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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Pleasant Grove, UT

In a second-degree murder charge, the prosecution must prove that the defendant acted with ill will, hatred, spite, or evil intent. When self defense is claimed, they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that that the motive was something other than self defense. None of the witnesses provided evidence of these things.

It would have been an injustice to convict Zimmerman without evidence.


The Zimmerman trial was about race and politics. After reading this article it seems that the demonstrators were ignorant of the Florida stand your ground law. George Zimmerman at the time of the conflict with Treyvon Martin felt that he was going to die and that is why he acted.

By all the evidence that was presented and the facts that we know or were presented favored Mr. Zimmerman from the beginning. As it has been said so many times, this case should have never gone to court. We have many who want and do believe in social justice, which by the way is wrong.

They believe that because a young black man who potentially was up to no good was killed that it is only fair that Mr. Zimmerman be incarcerated or put to death. I saw that Heavenly Father was mentioned in this piece.

I find that ironic because as we learn in The Book of Mormon there were many instances where the Nephites had do defend their families, religion, and their freedom from being taken a way. So, they were justified in defending themselves just as Mr. Zimmerman was justified.

Salt Lake City, UT

The outrage over the Zimmerman verdict was predictable. The issue of racism must be kept alive, not because it eats at the fabric of our nation as it once did, but because it is convenient for political and legal purposes. If racism completely died away in America, the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons among us would no longer serve a purpose and would become unknowns. The Democratic Party would face a serious crisis as well.

Eden, UT

This tragedy should focus our collective attention on the following facts. 1. 13% of Americans are African Americans, but account for over 50% of people in America's prisons. 2. Stop and think, half of the 13% of African Americans are women, and women in prison only make up 5% of the prison population. This points out that 6% of our population is African American males, yet this population in America makes up 50% of those in prison. But wait a minute, a full third of the African American population is children and we don't put very many children in prison! These numbers clearly point out that approximately 4% of America's population are African American males, yet they make up over 50% of those in prison. Is "the blindfolded "Lady Justice" so blind that she can see her balance scales? I'm not saying the people in prison are not guilty - I'm saying we need to address the real issues of inner city poverty, poor education, and single parent families. All we do is get tougher on criminals - and it is expensive and not solving the problem.

Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

Racism like all other forms of hate that lead to violence are and have always been wrong, but it is like the Hatfield and McCoy feud that went on for 100 years until well past the time it was forgotten that initially the feud was over an allegedly stolen pig. Current racism charges and related violence over Zimmerman killing Trayvon are a fraud in their own right because a six-woman jury included including a Black woman found the evidence did not support the charges, that simple. Not justifying any racism, the fact is that accusers of racism by Whites are guilty of racism at higher proportional rates making it totally unjustifiable that there should be national protests fostered by leaders that incite to riot and violence. Ironically, this unfortunate killing of Black Trayvon was done by a Hispanic, not a White, so why the animus against the White community? Hispanics represent 17% of the population versus 14% for Blacks, meaning this was one minority against another minority incident. Was the Sanford "not guilty" verdict an opportunity for those who want to create unrest, turmoil, and violence to keep themselves in the limelight as self-appointed Black Leaders?

Sioux City, IA

According to the young lady he was talking with TM was outside the house where he was going to and apparently didn't go in. Four minutes later he was over a block away from that house and fighting with GZ who shot him. That evidence of what happened was introduced by the Prosecution and leaves plenty of reason to believe that GZ had lost sight and broken off pursuit to return to his vehicle. Maybe that along with other facts that we did not here provide reasonable doubt to the 6 jurors who I heard went into deliberations with 3 votes of not guilty, 2 votes of manslaughter, and 1 vote of second degree murder. Sixteen hours later they were unanimous in saying not guilty.

Whether or not you like the verdict our justice system worked the way it is supposed to.
The State failed to prove guilt beyond any doubt.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This "demonstration" is proof of how wonderful our freedom of speech rights are.

Even the least informed, most bigoted and misguided among us can freely assembly and express their views. Anyone can protest "...racism, police brutality and racial profiling," even when NONE of these elements were present in the Trayvon Martin incident. Of course, there was plenty of racism afterwards trying to lynch a man who legally defended himself with deadly force, just because he was a different race than the man who attacked him.

There really are "low information voters" in this country, and you can see them at demonstrations like this where emotion trumps facts, agenda tops justice, and the liberal media alliance will reliably show up and lend credibility to their cause, even when it is factually, legally and morally wrong.

It would be interesting to compare photos of this demonstration with other radical left events, and I bet you will see many of the same people at all of them. A mere handful out of a million plus in Salt Lake.

Freedom of speech is truly great, even when abused.

Orem, UT

President Obama stated in his book Dreams From My Father, that at an early age,He was referring to middle teens, he became aware that he was gifted at deceiving people about his true feelings of race. The context of his remarks seem to be that he was very proud of the fact. He is showing that racism now by his actions in this case by his words and actions. Eric Holder is also allowing his racism to show. He should be equally as active in investigating and responding to the nearly 200 deaths in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend. The difference between those deaths and the Trayvon death is that most of the Chicago deaths were determined to be Black on Black, and gang related.
Since the media branded Zimmerman as a white Mexican, why don't they label Obama a white Black? Could it be the media is a bit racist as well?

