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Published: Wednesday, July 17 2013 11:50 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

@Chris B

Well your 3 and 4 star "studs" haven't won any more awards than our 1 and 2 star "duds" for the most part it seems to be the other way around!


Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

I'll bet he can throw a football over the Wasatch Mountains.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Oh yeah! This kid will be a key component in bringing the National Championship trophy to SLC! Count on it!!!

We will run the table with the recruits we are bringing in!


Any player can succeed if they have the desire and opportunity regardless of how someone rates them.
If he officially signs with Utah that would be great! Would open up the door to his friends and associates in the SEC.

Broom Hockey Champ
Scottsdale, AZ

Probably not that good if the top program in his home state, LSU, hasn't offered and other SEC and ACC teams haven't shown much interest.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


He has an offer from Miami.

Ever heard of them?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Well your 3 and 4 star "studs" haven't won any more awards than our 1 and 2 star "duds"

Our 3 and 4 stars own your 1 and 2 star choir boys on the field!


Las Vegas, NV

I haven't on these boards this year, now I remember why. Absolutely rotten with willfully ignorant Utah haters. I love all the half truths being thrown out as insults "Good to see you won a recruiting battle with Louisianna Tech and Tulane!" errrrr and Miami? Not to mention who else will/would have made offers by the end of next season. Don't forget, this kid is not even a senior yet!
It's a solid commitment from a player with great potential. Star's don't mean everything, but they are a good overall indicator of a recruiting class' strength. I like to see big guys like this, who can develop skills, to compliment their size.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

A 6-5, 235-lbs dual-threat QB on the Hill? Yes please!

Of course with Isom being a native Louisianan, we'll have to hope LSU doesn't pursue him any further. Apart from them (and MAYBE Nebraska), there shouldn't be too much in the way of keeping him committed to the Utes.


"Good to see you won a recruiting battle with Louisianna [sic] Tech and Tulane!...LOL!"

What a frantic and emotional thing to say. Those 2 other school may have offered, but I wouldn't say we "won [any] recruiting battle[s]" against them. With an offer from the Miami Hurricanes, it's not as if he was seriously considering those other 2 midmajorey programs. We beat out Miami.


Lindon, UT

@ Christy B

This kid runs over a 5 second 40 yd dash, not eactly what I would call speed. He should fit in good in the Ute quarterback stable. Good luck Utah and your upcoming 3-9 season

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Welcome Donovan to the Ute Nation!

Great job BJ for getting this recruit!


P.S. Donovan please ignore BYU fans like Black&Blue, the fact is the fans from "QB factory down south" are just jealous that KW has put more high school QB's in the NFL than BYU has since Chow left.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hate to tell you Canadian but he had an offer from Miami and unofficialed to LSU Monday. But lets not give all the true details LOL

Saint George, UT

@obsessed with y's big brother.

Those awards were difference makers, for the why?, during last three years.

Past worth remembering?

2012 UTAH 24 why? 21
2011 UTAH 54 why? 10
2010 UTAH 17 why? 16

Not enough?

No problem.

2008 UTAH 48 why? 24
2005 UTAH 41 why? 34
2004 UTAH 52 why? 21
2003 UTAH 3 why? 0

Get back to us when, going forward, the independent 1.5 why?, can put up, at least 3, 24 to 44 point or better whippings on UTAH.


Highland, UT

He's big. Anyone wanna bet he winds up playing defense?

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

"He's big. Anyone wanna bet he winds up playing defense?" Ala Paul Kruger? That would be rough!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Well if he does switch to defense he would be in great company... Paul Kruger was recruited as a QB and became.... An awesome NFL Defensive player

Provo, UT

@Chris B:

Miami? You mean the team that is on probation? That has too many off the field issues to count? That hasn't been relevant for years? Yeah, I have, but it's not much to compete against. U still have a chance of going to a bowl game, slim as it may be but Miami does not!


Highland, UT

@magna ute

I'm not knocking him, I know nothing about him other than that highlight film. But he looks huge and if I had to guess he'll get bigger. I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up playing defense based on that and the fact utah moves a lot of "qb" recruits to defense. I expect to see Chase Hansen playing defense as well.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

Sunny Farms

BYU has owned U FOREVER where in really counts, in the National Polls.


1964 Utah UR/14
1977 BYU 20/16
1979 BYU 13/12
1980 BYU 12/12
1981 BYU 13/11
1983 BYU 7/7
1984 BYU 1/1 National Champions
1985 BYU 16/17
1989 BYU 22/18
1990 BYU 22/17
1991 BYU 23/23
1994 BYU 18/10, Utah 10/8
1996 BYU 5/5
2001 BYU 25/24
2003 Utah 21/21
2004 Utah 4/5
2006 BYU 16/15
2007 BYU 14/15
2008 BYU 25/21, Utah 2/4
2009 BYU 12/12, Utah 18/18
2010 Utah UR/23
2011 BYU UR/25

BYU already had TEN AP Top 25 finishes, before the Utes cracked the AP poll for the very first time.

Ranked in AP Poll

BYU: 11 Times (Preseason), 17 Times (Final), 236 Weeks (Total)
Utah: 2 Times (Preseason), 5 Times (Final), 77 Weeks (Total)

At Utah's current rate of ONE AP Top finish every FIFTEEN years, it'll take the Utes


just to match the 17 AP Top finishes BYU has already achieved!


cougarcanuck, the same Miami that's signed a top 20 national recruiting class in all but one of the last 15+ classes despite the sanctions, with over 50 players in the NFL now.

"That hasn't been relevant for years?"

What does that make your school?

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