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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Paris, 00

Comments to my previous post : i would never condone any violence or wrongdoing anyone no more that i woud condone that some people get away with the wrong they do by using fallacious arguments.

Freeland, WA

There is intelligent life in the US, Barney. Most of the country feels that Zimmerman got away with murder.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

re: teeoh
There is proof that Zimmerman shot Martin.

I was pointing out all of the "facts" that everybody who claims to know the story are fabricating.

It is my opinion that in a case where a killer is obvious and admitted, that the burden of proof when there are no witnesses should fall on the killer (to avoid manslaughter at least). This is actually my understanding of affirmative defense laws. The burden of proof is much smaller, but it IS the defense's burden. This wasn't explained in the trial though.

I don't find it logical that you can admit to killing someone and then say to the prosecution, "you now need to prove that it wasn't self defense". In actuality, the defendant should have to prove this. That is where those laws come from.

I think that there are some that think everyone wanted Zimmerman to be found guilty of murder. This isn't really true. Murder was not reasonable. And that is where I think the prosecution lost this case. Trying to make a case for what wasn't there, and allowing the real case to slip through their fingers.

Kearns, UT

Isn't it interesting that these people are decrying justice because it wasn't the kind that they liked. I have news for you. Learn to live with it. Justice was served because the system worked. Maybe not to your liking, but it worked.

Personally I didn't agree with the OJ verdict. I thought it was a miscarriage of justice, but I lived with it and didn't go and protest the stupidity of the jury and verdict.

Was Travon dying a sad thing? Yes. Should he have gone after Zimmerman? No. Had he just gone to his destination, nothing would have happened. But he turned around and went to fight. That caused his death.

Sometimes, our actions have consequence. In this case, it lead to the death of a young man. Had Travon not started thumping Zimmerman, he would still be alive.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

This reaction baffles me. The apparent rationale is that if any black person is killed it must be racially motivated. That is absurd. We have in this country jury trial. We don't have trial by media or mass hysteria. A jury deliberated and didn't convict. And no, we don't know what they knew. And we have no idea (really) what happened that night with Martin and Zimmerman. The fact is that despite all the hysteria that prompted Zimmerman's arrest, and apparently drove expectations for this trial, there just was no proof and therefore, thankfully they weren't swayed by public trial, the jury got this one right... because there was doubt... there is a lot of doubt. And if you're reading this and you have no doubt, if you're 100% convinced it was not self defense and was racially motivated, unless you were there that night (if so, why didn't you step forward as a witness?), you got your conviction from media coverage or you've got some divine power.

Bounti, UT

I heard some black leader stating that if this was the other way around, then we would all know the outcome. He was making the assumption in speaking to nonblack or white Americans that we would justify this behavior because of race if it was the other way around. Seriously? Pure Afrocentric bias dodo. Most all people are justice biased and I would say that in this case the Hispanic man had reasonable cause to pull out a gun and defend himself. Parting words to Travon...Your mistake for beating on a man that had a gun and the right to use it.

We hope others will learn as they have apparently taken it into consideration because I don't see any wide spread riots in any gun rights states.

Roger R
Kansas City, KS

You're a bunch of hypocrites in Utah!

augusta, GA

I think that we are all missing something, Its about the children and particularly the children in Florida. Casey Anthony, an adult, her child is dead, no justice, George Zimmerman, an adult, Trayvon Martin a 17 year old child is dead no justice, what is common in both situations not being black or white just being a child in the state of Florida. I think the people in Florida, the lawyers and the courts should be ashamed of this. We as people need to be concerned about children in this state, the precedent has been set, we need to remove race and remember that in both cases there was a child and an irresponsible adult. Put your child in the picture for some reason they can be killed in the state of Florida and the guilty in Florida will probably go free, how can this be just when a child dies at the hand of an adult. When my child was 17 he made decisions as a child, when he became an adult I expected him to take on the role of an adult.

Cedar Hills , UT

We should be able to defend ourselves. This should be a victory for most people of color who tend to live in higher crime neighborhoods. I cannot understand how we don't see it this way. The right to defend our neighborhoods, set up neighborhood watch programs and protect our neighborhoods from ANY who would want to harm them, regardless of race or ethnicity has been held up. I am sorry that Treyvon was acting suspiciously and in a neighborhood suspicious of outsiders. Racial profiling DOES happen, it is real and terrible but I don't think this happened here. I just wonder if he would have just left the neighborhood or explained what he was doing in the first place maybe no one would have lost a life. He was a teenager and in a neighborhood where he didn't live. We have to be able to protect or homes and families. This is a win for everyone in that way only. Both Zimmerman and Treyvon are victims in some way in this awful event and trial.

Turtles Run
Missouri City, TX

Trayvon had a right to walk the streets without an armed person following and ultimately chasing him. Trayvon had a right to defend himself against a stranger chasing him.

Salt Lake City, UT

Freeland, WA
Perhaps in Washington people think GZ was guilty of some unnamed crime , but not the entire country. Zimmerman was found not guilty of the charges brought by the state. Most people accept the rule of law and don't riot when things don't go their way. There were no riots after OJ Simpson's acquittal.
TX Turtle,
Most people would have run the few yards to their home and safety. Trayon didn't know GZ was armed. Knowing that may have convinced him not to punch GZ in the face, throw him to the ground and pound his head. Had Zim been knocked unconscious or died, Martin would be the defendant. When both "flight or fight" reflexes were tuned to fight, no one wins.

Ogden, UT

For an a count of what Jeantel told Piers Morgan, go to rushlimbaugh and read it. Deseret News won't allow me to publish a good account of it because the offensive language used by Jeantell, trayvon's girlfriend, is unprintable.

Harley Rider
Small Town, CT

The police did a full investigation and determined = self defense. The local Prosecutor agreed = never should of come to trial. When Martin went to grab Zimmerman's gun when he saw it was now a Life and Death situation and he made the decision to shoot his attacker rather than lose his own life. Would you just lay there and let someone beat in your face and then let them grab your weapon to either shoot you or someone else one day?

FYI - Racism is about control and growing government. Jessie Jackson , Al Sharpton are just tools who are brought out to further the agenda. Sadly one day that powder keg is going off and soon I believe, gotta see how far them coming Goberment cuts go

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