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Published: Thursday, July 18 2013 2:25 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

Aggie Voice:

I guess the truth hurts some people!

Go Utes! Go Ags!

Lincoln Park, IL

Spokane Ute

"The only down side to playing BYU, is that even when you beat them; their fans still claim they have a better team."

Maybe you should try finishing with a better record and higher ranking then there wouldn't be any doubt. One game doesn't prove anything.

Korea, AE


I am excited about all the games! I get to see every single one of them.

Fans that get all worked up on who they play any given year aren't fans. It's crazy how some fans want to dictate what their AD or OTHER schools AD's do. It is almost as bad as bragging about your conference when your team is sub.500, bowl-less and is going to get pounded this year.

You can't change who your team plays.

You can't change if they have a great season before or after the season they play you.

You can't change the record of a team you are playing in the current year.

You can't change change what happens to a team after you play them.

You can't even effect the outcome of the game regardless of how many times you post "mark it down."

The only thing a fan can do is cheer their team on. Root for them to have a special year. Believe in all the hype. Go to the games and enjoy it.

It amazes me the narcissism reflected by people claiming to be fans.

Las Vegas, NV

Marked it Down:

We'll leave it, thank you. When Utah can get a home and home with Michigan while byU can get a home and home with Middle Tennessee State......

Nice try though.

Go Crimson!!

Las Vegas, NV


And your team is what and what against the team that "can't win or compete on the field"?

That's what I thought!

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Radio stations give the personalities days off and re-run "best of" shows!! Is this a re-print???

Nuthin' new here!!!


pocatello, ID

Marriott-Slaterville, Ut
I think BYU should ask for a 2-1.

Larger Stadium.

We can play anyone in Sept.

And we have the national TV deal.

Who wants to play on some backward Pac12 Fox1 station.


What does a large stadium have to do with wins? BYU lost at home and on the road to teams with smaller stadiums last season.

Who says you can play anyone in Sept? If that's true why aren't you scheduling Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon....?

Who wants to watch BYU lose to ranked teams and more on ESPN?

Why do BYU fans keep brining up the ESPN deal like it guarantees them a win?

FYI - The PAC 12 has deals with both FOX and ESPN in addition to its own network. And FOX has a new sports network starting in August.

South Jordan, UT

My vote is to never play Utes again. Too much hate! Let's go forward w/o it!

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B

"Frankly I don't care if we play them or not"

Says the person who spends more time commenting on all things BYU and the rivalry than any other person on earth.

You really do have a great sense of humor. Keep posting that was the best laugh I have had in a while!

Korea, AE

Granite Flats Rules

I teach my kids something different...

If someone comes into their house talking smack about how their kids look, or what they wear, or who their friends are, or what they believe...

They don't have to sit there and take it. If they think it is prudent, and it is worth fighting for, they should fight back and defend themselves.

Just because someone is louder and more obnoxious doesn't mean they are right and if good people don't fight back, it leaves a vacuum filled only by the wrong voices.

If we all teach our kids to walk away, no one fights the fights that need to be fought.

It's not just these boards, it's everywhere.

Jealous U
Alpine, UT


Call us the next time Utah schedules any big time OOC game.

ONE game in your 119 year history doesn't mean much.

Teams like Texas, Miami, Florida State, Penn State, Notre Dame, and USC have been visiting LES for decades.

Korea, AE


"Why do BYU fans keep brining up the ESPN deal like it guarantees them a win?"

I don't know.

Why do u fans think that being int he PAC 12 makes them relevant, respected, and guarantees them a win?

"The PAC 12 has deals with both FOX and ESPN in addition to its own network."

Yet u still won't be on TV as much as BYU.

"And FOX has a new sports network starting in August."

And how does that transfer to anything related to the u? Did you sign an exclusive contract with FOX?

pure genius.

West Point , UT

"Utah State is the reigning state champ!"

How do you figure? BYU beat you (and it was far worse on the stat sheet). A victory over Utah doesn't make you state champs regardless how bad you want it to.

