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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 10:00 p.m. MDT

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john d

I am courious any one ever follow up about the white baby being shot with his mother in Georgia by black kids or how about the guy got beat up in Georgia by blacks on this zimmer case I hope and pray its not going to be a race riot war

Carthage, NC

If Trayvon Martin had been a white gangster looking kid with a history of drug abuse and violence, there would be no demonstrations. I don't think for one minute that his color had anything to do with the killing - only the outcry.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

"Last year alone, nearly one black child a day under the age of 17 was shot and killed in New York City. Shot mostly by other black city residents," Sharpton said.

"Shootings and violence within our community by one of our own is an outrage and an issue that we must confront..."

clearfield, UT


A big point you may have missed is that several minutes passed where Trayvon could have already been in his home. What happened then? One fact we seem to know for sure is that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman and pounding his head into the cement. The gun, may have saved Zimmerman from brain injury or even death. It's therefore possible that Trayvon came back to confront Zimmerman, and caused the physical confrontation. Therefore the gun was a possible life saver for Zimmerman. And that's why many of us believe in the right to carry is a good thing. And by the way Mr. Chymist, drugs make people do stupid things. So it isn't irrelevent that Trayvon was drugged.

St.George, Utah

As many on these forums continue to insinuate that George Zimmerman is the "good Guy", and Trayvon Martin is the "bad guy" , I would ask the DN to open up some files from GZ's past, legal information that was not made admissible to be introduced or discussed at the trial because of motions by George Zimmerman's defense lawyers.
I would ask the DN to share George Zimmerman's criminal history.
This information, should the DN choose to share it, will show what kind of an individual George Zimmerman truly is.
I have faith in you right now, Deseret News. Please don't let the information seeking public down.

Orem, UT

Whoever wrote this article was clearly race-baiting. None of the cases cited had any comparison to the George Zimmerman trial. All the cases cited could clearly show a hate crime and were abhorred by the public in general no matter what the political stripe. With the George Zimmerman trial, here was an Hispanic neighborhood watch person who seeing someone suspicious in his neighborhood was simply doing his duty. When Trayvon Martin left and Zimmerman retreated to his truck, Trayvon suddenly appears and threatens Zimmerman. He jumps Zimmerman and proceeds to pound him. With his life endangered and Trayvon threatening to take away his life, Zimmerman defended himself with deadly force. The person who wrote this article reveals his own prejudice by framing it as a hate crime. Deseret News needs to be more careful what is written and not allow such a biased interpretation of the news.

Orem, UT

Nothing was said about the trial. Why? I would like all the facts and then find out what came out in the hearing and trial. In this country someone should be deemed innocent until proven guilty. Was he proven guilty?

South Jordan, Utah

The simple fact here is that you can't take an isolated case and make an example out of it. In this particular case, no matter who you think is right or wrong, there simply wasn't enough evidence to make it worth even charging Zimmerman. Did he do something wrong? I don't know and neither do you, but innocent until proven guilty means this whole trial was a waste of public money.

clearfield, UT

I guess now that there is a racial category known as White Hispanic, due to one parent being white, we can now call President Obama a White African American.

Medical Lake, Washington

Everywhere I keep reading how wronged everyone was by this verdict. At least, as far as I can discern, those who feel the outcome was a slap in the face of justice, feel that way because someone who was black died at the hands of someone who was not black. End of story.

The evidence presented at the trial and which was dully weighed by the jury, concluded that Mr. Zimmerman was not guilty as charged.

So, as we read these banners, justice for Treyvon, does that mean we should put this unfortunate youth on trial for assault (he struck Mr. Zimmerman). Should he be put on trial for illegal drug use (evidence bore this out too)? Or do we simply want someone who is not black to be convicted of something, anything, so that 'justice' can be served?

Let's put down the signs and try to focus our attention on educating our youth to be law abiding citizens. Let's contribute our time and our means to defending the countless numbers who are slaughtered each year in the name of jihad, or those who go hungry because food is scarce for them.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

The comments on this article are sad.

Lots of people crying about racism and injecting politics. It reminds me of the group that the GOP got together after losing the presidential election to talk about what needs to change in the party. One of the points of emphasis afterward was to reach out to minority communities, and start using speech that would attract more minorities. It looks like the general sentiment from Des News readers (judging by # of likes and # of comments) is that they would be more happy with a "Southern Strategy" than an outreach program.

I have found that there is a sickening number of people who are basing their opinion on this case on politics. The celebratory feeling from many people is even more disturbing. A young man is dead. How can people forget that?

salt lake, UT

@fed up

why not add to that list the Muslims killed by Christians in African countries and the Protestant and catholic violence in northern Ireland?

Sugar City, ID

I don't have a concealed carry permit but the violent and irrational behavior of some of the protesters have caused me to think that for my own safety, a concealed carry permit might be a good idea.

Cartersville, GA

No justice. No peace!

Salt Lake City, UT

Just curious ... who created (or paid for) all these pre-printed signs? Was it one of those groups or individuals who profit from (or who feel important when) stirring up racial animosity?

Mcallen, TX

* CNN reported the news with the editing done by NBC.

* What's going on in the world, now the news is on the trial.

* Should Zimmerman have allowed himself to be beaten to death, and would it have been on national news?

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

Re: UtahBruin
"He probably said something to the affect of "Hey you" which was probably returned with a finger and few choice words from Trayvon who we all know now was a thug, not the innocent looking boy in the picture."

Obviously you followed the case very closely. Your opinion has no bias or leanings. I'm sure your assessment of the evidence contains equally unbiased, strictly academic interest in the case where you had no preconceived notions. Your understanding of this case and the law are above reproach.

Bountiful, UT

"Justice for Trayvon!"

What does that mean? I don't know. And the people chanting it don't know. The silent majority are quietly and privately thanking God for a justice system that delivered "Justice for George!"

I wish I had a DesNews subscription so I could cancel it for their constant use of slanted articles provided them by the liberal media.

clearfield, UT


Would you be saying the same if Trayvon had completed his head bashing of George and it was Zimmerman who was either brain damaged or dead?

And it isn't celebrating that someone died, it is that most of us saw justice done with the known evidence of the case. That was not what happened in either the O.J. case or the Rodney King case.

Columbus, OH


White Hispanic has been a race category on the census for over a decade. Go walk around Mexico City, Buenos Aires, or Rio. Guess what you'll find--a wide variety of skin tones. Just like in the US, most Hispanic countries are made up of people of Indian descent, and European descent. In a larger sense, race doesn't actually exist in a biological way. It is entirely a social construct. It is often about self definition, and from some of the claims by people such as Zimmerman's own cousin, he absolutely identified himself as White and Hispanic.

Also, to all those complaining about which pictures the media used of Trayvon, do you know what the last two pictures of him were? One hugging his mother, and one where he is on a horse. Hardly the images of the thug you all want him to be.

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