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Published: Wednesday, July 17 2013 3:50 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Why does the article assume that the McDonalds employee is the one with the second job, and not a spouse or family member? Both my wife and I work.

Can fault McDonalds for being realistic about a minimum wage job. You're not going to live a very comfortable life on just $8 an hour.

St. George, Utah

Some jobs are not meant to be livable wage jobs just stepping stones or as 2nd jobs. Where is the balance of a livable wage and cost of product? Back when McDonalds first came to my home town it was for first time employment, for high school students or college students, to learn a work ethic and only a stepping stone for the future.

Cache county, USA

College can fix this.

Omaha, NE

@ Aggielove

True... assuming you get the right degree. Get a degree in communications, history, or any other field that has way too many graduates for the # of jobs available and you can...
Work one job at McDonalds while moonlighting in your major on a contract basis. Many do this.

Salt Lake City, UT

Similarly, the typical Walmart costs each state within which it's located an addition $900k per year in food stamps and other publicly funded assistance because Walmart wages and (lack of) benefits pretty much guarantee living in poverty.

Are we really going to endorse an economy that maintains the position that, "Yes, this is a full-time job, but no one actually expects you to be able to live on what you earn here?"

Vernal, UT

Tee Hee! The picture is eight years old! Is that the most recent McDonalds picture you could find?

Salt Lake City, UT

An additional problem is that with Obamacare taking effect, businesses are cutting employee hours to under 30 hours to escape having to provide health insurance. Instead of two full time jobs the person will need three or four part-time jobs. McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's should come up with a common uniform so the employee does not have to change uniforms between jobs.

Kramer's Corner
Penryn, CA

Remember that a person isn't assigned a job. They seek employment. Seems like those that work at McDonald's made that choice and are happy to have a job. Seems like those complaining don't work there and are trouble makers, probably pro-unionists.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

To be truthful I never envisioned working at McDonald's as something more than a job people did in high school or working for college. The bigger problem might be that these ARE about the only jobs out there to raise a family for those who lost their other job.

Salt Lake City, UT

Saw a wonderful documentary, on cnbc i think, about a minority gentleman who worked his way up from cooking fries at McDonalds, to being a cashier, to being assistant manager, to being a manager, to saving up enough to buy his own mcdonalds franchise. I'm not sure he was the most college educated gentleman, but he had enough smarts to know that it takes hard work, ambition, savings (delayed gratification) to get ahead.
McDonalds, Walmart, pretty much any company in America are all wonderful opportunities that give those that are smart(or wise), hard workers, ambitious a chance to do whatever they want...if they want to continue to work minimum wage, they are certainly free to do so. If they want opportunities to better yourself and advance, there are always many and endless ways to do it. You are free! Do something with that freedom! Don't take it for granted and don't waste your opportunities!

james d. morrison
Boise, CA

people with kids shouldn't be working minimum wage jobs and people with minimum wage jobs shouldn't be having kids.


McD's is assuming they live in an apt/house with another minimum wage earner.

Do we really expect our economy to provide its least skilled, least educated, least productive workers housing where they can live alone??? I missed that part of the Constitution where it says we'll provide an economy where you are entitled to live by yourself.

Minimum wage jobs are designed to be temporary. We should never allow the media to spin it any other way.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Wow, easy for you to say, james d. morrison. What if it's the only job you can get in this economy?

Park City, Ut

what Aggielove meant to say is that the RIGHT college/univrsity with the RGHT degree can fix this. Yes the more education you have (up to a point) will always help you land a better job, statistics on this subject don't lie. Also, don't discount technical institutions, the biggest demand for jobs has been favoring the technical schools. Also when getting a degree, although much more difficult, go for the degree in an applied science, you can't go wrong, and your chances of landing a good job are much better in the long run.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

The cost of living has nothing to do with wages paid. When I buy anything I do a cost value analysis. If the value is in line with the cost and I can afford it and either want the item or need the item, then I buy it. If the value is far lower than the cost, I walk away.

Employers do the same thing. Unskilled labor is only worth so much. Market forces also play a part. Illegal aliens have bloated the supply of unskilled labor. An over supply results in low wages.

If people on minimum wage want something better maybe they should get some skills and or some education. If people don't want to end up supporting a family on minimum wage maybe they should actually study in high school and get some marketable skills.

When I worked for minimum wage I lived at home with my parents. The money was great!

South Jordan, UT

This story went national about two days ago. How about some current events?

Sandy, UT

Without McDonalds, hundreds of thousands more would be completely unemployed and therefore completely reliant on the dole. Thank goodness for people in this world who take risks, start businesses that are PROFITABLE so they can continue to attract investors and expand and hire more people. Leave charity to charitable organizations. Leave business decisions, like wages, to the business pros. McDonalds did not become a multi-billion dollar multi-national that employs hundreds of thousands of people by listening to whiny bleeding hearts.

Provo, UT

I worked at McDonalds as a teenager, starting out at minimum wage. Except for management, it's not a job you should count on as being your lifetime full time job. And if you're even a swing manager, you make much better than minimum wage. I went on to get a PhD, as did my buddy who also worked at McD's. It was a great job, but no one should plan on it being a terminal profession, while earning minimum wage.

Tooele, UT

So I don't see anything newsy about this article..many people who don't even work at McDonalds need to have at least a full time job and a part time job or both parents working in order to pay mortgage on a humble house and keep food on the table in today's economy.

Charlotte, NC

Entry level jobs that require no skills are not supposed to be able to support anybody. The very thought is ridiculous. These jobs give young people work experience and give them a few bucks while they gain the education and skills to get jobs that will pay.

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