To those suggesting a 2-1 for Utah...laughable. Why exactly? What benefit is that to BYU? They do 2-1s with great elite programs, not cellar dwellers that cant even offer geographical exposure to a national fanbase (the reason BYU is h-h with MTSU). If Hill was ever dumb enough to suggest this (thank goodness he isn't) he would get a resounding "No" and that would be the end of it. Btw, when BYU wasn't independent they got home and homes with the very elite in CFB, while Utah didnt. This is why I don't believe independence should be the future for BYU football. Being in a conference gives you more tv leverage. That's the only reason Michigan is coming to SLC...PAC12 TV money. Just another case of Utah siphoning and riding PAC coat tails while contributing very little if anything to the conference...the Wyoming of the PAC12.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


"FYI - The PAC 12 has deals with both FOX and ESPN"

During Independence, 26 of 26 BYU games have been nationally televised, including 18 games on NBC, ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2.

FOXSports/ESPN3 1
FOXSports/BYUtv 1
BYUtv 2

Remind us how many times the Utes have appeared on ESPN during the last two years courtesy of the PAC 12's contract with ESPN.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Marked it Down

Holmoe should offer a 2 for 1, take it or leave it.

Frankly I don't care if we play them or not.

It's seldom ever been a quality win for BYU.


True. But high quality beat downs for sure:

Utah 52 BYU 21 ... First BCS Buster
Utah 48 BYU 24 ... First BCS Buster II
Utah 54 @BYU 10 ... PAC 12 Season I Sun Bowl

Ute Nation thanks BYU for being a "speed bump" for what Utah has accomplished in the BCS era.

P.S. Yes, I speak for ALL Ute Nation.

Sandy, UT

Something that isn't commented on enough:

You think your team got better in the off season? You think your team made a major upgrade? You think you're on the upswing?

Well, so do all the other teams. Every other team thinks that.

For the Utes, if they really want to take a step forward, they should be thinking about improving faster than the other teams. How do they do that? It's a trick, isn't it? Every other team thinks this way, too.

So unless many of the players who have been underrated really start playing out of their minds, Utah will remain in the middle of the pack. I'm a Ute fan, and I realize this.

With someone like Urban Meyer, there was a paradigm shift. Nobody knew what hit them when the Utes played teams starting in 03 and into 04. The success from that season was successfully parlayed into the 08 season via recruiting.

Little tweaks won't get us better this season, because everyone does that. Big risks, paradigm shifts, and unbelievable performance is the only way to a season better than 5-7 or 6-6.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Solomon Levi

During Independence, 26 of 26 BYU games have been nationally televised, including 18 games on NBC, ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2.


So? You don't get a cookie for being on TV.

For example, even with that exposure Utah still out recruits you nationally (in particular in Texas and California).


CO Ute

I hadn't paid much attention to the future Y schedule until I read the post from Aggie Voice:

Home- Virginia, Houston, Utah State, Nevada, Southern Miss, UNLV

An honest Y fan would have to admit that isn't a very attractive slate of home games and yet some fans will continue to brag about the record at the end of the year. When the Cougs schedule a real slate of decent teams AND win 8 or more games you will have something to brag about. Until then, your comparisons are pretty hollow.

Being part of a major conference doesn't make you a better team but it sure gives you a better schedule. Utah will have USC, Oregon and Arizona at home in 2014, all of which are better than any team on the Y's home schedule.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


So unless many of the players who have been underrated really start playing out of their minds, Utah will remain in the middle of the pack. I'm a Ute fan, and I realize this.


In early 2000's Utah's recruiting classes were ranked around 80s-90s (see Scouts). Ever since 2003 the talent has been getting better.

Since the PAC 12 move we have overtaken BYU as the flagship program in the State, we now get most of top in-state recruits.

Now Ute classes rank in the mid-30s, which is averaging #7 in the PAC-12.

In order to compete in the PAC-12 we must continue to build depth at each and every spot.

I also think they need to go through at least a full class cycle before they can really start climbing the Pac-12 hierarchy. Our preseason hype last season was misguided, and the Utes' lack of depth was exposed. It takes time to build not only a starting lineup that can win in the Pac-12, but also the depth behind those starters. The facility upgrades are a good step in the right direction.

Salt Lake City, UT

killarney says "One game doesn't prove anything."
How about 3 games in a row?
How about BYU has yet to beat Utah as an independent?

(insert usual lines about "we gave the game away" here)

(insert copy and paste selected stats which include something about 1984 here)

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