. Hill was suggesting. He wasn't suggesting that it had always been Utah's full intention to play this game "annually". He was just saying that the Utes intended to continue to schedule future games. Period.

We'll also likely continue to schedule future games with Utah St. Don't be surprised to see future games with Weber St. as well. Not "annually" of course; just "in the future".

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Marked it Down:

"[Utah]'s seldom ever been a quality win for BYU."

I think what you meant to say was "it's seldom been a win for BYU." Only 3-wins in the past 11 attempts? Not good for the Indy-WACers.

As for "quality of wins", you got a quality win back in '09 -- aka, your LAST win -- back when you eked out an O/T Home game vs. a team that finished ranked #18 in the final AP poll. Conversely, the only "quality win" we picked up from the Indy-WACers these past 11 seasons was a barely-ranked #25 Las Vegas Bowl loser back in 2008.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"As a BYU, Utah,and Nebraska Alum...I like to chide the Ute fans because long before my Utah days I sat in Lincoln Memorial Stadium and watched the Huskers humiliate the Utes by some obscene score like 63 to 3."

It was 63-13; not 63-3...and those were the Aggies; not the Utes. You're no Utah alumnus.

Look...I get it. It's been super embarrassing to be an Indy-WACer these days. You can't beat your big brother anymore, and you're all doomed to jumping on the bandwagon of other teams who CAN -- including Colorado's. Some of you had even resorted to pretending to be a Utah alumnus just to be able to show one's face around these threads. How miserable for you. How marvelous.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Naval Vet

BYU has won 29 of the last 50 (almost 60%) during the last half-century.

Since BYU is a perennially ranked team (18 of the last 36 years), Utah has had multiple opportunities to achieve quality wins over BYU.

On the other hand, since Utah is almost never ranked, only 5 AP Top 25 finishes in their entire history, BYU almost never has a chance to beat a ranked Utah team.

During the Bronco/Kyle era, BYU has been ranked 5 times; Utah only 3.

So yes, beating Utah is seldom a quality win BYU.

Salt Lake City, Utah


It's even more embarrassing to be a PACy-WACer nowadays. No Top 25 finishes. Home losses to 10-loss teams that hadn't won a road game in four years. Losing conference records. Losing, bowl-less seasons. Unable to beat a single conference foe with a winning record. Not even able to beat the only WAC team on your schedule.

In two seasons as a PACy-WACer, Utah's average final ranking in Sagarin has been 50th.

Meanwhile, your Independent big brothers have been ranked in the Top 25, have won two bowl games, and have averaged 30th in the final Sagarin rankings.

sandy, UT

"Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Holmoe should offer a 2 for 1, take it or leave it.

Frankly I don't care if we play them or not.

It's seldom ever been a quality win for BYU."

When you win 3 times a decade it's pretty hard to frequent quality win when you seldom win period.

Basically what you are saying is when Utah is good Utah wins, when the teams are both bad Utah wins, so the only time you can beat Utah is when they aren't good and BYU has their best team in a decade. Got it.

Poplar Grove, UT

@Las Vegas Ute
I would look at my own schedule before mocking BYU, at least we are playing all division 1 teams, unlike the Utes who are playing Weber State.

Logan, UT

@Down Under

Aggie Voice,
Until today I have been a huge Aggie fan on these boards. No longer.

GO COUGS....and beat Utah AND USU.

I was the reason for your tipping because I brought up BYU's 2014 schedule? Sorry to state the obvious, and I am glad you want to beat us now!

Love, little brother.

Logan, UT


West Point , UT

"Utah State is the reigning state champ!"

How do you figure? BYU beat you (and it was far worse on the stat sheet). A victory over Utah doesn't make you state champs regardless how bad you want it to.

Would the Beehive Boot be a good determining factor since we beat each other circularly? USU has won the Beehive Boot 2 out of the last 3 years.

"Little Brother is growing up, starting to shave, and growing some muscles." - Matt Wells

Murray, Utah

IMO 2 for 1's are an admission of hubris, insecurity and cowardice all in one statement.

