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Published: Wednesday, July 17 2013 3:50 p.m. MDT

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Midway, UT

You mean to tell me that a job where high school aged kids (with absolutely no marketable skills) more than qualify isn't going to make me rich?

Ogden, UT

Seriously. McDonald's has never been a living wage for families. Why is the DN feigning surprise here. More trying to vilify the wealthy?

usa, MA

Oh great! We subsidize McD's wages with our tax dollars.

I'm just glad I can't eat their food anymore or I would have to boycott them. This is becoming the budgeting move of choice for so many businesses. Top people get millions and the workers are forced to ask for help and are subsidized by us the American tax payer.

Then the GOP calls them “Takers

How far do the American workers have to fall before politicians remember how America got rich and strong. It wasn't by the big guys getting millions or politicians who leave early on Thursdays and don't work on Fridays at all, or the people who actually do the work having to live on food stamps.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

If you step back and take a deep breath you will see that this is a Progressive straw man argument. The remedy is to pay everyone a living wage. Except for the talking heads at these think tanks, everyone else should make the same money. If the McDonalds CEO is limited to...say $50K a year...then the rest of his package goes to all the frycooks, distributed evenly, of course.
No fair rewarding the better workers; it's all about equal pay.
And the government either makes sure that happens OR takes over the industry altogether.
That's the Progressive solution. It's the Occupy solution.
Now, we are not a free market; we are already a hybrid. And Obamacare is another big step towards the Occupy utopia.
But in order to do what these critics are suggesting we must undo the very economic model America was built upon.

red rocks
Saint George, UT

I would bet that most of the people complaining about the wages at McDonalds probably own stock in the company or will be eating lunch during the week at McDonalds because it is cheap and convenient. You can't have cheap food on expensive wages.

I know it seems cold to say. If the people who work at these types of places don't like it, change your work skills. I don't always like my job and sometimes I feel like they take advantage of me. I have choices, change jobs or accept it. Life s rough accept it make the best of it and keep going forward.

Brigham City, UT

I don't understand the mentality that says, "Some people don't deserve a living wage." Is that what Jesus would say? He did say, "Treat others the same way you want them to treat you." Would you like to be paid the bare minimum your employer can get away with? Is that how you would like others to treat you? Instead of earning a modest profit, and paying his employees well, is it more in the spirit of Jesus's words for an employer to maximize profits, and pay his employees poorly, or even fire them all together for the sake of the biggest possible bottom line? Is that how the employer would like to be treated if he was in the employee's place?

If a restaurant owner can only make $45,000 dollars a year, he has no incentive to open a restaurant? What incentive to work, then, does an employee have, who makes a mere $10,000 or $12,000 a year? Hunger?

Do you ever stop to consider that people in minimum wage jobs are doing the best they can? And yet they still don't deserve to earn enough to live?

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

It seems that the Deseret News isn't as much about news as it is about shaping public opinion.

I miss the old Deseret News.

usa, MA

Sadly Aggielove, the GOP has made even that option unattainable. It took my daughter over 20 years to pay back her loans. She came out of college in the depth of the layoff feeding frenzy and it then took 25 years for her to find a job that used her business skills, and she has a Masters in International business and speaks several languages. They found less qualified people who would have cost them less.

Shawn S.

Add another business subsidy to the budget ax.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

I have to chuckle over this one. Times do change, cost of living really has risen. My first job at the age of 16 working in at a Soda Founting was .25, that is right it took me 4 hours to make 1.00. Years later I had what was considered a "good Job" as a Secretary making 50.00 a week, helping support 4 children. i realize that cost of livinig has made a terrible jump since world warII, but I still live in a very nice 4 Bedroom Home, we drive two cars, own a travel trailer, and have no debt. Guess some of us were just able to manage what we had back in those days. Wish my Grandkids could have the same blessings of living within their means. When I see families that are 0n welfare, with each member having a Lap computer, I can't help but wonder what has happened to our value system

Rural Hall, USA, NC

I think with all the money the top executives pocket each year, they certainly can and should afford a better paid wage to all employees. The service at McDonald's is terrible and the employees are always grumpy. I saw an employee almost stab somebody with a concealed blade right by my hotel in Chicago.

They should invest in better people, and pay them for it.

