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Published: Wednesday, July 17 2013 3:50 p.m. MDT

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Ry Guy

75% of people with minimum wage jobs are young teens/college students who live at home. If people are trying to raise families on minimum wage jobs, there are better ways to address that issue. Increasing minimum wage will mainly help kids just looking for some extra spending cash.

Provo, ut

Agree with CP, you'd have to be pretty stupid not to understand this basic economic concept and before the river of tears gets too wide for these poor workers, show me who's holding a gun to these employee's heads and forcing them to work there?

West Jordan, UT

This is a stepping stone type job. I worked at KFC and put myself through a 4 year private university and earned a degree. My husband makes a six figure income but started work at a gas station pumping gas back in the days before self service pumps. All my 7 siblings and my husbands 7 siblings started small like this in a job that doesn't require education or much skill. He has a brother who is nearly 40 and mentally disabled who works a fast food job. The reason these jobs don't pay much is because they don't require any special skill or education. In all the fast food jobs I had they all had opportunities to move up into management through training and education. My husband tried to hire a computer programmer several years back for $80,000 a year. He was also looking for a shipping clerk at a bit above minimum wage. He had a line out the door for the shipping clerk but it took him several weeks to get a programmer. Education and training are the key. You have to work your way into a good job.

USS Enterprise, UT

I am still tyring to figure out who forced these people to work at McDonalds. Can the liberals tell us who is forcing these people who are tryng to support families to work for minimum wage?

I think the problem isn't that McDonalds is using welfare programs to keep their wages low. If adults were not working there, teenagers who don't need anything more than spending money would be working there. The problem lies in the unskilled laborers who don't have any job skills and don't seek to gain any specialized job skills that are using the welfare system.

Think back 20 years ago to the typical McDonalds worker. They were typically teenagers or maybe unmarried college students. Now, we have mothers who figure that they can work at McDonalds to support a family because the government will cover any expenses they can't earn for themselves.

Can the liberals explain why this is the fault of businesses for paying minimum wage, when it is the employees use welfare so that they don't have to develop any skills.

Forest Grove, OR

It is just like BY said, the ways of the world (Capitalism) tend to sink the masses into poverty and degradation while exalting the few to unfathomable wealth. Witness McDonalds and Walmart.

Captain Green
Heber City, UT

Fast Food restaurants are not career job providers. They are supposed to be low paying... in fact, whatever the market for the area can bear. There shouldn't even be a Minimum Wage! It is a Communist tactic to redistribute income. It is very counter productive and should be banned throughout the entire USA. The reason so many jobs have been driven overseas is because of stupid and stifling government restrictions that are destroying our economy and our nation! When are people going to wise up?!

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Nosea" the irony of that statement is that it isn't capitalism that does that. It is communism and socialism that sink the masses into poverty and degradation while only a few have massive wealth.

Look at the graph in "The Haves and the Have-Nots" in the NY Times. The flatter the line, the more equal the distribution of income. Do you notice that the socialist leaning nations and communist nation have GREATER income inequality than the US does with capitalism?

IMO Brigham Young was warning about the coming socialism and the destruction that it causes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Really? You are really trying to make that point when you are dealing with a chart with four nations, USA, China, Brazil, and India?

The chart is trying to show wealth inequality around the world third world countries compared to first world countries. And I imagine if you break out the top twenty percent on the USA line that line is much more uneven.

If the chart is comparing "socialist leaning" countries vs capitalist where is Canada or Germany or Holland, or any other first world country with "socialist leanings"? But of course, even the USA leans socialist, or actually tilts heavily socialist,

So each of the four countries on the chart has "socialist leanings".

Cottonwood Heights, UT

A point often over looked is that if we really think that by forcing Walmart to pay their employees more that they wont charge more for their products, then after while, the Walmart employees, wont be able to shop at Walmart. Likewise, forcing McDonald's to pay more will cause the same escalation. There is a simple solution here, like in China, we take public ownership of every industry where there is a pay disparity or where any cost due to Labor impacts a core commodity. On one hand we want a hands off government, while simultaneously wanting the government to protect us. Unless the Government wears blue tights and a red cape and will save us for free, there is no simple solution!

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh, something else about that chart, it determines income using all income, including government income. In other words if someone gets a housing subsidy that is included. Therefore a reason the USA line would be flatter is because of the socialist programs in this country, the redistribution programs.