It states, "I'm a big name school who has more to lose if I lose to you than you do if you lose to me. I can't afford a loss or the other big name schools might not think I belong in their league. I'm afraid I might lose to you in your stadium, so you have to assuage my fear and doubt by giving me an extra game in my stadium."

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

"It appears that in your frenzied plea for validation, you misunderstood what Dr. Hill was suggesting."

Ya, that was pretty frenzied wasn't it? You're almost (not quite but close) as funny as Chris B in your comments.

By the way, I don't see the word "annual" anywhere in my comment. Must be part of the daily habit where Ute homers just make stuff up in a frenzied plea for validation???


At this point, I am fine with not even playing Utah. The hatred between the 2 schools has become ridiculous (glad I don't live in Utah). Oh, and Chris B goes away only when he gets a job, so he'll be around--he makes Utah fans look pretty pathetic

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Basically what you are saying is when Utah is good Utah wins, when the teams are both bad Utah wins, so the only time you can beat Utah is when they aren't good and BYU has their best team in a decade."

What he's really saying is BYU is usually good and Utah is usually mediocre, so BYU rarily has an opportunity to beat a "good" Utah team, while Utah has many opportunities to beat a "good" BYU team.

Las Vegas, NV

Now FAX is going back FIVE decades to be able to talk smack!


Go Utes! Onward and Upward!!

layton, ut

As a proud Ute fan and Utah alum, I have to say that anyone that would suggest a 2 for 1, or not playing the game is a not a real fan, or someone that doesn't understand college football and rivalries. The Utes have been 7-3 in the past decade down south, and those 3 losses have been by a combined 13 points. LES has lost it's home field advantage for the Kewgs since Saint Lavell retired. Although, I'm glad that Chris Hill sent the Y a notice that we have all the hand in the relationship nowadays. Watching the Y to scramble with their schedule, and coming up with a 1 and 1 with Middle Tennessee State gave me a chuckle. Have fun in Murpheesboro next year Y fans.

3 in a row.
7 of the last 10.
Go Utes!!

Gilbert, AZ

The only reason Chris B. is promising to "go away" when BYU beats Utah in September is because he would be doing a disappearing act anyway just so he wouldn't have to live with the humiliation of his not so mighty Utes losing to their big brothers.

Danny T
Minneapolis, MN

BYU vs. Utah games are the best. I hope they get back to playing them every year like the good old days. I was raised on those games

Las Vegas, NV

Noodlekaboodle: "at least we are playing all division 1 teams".

First of all, how do you know you arent't going to play a DII school in 2014? Your schedule isn't complete! Even with your 2013 "big boy" schedule, you're SOS will STILL be much lower than Utah's.

Second of all, that's the best comeback for byU "fans"? Do you really want to compare schedules?

Utah: @ Michigan byU: @ Mid TN St - that should tell you all you need to know about schedules! But, we'll go on:

byU: @ UConn, @ TX, UVA, Houston, USU, @ Central Florida, UNR, @BSU, So Miss, UNLV, plus one left over for the usual Idaho/New Mexico/DII gimee.
Utah:Fresno, @ Michigan, @ UCLA, @ Stanford, @ASU, @Colorado, USC, Oregon, AZ, Wassu.

Your entire season rests on ONE away game at Texas. Beyond that, the only other game worth watching is at Boise. On the bright side for you, it looks like another banner year for byU home games!!

Go Utes! Onward and Upward!!

Las Vegas, NV

romeisn'tburning: Amen brother!

JCC75: Dead on about Chris B!!

Gilbert, AZ


"First of all, how do you know you arent't going to play a DII school in 2014?"

BYU hasn't played a DII school in football in DECADES!

"Now FAX is going back FIVE decades to be able to talk smack!"

You can go back to the beginning of time if you like; you'll still only have FIVE AP Top 25 finishes, no National Championships, no Heisman Trophy winners, no National Hall of Fame players, no National Individual Award winners, and you'll still be 21 of 50 (barely 40%), versus BYU during the last half century, with absolutely NO accomplishments of any kind on a national scale prior to then.

Now that's what you call "SAD".

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