Barbara Wyly
Guilford, IN

James D, Morrison, has it occurred to you that people with kids lose their jobs, have a family illness or disability or death, or get divorced? Has it occurred to you that in many towns Walmart or McDonalds may be the only viable option due to there not being other work or inability to get to other work? Has it occurred to you that such people may have to stay in such a town due to a house that won't sell or kids in high school, or the need to have family support? Has it occurred to you that women who have spent most of their lives putting their children's and husband's needs first may not have the skills (even if they have gone to college)to find other work when a emergency turns their life upside down?Low paying employers not only cost the government money, they make their money off the backs of the sick, uneducated, the widows, orphans and others down on their luck. Those people work-the stockholders sit and watch their money grow.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@Kramer: "Seems like those that work at McDonald's made that choice and are happy to have a job."

It must be wonderful to live in a place where there are more jobs than workers and where everyone has the job he chose out of many available. For the rest of us, the job we have is often the only one we could find in an oversaturated and competitive market, competing against dozens of other similarly overqualified applicants who simply need to pay the bills and put food on the table. Companies like McDonalds might effectively be arguing that their jobs are just for teenagers and losers, but they're ignoring the reality that when there are more workers than jobs, a lot of people end up with jobs far below their training and abilities, and they struggle to survive on the pittance paid to them. And those who've lost their jobs and have to latch on to one of these jobs to feed a family don't have the option of deleting the family and starting over. They end up with two or three jobs to pay the bills.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Albert Masler
"that cumulatively would add two million good-paying, tax-paying jobs,"

That is incredibly false. At the most it would make around 10,000 jobs and a lot of them would be temporary in the form of building the pipeline.

Newport Beach, CA

Put another way, McDonalds isn't so much being subsidized by the rest of us paying for the government benefits its low-wage employees use. Rather, *because* of what money a McDonalds worker *does* earn, he needs that much less in public benefits.

The pay isn't great, but it's better than nothing. And "nothing" is the real alternative here.

McDonalds pays enough to attract enough workers to enable it to make money. When the marginal cost of hiring another worker exceeds the marginal revenue that can be generated with the help of that worker, McDonalds stops hiring. This is Econ 110. If the pay were higher, it would not make sense for McDonalds to hire as many people.

Every $1,000 earned by a McDonalds worker is $1,000 that the public sector isn't pressured to spend on welfare benefits.

Salt Lake City, UT

So here's the formula. Company pays employees low wages, so low that they qualify for food stamps and other types of assistance. They get called lazy moochers even though they're working.

Here's one other issue though... a lot of people need two jobs to get by. If they only needed one instead then that frees up a job for someone else (and counteracts the reduced jobs issue some of you raise).

Grand Rapids, MI

"Similarly, the typical Walmart costs each state within which it's located an addition $900k per year in food stamps and other publicly funded assistance because Walmart wages and (lack of) benefits pretty much guarantee living in poverty."

Nothing could be further from the truth. Firstly, the typical Wal-Mart saves shoppers millions and millions of dollars a year in reduced costs of items purchased there. I personally save a few hundred dollars a year. And this savings is not invested outside the community. It's all spent on food, fuel, car repairs, soccer club, etc, elsewhere in town.

Secondly, no one with a good job and not on food stamps takes a Wal-Mart job. People who take Wal-Mart jobs are already on food stamps and without jobs, or with temporary jobs. Do you really think someone making $40,000 says, "Well, I'm not on food stamps, but I could be, if I quit my job and started working at Wal-Mart"?

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Larceny" you should do the math. Quite often if you took the salaries of the CEO at a big company and spread that money around to all of the employees, it would amount to less than 10 cents per hour.

For example, Ford paid its top CEO 22 million last year. Now if you took all of that money and gave it to all 164,000 employees, that would amount to $128 per year. Not really that much. That is a whopping 6.4 cents per hour. Now, you lose the expertise of the CEO who won't work for nothing, and risk driving the company into the ground.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

James, the problem is that sometimes people who have good jobs lose those jobs and they already have kids.
If You Cant Feed Your Baby (Yeah, Yeah)
Then Don't Have A Baby (Yeah, Yeah)
And Don't Think Maybe (Yeah, Yeah)
If You Can't Feed Your Baby (Yeah, Yeah)

Even so, you have to ask yourself how much good it does to say how things should be when there are hungry children who aren't being cared for. Lamenting on how things should be doesn't put food in their stomachs.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Redshirt "That is a whopping 6.4 cents per hour. " That my friend, is a lot to somebody in my bracket.

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