Salt Lake City, UT

These people need to go to the pet store, buy a dog, and name it 'Life'. Then, they'll have one.

Sugar City, ID

Nearly 33 years ago, Johnnie Mae Martin's teenage son was shot and killed in Liberty Park by an avowed racist

Other than the name Martin what is the connection? This is no way to improve anything.

The Skeptical Chymist

I wasn't on the jury; I didn't follow the trial in any sort of detail. It may well have been an injustice to convict Zimmerman of anything - even manslaughter. Nevertheless, I'm saddened by the fact that an unarmed young man, distractedly talking on the phone to his girlfriend, was pursued by an untrained individual with a gun, leading to his death. This really illustrates the dangers of untrained neighborhood watch individuals who take it upon themselves to patrol the neighborhood. It would have been far better for Zimmerman to stay in the car and let the trained police officers deal with the situation. I hope that he is now asking himself why he didn't do that.

Whether Martin had marijuana in his system is totally irrelevant to anything. That's not uncommon and a trained police officer would have been prepared for that.

I hope that this entire episode helps people who imagine themselves to be policemen protecting their neighborhoods to be a bit less arrogant and self-certain when they characterize individuals in the neighborhood as "punks who always get away".

play by the rules

A jury of his peers with information the Lame Stream Media did not provide found George Zimmerman not guilty. It appears the Democrats are now anti Hispanic. The GOP should now use this to divide the Democrat base. I hate class warfare, but the Dems are SO good at it.

Salt Lake City, UT

As I watched the morning news I saw a street full of angry black men beating up white men who all looked like they could be Obama's sons! Trayvon was just as guilty as Zimmerman, unfortunately his fololishness cost him his life!

Hayden, ID

As sad as this issue is, I find it interesting that no one is upset or outraged that 90% of black people who are murder victims are murdered by other black people. Where is the outrage Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jesse Jackson, Mr. Obama and others?

Bountiful, Utah

Get a life folks. The law has spoken. Whether it is flawed or not is not the question. What about all the blacks who kill blacks? Isn't that a bigger problem than this one case? People who didn't even hear the evidence are getting on their high horses over the verdict. You are going with what you think happened without benefit of the evidence. Boy, can we be wrong when we do that? Judging with unrighteous judgment. As I understand it, it was self defense. If this had been Zimmerman (a hispanic) who shot a white teenager on drugs, we wouldn't be hearing about it at all. So why do things bloom out of control because of the color or the teenager's skin. Does that make you racist if you only get upset over black people being killed? What about all the unnecessary deaths? I know the Martin family is in pain and I understand that pain but is this just making their pain worse? Seems to me they asked that we not do this for their peace of mind. Lets do as the Martin family has requested.

Abinadis friend
Boise, Idaho

It seems that the racism problem at this point describes those who do not want equality, they want superiority. They don't want to have to adhere to the rules they want new one's just for them.

Herndon, VA

The idea of a comparison or reference to the Joseph Paul Franklin case is absurd, ridiculous and offensive on its face.

The FBI came to Seminole County and interviewed dozens who knew George Zimmerman and couldn't find a single person who felt in any respect that he was a racist. He took care of black children in his own home, took an African American to the prom, was raised in a bi-racial household. Why don't you get off it?

Quick smearing George Zimmerman. All of the forensic evidence backed up his story of what happened that night. The evidence demonstrated he was attacked in the dark, and a jury of his peers found he acted in self-defense. So get off it.

Quit trying to make an issue where there is none.

Sandy, UT

The liberal mindset has not reached the point where EVERYTHING is about race. People like Thomas Sowell, Ted Cruz, and Mia Love are conveniently ignored because they don't happen to fit the pattern of the abused ethnic. Martin was shot not because of his race, but because he decided to take an altercation to the next level without considering all the consequences. Zimmerman went to trial not because of a crime, but because of political pressure and an extension of a modern lynch-mob mentality.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

The Rock recounts a lot of the most important points to this whole case, namely the news media creating a racial issue where none existed. That editing of the 911 tape by NBC News, should have been enough to have their broadcasting license revoked. There is obviously a liberal mindset in America that anyone not liberal is a racist, and they try to prove it by trumping up a phony issue like this one. Sharpton has been one of the worst at trying to create race problems in America, mostly because without race division, guys like him and Jesse Jackson, and other liberals have no foundation from which to attack America. Thank God the justice system did not give in to the PC of this trial. However, watch out for the race baiters to look for another trumped up issue to cry about, and NBC to broadcast their propaganda.

john d

this wasn't a race issue. zimmermen is a Hispanic decent. a race card was never played unkike the Utah case zimmermen wasn't going around shooting blacks and jews just for the fun of it. yes it sad it happen. the liberal media will play it all its worth. watch Obama will used this for his gun control agenda. if some one attack me rather what color of their skin I would defend myself to.

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