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Published: Wednesday, July 17 2013 11:50 a.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV


2011: Utah 54, byU 10
2012: Utah 24, byU 21

That's just the way it is; deal with it!

Thanks for your love of all things Ute, though. Come again!!

Go Utes!!

Las Vegas, NV

@Reno Cougs Fan 68:

Thanks for showing class!

Spanish Fork, UT

I hate to agree with the naysayers, but his throwing form looks awful. Maybe the coaches think that they can fix him. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up as a TE.

Las Vegas, NV


Both the Sugar Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl list the winners of their games as "champions". And. both the Sugar Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl ARE actually BCS bowl games (not that byU "fans" would ever know). AND Utah has won the Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl, thus "champions" of the Fiesta and Sugar bowls, thus BCS championships, just like every other school that has won a BCS bowl (not that byU does or ever will know what that feels like). Now, if he had said multiple BCS "National" Championships, then you would be correct.

Come on, ducky, do we have to do ALL the heavy lifting? Then again, what does a byU "fan" actually know about the BCS and how it works anyway? But thanks, once again, for declaring your love for Utah by posting on this story!

Where is Fangupo?

Go Utes!!

Las Vegas, NV

Glad to have you on board Mr. Isom! You'll get your chance to show the byU "fans" what you are made of in 2016! Until then, they will sit back, be jealous and take pot shots at your ability and your character.

Go Utes!! Go Ute Nation!!

Bluffdale, UT

Who knows if this kid will end up playing qb or not, the fact is that he is an athlete. Good pickup Utah. I hope he turns out to be a stud.

Go Cougars!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


U still finished BEHIND BYU in record and ranking.

It's gotta be tough watching KVN single-handedly destroy SDSU in a bowl game while the Utes home playing couch potatoes.

Top 25 Rankings during the Independent/PAC era

Utah 0

Bowls During the Independent/PAC era

Utah 1

That's just the way it is; deal with it.

Mcallen, TX

The utes couldn't cut it in the WAC.

In the PAC, they're like goldfish swimming with sharks.

A three star with no mechanics won't make it.

Sandy, UT

Why should the 'rivalry' end? Exhibit A: This comment thread.

It's the same stuff over and over again, and it's really getting old.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


That's the best you can do, some convoluted argument that because the Fiesta and Sugar Bowl call their winners champions and they're both "bcs" bowls, that makes Utah a two-time "bcs" champion?


Highland, UT

@vegas ute

No one calls a bowl game winner a "bcs champion", how laughably "frantic and emotional" of you.


Las Vegas, NV

Ducky - look it up. Oh that's right, byU "fans" don't like actual facts!! "LOL"

Where is Fangupo????

Go Utes. Onward and Upward!!

Las Vegas, NV

Snack WAC:

And yet byU is still 0-3 against the "hapless" Utes and you continue to roam and comment on all things Utah. Doesn't sound like you have much confidence in your team!

You can TRY to prove that byU is better by using all the words and rationalizations that you want, but there are two given facts that shut down all of your theories:

1- byU is 0-3, 1-5, 3-8
2- You are desperately spinning your yarn on a Utah story about a Utah recruit

Too easy, fish in a barrel!

Go Utes! Go Isom!

Alpine, UT


It's laughable that Utah fans are still using BYU as their metric of success.

While BYU measures success in overall records and Top 25 finishes, our little brothers continue to judge their entire by how they did against BYU. Not much has changed for the PAC 12 Utes. In fact, its as if the Utes never left the WAC. Just like the vast majority of Utah's time in the WAC, BYU is once again Utah's bowl game. The worm will be turning in a few weeks, and you won't even have a September bowl game winning feather to put in your cap, or headband.

The only fish you should be concerned about is that tiny one swimming with the PAC 12 sharks.

Las Vegas, NV

Snack WAC:

Bowl games during the BCS era:

Utah 11
byU 11


Utah 10-1
byU 6-5
USU 1-1

BCS Bowl records

Utah 2-0
byU 0-0
USU 0-0

Bowl losses per conference:

Utah MWC
byU Conference USA (2), Mid American, PAC (2)
USU mid American

Bowl wins per conference:

Utah ACC (2), Big East, SEC, PAC (2), WAC, Con USA (2), Ind
byU PAC (3), Conference USA (2), MWC
USU mid American

"That's just the way it is; deal with it."

Fish in a barrel!

Hey, but thanks for showing us your love for all stories Ute!

Go Utes!!

Las Vegas, NV


"The worm will be turning in a few weeks"

I agree. But the worm that will be turning is the byU schedule. Although your 2013 schedule is still MUCH easier than Utah's, I guess it can still be considered a big boy schedule. It certainly is the hardest byU has ever played. I don't know how they are going to do without a succession of Idaho, Idaho St, New Mexico, New Mexico St, Hawaii, etc to fill in their November schedule. Take heart, though, you still have Idaho St and Mid TN st.

Thanks for coming on a Utah story about a Utah recruit to talk about how obsessed Utah is with byU. We thank you for your support and your love for Utah!

Go Utes!!

Frisco, TX

With his size and speed, he should be a good linebacker or TE at the U. I will all depend on whether he can catch.

Lincoln City, OR

If a SEC University makes an offer to this kid he won't be signing any LOIs with Utah... Take that to the bank... If he does sign, he will play on the "D" side of the ball, count on it...

I get a chuckle out of some of these posts... azutie is all hung up on stars and that seems like all he can talk about... "we have so many stars more than BYU recruits"... Does it really matter??? What sense does it make to beat your chest over your school having a few more stars for the past 3 years when every PreSeason College Football Magazine out there that lists a "Power Ranking" have BYU anywhere from 25 to 30 rating places higher than the team that you beating your chest about??? It tells me that stars really don't matter to those making preseason assessments of the strength of a given team. In addition, every Preseason Football Magazine that I have seen this year who predict wins and losses on an FBS schedule have BYU over Utah...

Anaheim, CA


Year/Opponent/Ranking/Result of bowls during the Bronco/Kyle era

2005 Cal(29) 28-35 lost
2006 Ore(24) 38-8 won
2007 UCLA(33) 17-16 won
2008 Ariz(24) 21-31 lost
2009 OSU(34) 44-20 won
2010 UTEP(121) 52-24 won
2011 Tulsa(34) 24-21 won
2012 SDSU(66) 23-6 won

2005 Ga Tech(41) 38-10
2006 Tulsa(77) 25-13
2007 Navy(74) 35-32
2008 Ala(6) 31-17
2009 Cal(46) 37-27
2010 BSU(6) 3-26
2011 Ga Tech(56) 30-27
2012 no bowl

Bronco has played SIX bowl opponents with Sagarin rankings higher than 40.
Kyle has only played TWO.

Bronco has beaten FOUR bowl opponents with Sagarin rankings higher than 40.
Kyle has only beaten ONE.

Thanks for playing!

Baltimore, MD

Gotta love the childish lower-case spelling of BYU that some bloggers have resorted to, since their usually weak and irrational arguments aren't up to the task of winning any serious debate.

When it comes to ranking teams each season, final rankings are the final word. It's doesn't matter if you have one or two good wins along the way, if those wins are cancelled out by your bad losses. Seasons are judged in their entirety, not by closing your eyes and pretending that the rest of the country only notices your highlight(s), but not your warts.

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