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Published: Thursday, July 18 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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fed up
Provo, UT

Perhaps let us make the prime topic why do so many or our youth raised in families without a father present and who are involved with gangs end up in trouble? Maybe we could add "is a high proportion of those sent to prison because of a lack of a family or other support system"? If this is a high percentage of a certain race, maybe we should work on building strong families not protesting. I think these ideas hold true in all races.

South Jordan, UT

The reason we can't have a dialog on race in this country is because we can't have an honest dialog on the topic. For example, in 1960 there was a higher percentage of two-parent black homes than two-parent white homes. What happened to destroy the black family by the end of the century? There is a political faction in this country that does not want that question answered honestly.

If a black man like Bill Cosby, with no political agenda to grind, wants to discuss solutions to the social problems faced by blacks, it doesn't create a dialog. It creates an outcry, a furor, a spewing forth of hateful comments from those who cannot tolerate opinions other than their own. How can a dialog exist in that environment.

If someone observes there are more blacks in the criminal justice system because they commit more crimes, nobody wants to evaluate whether the evidence supports that theory. Instead, they want to immediately crucify the messenger as racist. How can a dialog happen in that environment?

To have a dialog, you have to be willing to listen to and consider opinions that differ from your own.

Sandy, Utah

Most of the commits I have seen talk as if Zimmerman was white. One of the big problems we have is that the news media will alter a story just to push their agenda and generate money. The media as shown in this article indicates that Zimmerman was white and that is not the fact. So they turn it into a race riot that is generated by the media and then they can report on the riots that are going on also. While all this is going on the media takes no responsibility for any of it.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

I agree that the media was a big part of the problem in having a reasonable trial or outcome of a tragic happening. The media and a bunch of politicians, who have an agenda and not the welfare of the people of the U.S.A. at heart, are causing all of us grief. And it is also true that we have a significant portion of the population not willing to consider any viewpoints but their own. It all adds up to trouble, and we are in a mire of it.

Idaho Falls, ID

If I ever decide to shoot an unarmed teenager, I hope I get this jury.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Trayvon was guilty of bringing skittles to a gun fight.

Springville, UT

Why does this one case deserve discussion? Because according to the radical leftists, anarchists, and marxists they didn't get the results they wanted...so they claim the system is broken? So we need to change the system...to what? One in which the black guy always wins? This is nuts! Oh, and thanks to the leftist media and their agenda for stirring up the public on this one case. They very wisely leave out of the news any black on white or black on Latino crimes. And black racism is okay.

@EdGrady / @Ernest T. Bass
It's the jury's fault...Really? Serious? Don't you think it's possible that the jury had just a bit more information than you in coming to their conclusion? Give your repetition of spoon-fed media hype a rest. You ought to do a little more research than simply turning on MSNBC.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

There is a lesson to be learned from this case. If a shady character is following me and I am close to home, I plan to run as fast as I can for the safety of my house, not turn and attack him. But then most of us already knew this.


edgrady and etbass; were both of you in the court room? did you hear every word that was spoken, did you listen to the instructions of the judge, and did you spend 16 hours in deliberation with those jurors? Perhaps there is more to this than meets your eye.

Rule of Law
Pittsburgh, PA

All worthy topics of discussion. Now the next question is "who is in a position to lead / moderate this discussion?"

conservative scientist
Lindon, UT

Trial by jury has produced "unfavorable" outcomes for centuries. Perhaps the most famous early example was the trial of British soldiers in the Boston Massacre. The people of Boston demanded justice or even revenge, much like with this case. The soldiers had a difficult time finding an attorney to defend them. They ended up being represented John Adams - one who despised British rule, would be perhaps the leading voice demanding independence, and a much respected patriot.

Adams said during the trial "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."

The soldiers were not convicted. People were mad. John Adams didn't like the soldiers being in America (or what had happened in the massacre) but he realized the rule of law should rule the land - not a mob. He continued to be well respected and went on to serve the American cause with passion. The founders put the same system into our constitution which had produced "unfavorable" results in Boston.

We should remember lessons learned from our early history when thinking about the current controversy with the Martin case.

South Jordan, UT

I agree with the author: juries are essential to the justice system. Social media and lackluster (or agenda driven) coverage of news like the Zimmerman trial are the problems, not the jury system. The jurors heard all the appropriate evidence, and made their decision according to the law in Florida. No real evidence of jury nullification has surfaced, and it appears as though the jurors wanted to reach a different verdict, but could not do so under the law.

The real issue in this case and this story isn't the justice system, it is obviously race. A young man was killed. And that young man was black. Was he racially profiled by Mr. Zimmerman? Maybe. Is that illegal? No. If there were reports of burglaries by a young black man, and the neighborhood watchman saw a young black man acting suspiciously and acted upon it, that isn't racial profiling. And while we may never know the exact sequence of events that led up to the gunshot, the facts and evidence presented to the jury in this case was insufficient to satisfy the burden of proof.

Fix the familial problems, then worry about race.

Wasatch Front, UT

Ernest T. Bass: C'mon! He also jumped and beat the tar out of another human being! There was plenty of blame to go around in this case. GZ should have been slower to judge, and then should have waited for the police to come. Treyvon should not have attacked GZ, punched him in the face, broken his nose and repeatedly slammed GZ's head into the ground. I might add that what GZ did may not have been right, but it was not illegal either. What Treyvon M did to GZ was, however, extremely illegal (assault and battery), and triggered the right for GZ to then defend himself.

I am getting tired of each side politicizing every event, and trying to score debate points while conveniently leaving out exculpatory evidence and context. Hey - the Zimmerman/Martin tragedy and trial should cause us to think deeply about a number of issues, and to have significant dialogue on underlying causes of these problems. To do so, however, will require everyone to be more intellectually honest, less emotional, and to let go of biases and political talking points.

Idaho Falls, ID

Ya know, I've heard for years that the fine residents of Utah harbored racist sentiments, and I didn't believe it utnil I read some of the comments posted herein.

St.George, Utah

Perhaps it would be beneficial to look into the back round of a certain young man who has a retired judge as a father. A father with quite unique judicial powers to be able to "doctor up and cover up" his son, George's, criminal history.
Honesty would have been beneficial.
George Zimmerman's attorneys refused to let his criminal back round be admitted into the trial. Deceit and legal trickery abounded on the defense side in this trial. And...... we are now hearing about conflicts and preferential treatment occurring during deliberation of the Zimmerman trial concerning the female jurors.
Gee whiz....it would have shown nothing other than dishonesty and deceit trickled down in the Zimmerman household. GZ definitely was not the man his attorneys portrayed him to be.

Phoenix, AZ

Look People, it is what it is..Let it go and move on!

Salt Lake City, UT

I got a notice for possible jury duty next month. Where can I get one of those "Justice for Trayvon" T-shirts in case I get called in?

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

most of the posts here seem to be thoroughly-reasoned opinions that avoided quick superficial judgments. EdGrady's attacks on the posts here as somehow reflecting racism is ludicrous.

Summit, UT

Why now are progressive, liberal people calling for dialog about the black problem. Why did they not cry out after the black O J Simpson butchered two "white" human beings. The race problem in this country is far less a white problem than it is a black problem. Oh, and people like Ed Grady and the Thornbirds, that think they are superior are a gigantic part of our problem. We definitely need to return to the nation that our fore-fathers founded!

South Jordan, UT

caleb: I made the same observation. I assume EdGrady's post says more about him than it does about Utahans in general or the people who posted on this comment board.

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