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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Saratoga Springs, UT

@Ragnar Danneskjold

In response to your statement. Nope, I didn't, I kept up on it here and there. As you can tell I don't by the "preconceived" notions of racism or profiling like everyone else and I can only assume yourself bought into. And no, my opinion has no bias. What I saw and learned from the evidence is that there was none. Again, I had no preconceived notions, I can only go off of what I heard, same as you I am sure. My understanding of the case is not approved of by you. Please don't take offense but I really don't care if you approve of it or not. I am a person who lives in the black and white, the grey is what gets people into trouble. Either it is or it is not. Why leave it open to speculation, it is my opinion, it does no mean I am right or I am wrong. Much like the evidence, in this case it had to be wrong because there was none. We can only go off what was factual, not circumstantial. Only my understanding of the law you know.

Cache, UT


"No Justice, No Peace".



Hey Sheople. While you were all busy getting distracted by this trial, which most of you protesting obviously know nothing about, you're very own rights and freedoms were being stripped away from you. How about that?

Santa Clara, UT

BO stirred the pot, the media picked it up and ran hard and fast with it and even edited the events to make the white-Hispanic look racist, then Al and Jesse saw an opportunity and got involved (surprise) and the special prosecutor made a fool of herself. Pretty well sums up the week. Question-what is their motive? What and Why? Go figure!

The Skeptical Chymist


Trayvon Martin was on the phone to his girlfriend. Maybe he wanted to continue that conversation in the privacy afforded by the outdoors, where he could wander around, focusing all his attention on what she was saying to him and what he was saying to her. The mere fact that he spent more time than necessary on his way home shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's ever had a girlfriend.

Yes, we now have witnesses who have testified that Martin was on top, beating Zimmerman's head on the concrete. As far as I know we have no evidence of who attacked whom first. We don't know whether Zimmerman was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, because the police didn't see fit to test him at the time. That was a dereliction of their duty to investigate. Of course, they could test Martin later, since he was no longer metabolizing the drugs.

If we are going to have armed men patrolling neighborhoods, they need to be much better trained than Zimmerman. They should identify themselves as neighborhood watch officers and offer to walk the person they meet to his destination.

Nibley, Ut

per crime statistics from BJS.
The rate of whites committing racially motivated crimes against Blacks in the US is approximately 1 in 166,000. The rate at which Blacks commit racially motivated crimes against whites in the US is approximately 1 in 125,000. More blacks are committing crimes against whites per capita than visa versa.

look at homicides. from FBI Statistics for 2010
1088 homicides of white victim by black offender
240 Homicides of Black victim by white offender

The list goes on and on. One would be surprised with a little research. Racism exists in the US plain and simple. Honestly, i do not see a way of eliminating it altogether. But, in this day and age, races have never been on a more even playing field in the US.

Make your own assumptions, but those are the facts.

Cobalt Blue
West Jordan, UT

The encounter between Zimmerman and Martin happened a year and a half ago at 7:00 p.m., in the winter, when it's typically dark. If someone is wearing a hoodie in the dark, it would be difficult to tell the color of anyone's skin. This is a very sad case, but it has never been about race. If you want to get mad at someone, try taking it out on the media because they are the ones -- like so many other things they "report" -- who have twisted things around. And before you call me racist, you should know there are mixed races in my wonderful family whom I dearly love.

Layton, UT

I am disgusted by the protest regarding the Zimmerman case. This is not an issue of racism, it is an issue of self defense mired in a misunderstanding on the parts of both George Zimmeran and Trayvon Martin. It had tragic consequences. But Trayvon started the physical altercation and George feared for his life. I would too. Since when is reporting suspicious behavior a bad thing? The neighborhood was experiencing a crime wave - GZ was trying to help keep the peace. What happened to America? Why do we want there to be racism where there is none? Why can't we let the country heal?

Cambridge, MA

These protestors don't want justice for Trevon. They want to lynch Zimmerman.

As has been pointed out, Zimmerman was investigated by the FBI for racism, and came out clean.

Charges were brought against Zimmerman as a result of protests in Florida to put Zimmerman on trial. They complied with the mob, and justice has been served.

Now that justice has been served, those same protesters don't like the result, and now are calling for a lynching. Since when do the mobs run the judicial system?


