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Published: Tuesday, July 16 2013 2:05 p.m. MDT

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David King
Layton, UT

"Lucas' dad, John Lucas II, played in the NBA at various points from 1976-2003"

I think this sentence was supposed to be that he was involved in the NBA at various points from 1976-2003. I believe his playing days ended in 1990, but he was a head coach for three teams afterwards, the last being the Cavaliers in 2003.


Wow. I should have tried out. I'm thinking about next year's draft already. Dare we say No. 1 pick?! Can't disagree with the front office's plan though. Gotta play the new guns and hope everything turns out well in 3 - 6 years. It was SA and Oklahoma's approach, and now it's the Jazz's turn. Just glad we have an action plan and moving away from living on the playoff fringe year to year.

IRS Agent

@ David King

If you go back and read the article, I believe it does say, "Lucas' dad, John Lucas II, played and coached in the NBA at various points from 1976-2003."

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

My prediction. This season the Jazz will set a record. First team in NBA history to average fewer than 75 points per game.

Provo, UT

Utah Jazz = D League.

Provo, UT

So, Al, would you prefer they keep Jefferson and Millsap and win 35-45 games and miss out on the playoffs again. Or would you be happy with an exceptional year where they get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs? Either way, they end up with a non-lottery draft pick and thus maintain the mediocrity.

The Jazz finally recognized that the only way to escape the cycle is to try a new approach. That approach requires giving the five guys all under 23 years-of-age the bulk of the minutes. The only way to make that happen is to get rid of the veterans, which they did. What more do you want?

Captain L
Provo, UT

I can't believe how many posters are negative about the Jazz plan, it's not that hard to see what they are trying to do and to see that it is the most realistic approach they could have. The Jazz aren't doing like a lot of bottom dwellers do and that is just throw their young players to the wolves, the Jazz at least brought the youngs along slow and tried to teach them that winning was important, that is why they kept and played the vets like they did. This yr the youngs have a couple of yrs experience and will play better than many think, they need to be put in the position to produce or loose, in the past the vets were like a safety blanket, these kids need to swim or sink, I think they can swim but they have to be put in the tough situations and see how they play. I like the idea. They don't need to win in order for me to be pleased, they just need to show they can compete and show they are improving.

Vancouver, WA

Agreed. Why are Jazz fans down. We got Favors, Kanter, Hayward, Burks and Burke as a starting five. This has some awesome potential. Go Jazz!

Temecula, CA

Important mention here of Alec Burks' growing point guard contributions. He may play the point to start and/or finish games, as well as against larger point guards as the article alluded to. Let's hope John Lucas can prove a good mentor for Trey Burke, too.

Mountain View, CA

I understand the plan, just wish we had a fast forward button for this year.

Also amazing how quickly optimism about Burke suddenly evaporates. Hope he pulls it out, our point guard of the future so far stinks. I can understand the shooting woes, but he should be able to pass the ball and rebound, that is just pure effort.

Saint Louis, MO

It has been stated before that Burks would make a good point guard. At 6 ft 6, he has the tools. So, is it viable or not? Burke will struggle and Burks could lighten the load until he gets his feet wet.

Morgan, UT

Good news, after a poor season this coming year, the Jazz will be in a position to draft a point guard after the Burke Bust.

orem, utah

Actually I strongly know that this is the best position that the Jazz has been since Karl and John retired. I can see a strong commitment from management to rebuild, we have incredible potential with the young players we have, we may have a slow year this year while the team gets more experience, however, it could be a surprise year too.

I also have the feeling that Corbin is in "probation" and don't be surprise that there is some change, the fact that Sloan is a Consultant make me think that there is a possibility of a new coach, and no, I don't think would be Sloan, but, who knows?.

Also, the fact is that in Kanter, Favors, Hayward, Burks and Burke we have a potential group of very good players, even a couple of them could reach the category of super stars!, Also, Kanter, Favors, Hayward and even Burks have an extra year of experience and this club may surprise the critics by reaching the playoffs, and next year will be an even better year, now there is a X factor to all of these, that the jazz can keep this group together for many years..

Utah Valley Guy
Springville, UT

Short-term thinking is the bane of most NBA franchises - and will be the bane of the Jazz if enough fans don't have the vision and patience necessary to let Jazz management produce a championship team.

The Stockton-Malone era wasn't built in a year, or even a decade. They joined the Jazz in 1984/1985 respectively, and it wasn't until the mid-'90s that they got to the championship. So what happened in between? Lots of learning and lots of executive commitment to the team and its core players.

Sound familiar?

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Clearly many ignorant Jazz fans are spoiled. Many grew up watching Malone and Stockton dominate with total amnesia for how many years/stages/steps it took to get them to that point where they got to the Finals.

Then the Jazz tried to rebuild while still winning...multiple attempts and all failed.

With the new CBA looming the Jazz have positioned themselves in prime position to give themselves the best chance of building a potential contender.

1. They have traded and acquired via the draft young CHEAP talent.

2. They have positioned themselves with massive salary flexibility coinciding with when their young talent will have opportunity to prove whether they are worth the $$$.

3. They have acquired massive salary flexibility in the year that if their young talent does not pan out they will have some excellent upper tier free agents to acquire. Yes they may have to overpay but their odds will be better than ever that they won't have to overpay as much with salary and CBA restrictions in place.

4. They have positioned themselves to have a down/losing year with one of the deepest drafts in many years looming. Lots of potential allstars.

Well done!

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

Whats the point of getting a OJ Mayo, Jarrett Jack and Andrew Bynum and getting at best a 7th seed when you can get a guy that can bring the whole thing together and bring in a championship in the draft next year? To me it's no contest. No free agent in the market that would've come here, wasn't going bring anything more than mediocrity in the form of a 7th or 8th seed. Why are so many fans so short sighted?

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT


I also forgot to mention:

5. The expiring salaries they have stockpiled are tremendously valuable at the trade deadline if a move/free agent player they want becomes available.

6. At the same time they have accomplished all of the above they have acquired 2 additional 1st round and 3 additional 2nd round draft picks. These are also invaluable to both acquire talent, move up in the draft, or make deals work.

Sure this is not a guaranteed recipe for a championship but we have already tried building through incessant mediocrity of winning 40ish games a year and unfortunately too many fans think that is what they should continue to do.

The only viable way for a team in our market to have a chance is to build through the draft, develop other young talent you have, and then add in free agents when they figure out who will be good enough to keep. If our young guys blossom you will be able to attract free agents to play with them.

I for one am pleased that at least their is some prospect to transcend beyond the mediocre results of seasons past.


I'm in for the overhaul, but I think they should keep Neto over here this year. He looks better than Burke right now. Keeping Burks as the other point guard would be a mistake, he is much better suited for the two. The Jazz youth needs a pass first fast play maker, not a head down shoot first shoot then pass guy.

Bountiful, UT

I wonder why they want John Lucas III over Mo Williams or Tinsley. JL3 certainly can get his points but his best season he averaged 2.2 assists. Doesnt sound like getting teammates involved is a very big priority for him.

With the young talented bigs the Jazz have like Kantor and Favors you think they'd want a PG who is a good distributor.

Tokyo, Japan

@Jazz Source

I agree with you...i just don't get why most Jazz Fans here...gets mad at a draft pick...or a trade...and then a year later...would praise the brass for going into deals...let's all be positive...the team needs its fans...and i am sure they'll work a way to get the best talent on the floor every night....these would be growing pains...think about the clipper fans had to go through

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