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Published: Wednesday, July 17 2013 2:20 p.m. MDT

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Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

Yes the Kings have a game plan. With all those guards looks like Jimmer is not part of the plan. Send him to the Jazz with a first round pick for rights to Tomic,Fehse, Foster..

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree. Sad thing is Utah will not have any players that would even be drafted. They are struggling just to win a few high school games. The PAC 11+U love Utah as they need a whipping boy.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am not sure why the kings keep taking on more guards. I really wish Jimmer would be traded away to another team.

Ivins, UT


Bogut is making $14million bucks this year at Golden State. If that's NOTHING, sign me up.

Roy, UT

What else can Jimmer do? Stay positive, work to improve...still making a lot of money & doing what he's loved to do...the critics will always disparage...many players have emerged in NBA after a couple of years of adjustment...j's got courage, he'll be ok, land on his feet...he's outlasted Coach Smart with Kings!

Colorado Springs, CO

I'm pretty sure Fredette is better than the guard the Jazz just signed and with a mucher higher ceiling potential. (Lucas) Why not bring him to Utah as a backup? Only thought is the Kings want to much.

Springville, UT

Fredette's looking forward to another Kings season...to sit on the bench.

This is a team whose coach has no desire to see this kid rise and shine. The rest of us can see it. Not a good fit.

So here's to Jimmer's third lousy and pointless season. But at least he's getting paid to sit. (Kinda like a lot of other people in this country.)

West Jordan, UT

I would think that the main reason the Kings keep signing guards is that they need guards that can play. Jimmer will get released as soon as they find a viable alternative and have the room and ability to eat his salary. Then Jimmer will be free to pursue his career in Europe.

Jimmer was an amazing college player, but so far a serious NBA bust. Relax people, it happens.

Tucson, AZ

How can Jimmer ever prove himself when he gets only 14 minutes playing time per game?

London, 00

First of all...let me be clear about this...Jimmer is not looking forward to his next season with Sacramento. He has had 3 not so great seasons with Sacramento...why would he look forward to a 4th...Jimmer wants a different team. To see if he can click with a different system...things are not going to happen for him in Sacramento...this year..next year...or even the next year...I don't want to rain on his parade but come on..lets get real man. the guys got some talent and with the right team he could be the next superstar...take it from me...you heard it here first.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

Jimmer will have a very nice career as a role/bench player. Good for him.

Mesa, AZ

Lol....JF will be known for only being able to lead his team to The Sweet 16 and being an epic bust in The Association, amid all of the hype! Lol

Let's talk about Andre Miller, instead, shall we?

very concerned
Sandy, UT

As an average fan, I really don't know if Jimmer can truly play in the NBA . . . . . because he hasn't been given much of a chance to do so. I only hope he shows what he's made of by not giving up. He has shown that he is persistent and will not quit, even if he plays for a coach who doesn't like him. I do hope he gets another chance, this time with a more appreciative coach.

I remember his early years with BYU. He was an interesting player to watch, but not the star till his breakout year as a senior. I thought he was a "gunner" in the early years who wouldn't amount to much. But now I believe, if he keeps true to form, he will continue to work on improving his game and could become a good NBA player.

I think I would be tempted to give up, take the money I'd already earned, and say goodbye to the NBA, but that's not his style . . . thankfully. I'd hate to lose the opportunity to watch this talented, exciting, and entertaining player.

West of I15, UT

@AFCougie...."I'm pretty sure Fredette is better than the guard the Jazz just signed and with a mucher higher ceiling potential. (Lucas) Why not bring him to Utah as a backup? Only thought is the Kings want to much."

Wrong, and it's not even close Lucas III is a far better player. Jibber is among the most overrated top 10 picks in NBA history. Yes the guy was an ok college player but as far as playing in the NBA he's way over his head. Anybody that watches the NBA but cougie fans can clearly see that.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Can't play defense, can't play in the NBA.

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

"Lol....JF will be known for only being able to lead his team to The Sweet 16 and being an epic bust in The Association, amid all of the hype! Lol"

Well, not exactly. He'll also always be known for raining 47 points on the Huntsman Center while your Utes watched helplessly, unable to do anything about it.

P.S. I'm also an Andre Miller fan. Always have been.

Glendora, CA

Kudos to Jimmer for maintaining a good attitude. He certainly deserves more play time. There are many other teams who could utilize his talents. Steve Nash is not getting any younger.
What about it, Lakers?


Jimmer needs to be traded, where I dont know. However I do know that he is not needed on the jazz. the jazz are trying to develop players, and development would be hindered if he have a player who cant play D (when the jazz are trying to build a defensive mindset), and who just chucks the ball up at every opportunity.
Jimmers run at BYU was fun for BYU fans (and there were non-byu fans that got into jimmer too) but thats where his time in the state of utah should come to an end R.I.P jimmer mania

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Keep it up Jimmer. I hope to see you have success in the NBA somewhere. I'd love to see it here with the Jazz.

Texas Ken
Killeen, TX

If Jimmer really is looking forward to his future with the Kings, then it seems he is content to sit on the bench, draw an NBA salary, and be able to place "NBA" on his resume. As I recall, he only played one or two years at BYU, went on a church mission, then forwent his college career for NBA glory. I think he would have been ahead to have finished his college career, further refining his skill; then he would have been better prepared for better opportunities in the NBA.

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