If we do not have faith in our Jury system, what do we have left.Locally we must make sure we have the best people in our Law, law enforcement, city and county councils, and government who understand and will enforce our Constitution, and bill of rights. If our systems are corrupt or bad it is due to our own negligence.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Hypothetically, let's say my brother gets very angry with these protesters and takes one down to the ground and starts pummeling him. Let's suppose that guy has a concealed weapon and shoots my brother and kills him. If there were a trial and the jury verdict was that the protester was acting in self-defense and won't be convicted of murder, how many of these protesters would be out protesting for my brother's sake? My guess is not a single one would even be upset about my brother's death, let alone feel that an injustice was done.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Is your brother African American? If no then you are right, no one would care

Virginia Beach, VA

11,000 plus black on black deaths have been committed since Trayvon's shooting, where's there outrage? They have more to worry about by people from there own race. I would bet that just about all these people watched no more than liberal media snipets of the trial. It's simple, Trayvon was snooping around the neighborhood when spotted by Zimmerman. Trayvon was investigated for home burgery, and drugs in the Miami area and fits the profile of burgarys in the Zimmerman neighborhood. Zimmerman calls police and follows, no law against following in this country, and dispatchers have no authority. Trayvon was close to home and could of phoned police if bothered. Instead, under the influence of drugs, turns around and attacks Zimmerman. Trayvon is the aggressor assaults Zimmerman, and Zimmerman defends himself. Case closed, never should of gone to trial. Alot of evidence kept out of the trial by a judge on the side of the prosecutor. Well done to the prosecutor in there defense of Zimmerman. They knew their was no case.

Farmington, UT

To draw comparisons between Zimmerman, who defended himself when attacked by a stranger in his own neighborhood simply for following a drugged-out suspect, and the innocent victims of Franklin is unconscionable. If somebody jumps me, breaks my nose and puts me in an indefensible position while bashing my skull onto concrete, I will do exactly as Zimmerman did, which was to scream loudly for help, and when that help does not come, protect my brain and my life by shooting the assailant. The race, religion, age or nationality of my assailant is immaterial and irrelevant. The FBI concluded that Zimmerman was not racist after interviewing dozens of witnesses. In fact GZ had mentored black children in his home, had taken a black woman to a prom, was the product of a mixed-race or at least a mixed-heritage marriage and was the chief person who worked to demand justice for a homeless black man, Sherman Ware, who had been attacked by the son of a police officer. Though I detest those who judge others by their race, religion or similar attributes, I have very little respect for people who will protest a verdict while ignoring incontrovertible facts.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT


There is no proof that he was snooping around the neighborhood.
Zimmerman didn't know Martin's history, and it doesn't really have anything to do with the case anyway (I notice you left out Zimmerman's record, why would that be?)
Well there are laws against following, but lets just say you are right.
No law against walking down the street either.
Dispatcher doesn't have authority, just training and experience that NW don't have.
He could have done a lot of things, Zimmerman also could have not pursued him.
There is no proof he was under the influence of drugs. Trace amounts of thc were found in Martin's system, which could have come from any time within a few weeks.
No proof that Martin attacked Zimmerman.
No proof that Martin was the aggressor.

There are plenty of reasons to take this to trial if you aren't completely biased in the case.

Fred Vader
Oklahoma City, OK

Personally, I pray that none of us gets the "justice" we actually deserve. Think about it.

Sandy, UT

We continue to ignore the that that most "inter-racial" crime (about 90+%) involves "black" perpetrators and "white" victims. Of course that doesn't matter to many, because it doesn't support or further their agenda.

Paris, 00

No one ever defined racism as being the behaviour of one specific community towards another specifix community. Racism is from one community towards another, no matter which community. And when someone does something terrible to another person and if that person is denied the right to defend himself/herself on any ground, it is an act of total injustice.

As long as people are judged on facts and the facts are proved then no one should use any fllacious argument to get away with what they do, which seems the case here or that would mean that that community or any other can continue to do all manners of wrongdoing and get away with it.

My comments are made as a general observation as i suffered the same kind of prejudice because i was a caucasian. So i can understand how things can get twisted by some so they get away with what they do. There is a prejudice there and the one that are prejudiced are those who used the racist card to justify what they do or deny others their right to legal action or self defense.

Meridian, ID

Both were minorities. Where is the racial question? The jury heard the prosecution and defense and witnesses (which nearly no one else heard nor saw) and rendered a decision. What is the justice question? Emotions were stirred which often leads to erroneous decisions. Only decency can solve this powerful problem. Unlawful retaliation is committed by or creates criminals. Those who resort to this course of action need prosecution.

One person is dead for which we have great sympathy. One person is alive and was not convicted of wrong doing. He can be made stronger or he can be destroyed. He has gone through fear, unsurety and all the other emotions attending an action of this time. I choose to build - not destroy.

Anytown, KY

Ragnar, I find it interesting that you give a list of "no proof" of this and "no proof" of that, then immediately say "there are plenty of reasons to take this to trial..."

Usually, proof or evidence is needed to take a case to trial. Of course, that is exactly why the prosecution had a problem in this case.

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