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Published: Wednesday, July 17 2013 11:50 a.m. MDT

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Mesa, AZ

I forgot to ask, what was '90 2-Star byu's final SOS ranking, just so we can make absolutely certain we have all relevant factors on the table in comparing '08 U/'90 2-Star byu. If I remember correctly, The U's final SOS ranking in '08 was at #31, 1 spot ahead of Alabama's!

Mesa, AZ

In '08, Alabama sat at #1 in the nation for 1 1/2 months, as well!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Really... No one left from 2008... How many are left from 1990?


But here is the deal Mr. redfeather...

I don't have to justify Utah's relevance to point out the fact that the Cougars have very few on-field victories in its history to support the high regard in which they hold themselves.

Nor do I have to justify Utah's relevance to observe that all of BYU voted glory is the product of success against 2nd and 3rd tier competition.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Oh, and I love the video... Isom seems smart, composed, accurate, and strong... not to mention big.

He'll be a great Ute.

Las Vegas, NV

The endless dredging up of old stats on these boards. Who cares? How is it relevant today? If you get beat, you get beat. It doesn't matter if you can regurgitate a million facts and figures to show how great your program once was. YOU STILL GOT BEAT!
So for every dig BYU fans want to take at Utah, it is a dig at yourselves. You are bashing a team that beats you year in and year out. Period.
Congrats on your past accomplishments and your ancient awards. And Welcome to 2013.

Anaheim, CA


"The U's final SOS ranking in '08 was among the nation's absolute toughest, as well!"

Who says so?

Sagarin only ranked Utah's 2008 SOS #56 and the Utes only finished #5 in his final rankings.

Anaheim, CA


"If you get beat, you get beat."

So you're willing to admit that UNLV(2-10) was better than Utah in 2007 and Colorado(3-10) was better than Utah in 2011.

BYU has beaten Utah 29 of the last 50 games; 58% to 41% for the last half century.

In U.S presidential election terms, BYU has dominated U by a landslide.

AP Top 25 rankings confirm BYU's dominance:

17-5 lifetime
4-2 during the Bronco/Kyle era

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Indelibly etched in history... ancient history... and undeniably the product of 2nd and 3rd tier competition.

Highland, UT


"undeniably the product of 2nd and 3rd tier competition."

What does that say about utah which couldn't get it done at all against that exact same competition?

I seldom participate in the "accomplishment" competitions on here but you really are the least logical of all the posters in these contests. utah did absolutely nothing against what you call "2nd and 3rd tier competition", frankly utah was the "2nd and 3rd tier competition" BYU feasted on. In reality utah has done next to nothing of consequence on the national stage, very few conference championships, almost never ranked, no national awards, almost nothing at all to talk about, and nothing anyone outside of this state is even aware of.

Yes I know that will elicit howls of indignation from a bunch of you utah "fans" but it is 100% true. Congratulations on being invited to a better conference than you were in but that isn't really an accomplishment now is it? Comparing nationally relevant accomplishments between these schools cannot even be done, there is no comparison BYU wins it hands down.

But all that matters now is what happens from here. My money is on BYU.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Sorry to burst your crimson-colored bubble, but BYU's national championship run included FIVE Top 12 finishes from 1979 to 1984 and a 24-game winning streak that including TWO road wins against Top 13 teams in 1983 and a road win versus Air Force(8-4), which finished #24 in the final 1984 AP poll, plus a convincing win over Utah in RES.

Logan, UT

Now lets play nice lil kids, shall we?

Frisco, TX

Chris B - "I care about Ute football today more than I care about 1984. So does the rest of the world."

That's the easy thing to say when you've never won a National Championship. Go to Texas Memorial Stadium (Longhorns) and U will see the banner still proudly displayed from their 1947 National Championship.

Idaho Falls, ID

Wow! To beat out Tulane and South Alabama for a recruit is impressive indeed!

Lincoln Park, IL

Howard S.

If BYU's 1984 CONSENSUS National Championship is... "ancient history... and undeniably the product of 2nd and 3rd tier competition..."

What do you call Utah's 1944 NCAA championship, won in the 2nd rate tournament of the day and in the most watered-down NCAA tournament in history?

If 1984 is "ancient history,"

what does that make 1944???

If Pittsburgh, Utah, Utah St, Air Force, Tulsa, Hawaii, Colorado State, New Mexico, UTEP, Wyoming, SDSU, and Michigan are 2nd and 3rd tier competition,

what does that make Kearns, Weber, Dow Chemical, Ecker Studio, and the Wendover Bombers???

The inconsistency of Utah fans is truly astounding.

BYU won a CONSENSUS National Championship in 1984.

NOBODY recognized what Utah did in 1944 as anything more than an NCAA tournament championship, in the least competitive NCAA tournament in history.

Ogden, UT

Congratulations to this young man. While at Utah, maybe he will join the church, decide to serve a mission and really change his life for the good.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I can't believe how obsessed ute "fans" are about utah recruiting.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Ed Grady

Nice job of hand picking teams. I noticed you forgot to mention LSU, Cincinnati and Miami. Now that's curious; but very typical.

@ Ernest

Who's obsessed with who? Look at the BYU fans pulling out the time capsule arguement. Trolling the Utah articles, taking shots and trying to justify their teams existence. Just because Utah beat's BYU and out recruits them year after year is no reason to get all bent out of shape. Then again, maybe it is.

Mesa, AZ


"BYU beat Air Force(8-4), which finished #24 in the final 1984 AP poll, technically unranked since the 1984 poll only included the Top 20, but still one place higher than Pittsburgh(8-4), which finished #25 in the final 2004 AP poll."

Where does unranked '84 AF stack-up against '08 Alabama, '08 TCU and '08 Oregon State?


Seriously, do we need to do this again? "Wow! To beat out Tulane and South Alabama for a recruit is impressive indeed!" Its true, that's not very impressive, but to beat out Miami on the other hand...


Who brought up 1944? I have never seen a Utah fan Brag about 1944, I have only seen Ute fans knowledge that it happened.
Also, where you a big basketball fan then? Because you certainly act like you were their. Congrats on being able to use a computer so well.

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