A great realistic article that works. I am presently out of the job market because of age an health but live on a budget of $2000.00 a month.All of my life except when self-employed I had a 2nd job. I never took food stamps, ADC, Medicaid, WIC or any of the state or federal welfare programs. In my old age I have taken some medical help from the Veterans Clinic earned by my service during the Korean Conflict.
We need to learn the lesson of what is needs and wants.
I presently have an employment application with Costco and a few other stores who can use a
wheel-chair greeter or other work that can be done setting down. Twelve or fifteen hrs. a week job at minimum wage would help with some of my wants.
I feel very blessed to have live in this great country where opportunities abound for those who will work for it.

Forest Grove, OR


BY was referring to his mission to England in 1840, and the appalling conditions that existed well into the Industrial Revolution there (Capitalist taking it all and labor very much in distress). That, if anything, was the birth of Capitalism, not Socialism. Just read some of the letters BY sent to JS in Nauvoo to see how disgusted BY was with the Capitalism of the Industrial Revolution.

Vince Ballard
South Ogden, UT

Why don't they stop making excuses and start paying a wage that at least raises their people to the poverty line? Remember, folks, the minimum wage is not worth what it was 30-50 years ago.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "mark" yes, really. I found a graph of income inequality, and yes, Germany showed a steeper slope on its distribution. The steeper the slope, the more inequal the distribution. So yes, Germany has greater income inequality. The same can be said about Spain.

The US is tilting more socialist every year. Most people don't recognize it because it is being done through fascism.

To "Nosea" please provide the source for that quote. I cannot find in anywhere. The only things I could find were quotes about greed.

Forest Grove, OR


Since I sense that you are more interested in arguing your preconceived notions instead of ascertaining truth, I will not bother looking up all the sources I use -- the quote itself comes from JD, if you really want to find it. I will just say further, that BY was 100% behind getting all he could over from England, hence the Perpetual Emigration Fund he initiated, so they could live the United Order, the opposite of Capitalism.

You are wrong on inequality ranks among nations, as the US ranks higher than any industrialized nation for inequality, and well above Germany for instance, as shown by CIA stats (per Gini Coefficient, the standard measure of inequality -- not some abstract slope): https://www.cia.gov/

I will say the US has high wealth inequality because the Capitalists (via Capitalism) take it all (CEOs with $15 million per annum) while labor suffers with next to nothing, just like industrial revolutionary Europe (Charles Dickens describes the same gap in his writings of the era). Any socialism there is only serves to mitigate the devastation the unfettered greed of the 1% would cause otherwise, left unchecked.

Brigham City, UT

Perhaps Nosea had something like this in mind - this is only a very short excerpt:

"As we pass around among the country cottages & see the stone walls which are thrown down but more commonly the hedges in a decaying & mutilated state it is very naturally for us to inquire what have you here? & what the cause of this destruction? & we generally get but one answer, 'a few years ago I had a flourishing garden on the spot you now see & it was surrounded with this hedge which was planted by my own hand; I had a cow of my own which fed on yonder common - I labored on my masters farm, & had plenty of time, morning and evenings, to till my garden, in which I raised scarce enough for my family, & every year I had a good pig, plenty to eat, & we were happy, but our Lords & masters have become more avaricious, & are trying to get all they can themselves, & will hardly let the poor live.'"

The source, which can be found on the BYU website, is Eugene England, "A Modern Acts of the Apostles, 1840: Mormon Literature in the Making," p. 13.

Clovis, NM

If McDonals paid better, the prices would increase. People would be griping that the food was expensive. Higher prices could put McD out of business. They have to compete like everybody else. Not mentioned is that most McD's are not owned by the Corporation but by individual franchise owners. They have every right to choose how much to pay employees. You are talking about thousands of small businesses around the country. Those minimum wage jobs are not intended to be career positions. Most fast food places are good at promoting from within. I worked at fast food and was given a raise after 3 weeks. I was offered the option to enter management training with another raise in pay. So, if I had wanted to stay, by now I could have been making a very nice salary. Employees start at minimum wage, but if they show leadership and motivation, the prospects for the future can be there. If you want to get paid to do as little as possible, then minimum wage is just the right place for you.

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