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Published: Tuesday, July 16 2013 2:05 p.m. MDT

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Richfield, UT

The way I see it is one season of under .500 basketball, 2 1st round picks in one of the best drafts in the last decade, 31+ million in expiring contracts, still 5 million under cap not counting the Lucas contract = somewhere around $36 million to sign Hayward and Favors and to spend on one of the better free agent classes in years. I see this team being better in 2014-2015 than it has been for at least the last 3 years. The future is bright.

Play Nice
Herriman, UT

I truly believe the Jazz have bypassed an opportunity here. John Lucas III's stats are less than those of Jimmer Fredette and he is shorter. And that with more playing time than Jimmer has been afforded. Jimmer's opportunities have been very limited in Sacramento. The Jazz have the money. I'd like to see that 41% from the 3 point range get a chance in SLC.

Provo, UT

Most of you guys are overanalyzing this move. The Jazz are filling roster spots. That's all this is. They did not see John Lucas and say,man this guy is going to take us places. He is cheap and gives the Jazz another point guard. He will play a year or 2 here probably and that will be the extent of it.

To the fan that said this has been a bad offseason. No, it has not. Resigning Al and Paul and being an 8th seed contender would be worse. The way the NBA works is you have to clean house and rebuild every once in a while. The Spurs did it before they made this run, the Thunder, the Heat before 2006, the Lakers before Gasol, the Bulls pretty much since MJ retired and D Rose came.

The Jazz are developing their young talent, keeping financial flexibility and will have a good draft pick in a deep draft next year most likely. How is that a bad plan as opposed to bringing back a mediocre team that probably would miss the playoffs anyway?

I look forward to seeing the youngsters develop finally!

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

Play Nice.

When the Jazz get Jabari Parker in the draft next year, people won't even give two hollars about Jimmer Fredette anymore. Jabari will be a superstar and Jimmer will be playing in Italy.

Play Nice
Herriman, UT

The Jazz say they like to give the local college athletes a chance. However there has not been even a sniff in the direction of the NCAA scoring leader who wore a local blue color. His points per minute and percentages are decent. I will grant that defense may be a weakness. I agree that Jabari would be a fun addition. However that remains to be proven.

West Jordan, UT

Here's to having a succesful season.

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