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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 10:00 p.m. MDT

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SC Native
South Jordan, UT

Those protesting saying racism are racist. It was a Hispanic man that killed a young boy. Get over it. Blame the prosecutors if you want to blame someone. They are the ones that didn't present the case for a guilty verdict.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Liberal media doesn't play up the fact that Treyvon was under the influence of illegal drugs when he attacked Zimmerman

In fact, when Zimmerman called police he said "it looks like he's on drugs"

He was.

Another fact: Treyin had four minutes to go home and/or call police if he felt in danger before he attacked Zimmerman.

He lives a few dozen yards away

More than enough time to call police or go home or both if he truly felt scared

Zimmerman did the right thing when he noticed someone acting suspiciously

He had the right to follow

He had the right to carry

He had the right to defend.

fed up
Provo, UT

Why not protest the five hundreds gun deaths in Chicago last year?????????

Or maybe the Christians killed in the middle east which was absolutely profiling????

Provo, UT

Well, let's see. Trial by peers means that a jury of 4 women decided unanimously that he was not guilty. And also, remember that if any one of the jurors has any doubt at all, they cannot convict him of it. So, really, if any claims of "racism" are going to happen it should be against these women. But honestly, I imagine they considered this very carefully and did the best they could. This was never supposed to blow up this huge. Only when the media twisted it to make it look like it was a racially-motivated "murder" is when it became a national sensation. Thank goodness justice isn't a popularity contest. Or is it?


This trial should have never happened. It happened for only ONE reason which I will not state and we all know it.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

There was a tragic misunderstanding, fight and killing in Florida, but the racism was spawned at the Department of Justice

Costa Mesa, CA

I wish this Deseret News put it in perspective more. How many of are NOT out on the streets protesting, because we're not vilifying a man who is not a racist? Why don't they report on all the murders, actual murders, even of innocent kids, that happen on the streets of Chicago and elsewhere, where no weeping crowd is protesting for THEM? Where is the empathy and justice for THEM? This country has become ridiculous and many obviously would rather have "justice" as it is practiced in Iran rather than through the democratic/court system we have here.

Salt Lake City, UT

@SC Native
"Those protesting saying racism are racist. It was a Hispanic man that killed a young boy."

Hispanics can't be racist?

"So, really, if any claims of "racism" are going to happen it should be against these women."

I disagree. Zimmermann is the one with the history of calling the police to report suspicious behavior, every instance of which involved black individuals. He's the one who decided without any legitimate basis I can think of that Treyvon was a punk and worthy of alerting the authorities over. It can totally be that Zimmermann is racist but racism isn't the charge here, murder/manslaughter was. He instigated a situation that Martin elevated to a fight that led to Zimmermann elevating it to Martin's death.

One can consider that a racist starting a fight and both of them making mistakes in handling it until eventually Zimmerman shot Martin to defend himself. Doesn't require the person making that conclusion be racist.

Saint George, UT

@ Fed Up

Those were my exact thoughts earlier today. All kinds of black on black murder . . . in the hundreds. Any marching or protesting. Of course not, that wouldn't benefit any agenda, movement, or politicians.

Doesn't the black community know they are being played? Hijacking Reverend King on this issue and then promoting violence, unrest, and civil disobedience is incongruent.

This is not a left or right issue. This is just wrong.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

how many of those protestors were present the night martin and zimmerman fought?

a big, fat ZERO

they do not know

how many of those protestors heard every word of testimony and saw every but of evidence?

a big fat zero

how many of those protestors were present in the jury room while the jury was deliberating

another big, fat zero.

how many of those protestors came out in protests and riots when OJ was found not guilty of murdering Nicole?

another big, fat zero

why no cries of racism then?

Salt Lake City, UT

They want "justice"? I can only assume that in these protestors opinion a guilty verdict for Zimmerman would be justice.

A jury of peers was presented the evidence and found him not guilty. Who are we to say that justice was not done? All we have seen is what is presented in the media; An emphasis on Travon's youth, his race, and a photo showing him several years earlier looking like a clean-cut smiling kid. How could anyone so young and small in stature inflict the trauma upon Zimmerman that he reported, causing him to be fearful of his life? Well, the kid in the photo is not the person that Zimmerman confronted on that night.

To pronounce Zimmerman guilty when you have not seen the evidence, that that would be injustice. I was not there, I must trust that the jury, having heard the evidence, came up with the right and just verdict.

Cache, UT

Tim DeChristopher was there? Well then, it must be a worthy cause. He has never wasted anyone's time/money.

Auckland NZ, 00

Am not sure that "Salt Lake Crowd Decries..." is the best headline for this piece. Maybe you should have used "mob" or "rabble" in place of "crowd".

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Who sponsored this rally? What organization? Who is their spokesman?
This was not a spontaneous event. Look at all the pre-printed posters.
In the interest of fair journalism we ought to know who is behind it.

The Sensible Middle
Bountiful, UT

If people feel defending themself is wrong, fine, but no one has a right to impose this philosophy on others.

I'd bet that if these protesters were attacked, some would fight back. Not all of them would be willing to walk the walk.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

This controversy divides not along racial lines but along ideological lines. Most conservatives believe that Zimmerman is innocent. Liberals do not. The conservative news sources presented facts that the old media just ignored. NBC doctored a tape to make it appear that Zimmerman was racist. Zimmerman is suing and for good reason. The old media twisted the facts.

The local police found that Zimmerman did act in self defense.
The local prosecutors refused to file charges because they had no case.
State prosecutors stepped in and charged Zimmerman with crimes that they could not prove.
CNN started calling Zimmerman a "White Hispanic" to distort the truth.
The Feds are considering prosecuting for hate crimes.

The left needs racism to flare up. If only 15% of the African American population were to vote Republican the Democrats would never win the White House again and they would lose all hope of controlling the House and Senate.
Racism is a club used by liberals to bludgeon conservatives. They must keep racism alive.

"Racist" is a name liberals call conservatives when the liberal is losing the argument.

Tooele, Utah

What the "crowds" seem to want is revenge not justice. Justice was served. 1) The state put on as good a prosecution as they could have and even went overboard . . so justice served there. 2)The jurors of 6 women, 5 of whom had children listened and did NOT find a preponderance of evidence to convict on anything. Are the "crowds" saying all six are racists? . . . justice served there 3) the case was NOT a stand your ground case. Wasn't even invoked. It was a self defense case. 4) Both Zimmerman and Martin profiled; Did both contribute to the fight , yes, could both have gone home, yes but in the fight Zimmerman defended himself against the more aggressive Martin. Martin contributed to his demise by trying to punch out Zimmerman.
Does racism exist? yes it does on both sides but NOT in this case.
The real question is why black young men feel they have to fight like that to "prove" anything, whether in Sanford, FL or in Chicago?

ute alumni
paradise, UT

Too bad people don't have jobs and are resigned to govt. handouts and time to wander aimlessly on the streets

Ogden, UT

Here is the problems in this case. First Treyvon was a punk. He attacked Zimmerman. Next the phony media made this into a race case.Then the potus got involved like he always does. Like with the Conn. case. Next the prosecutor filed a case with no evidence. Zimmerman did what he should have done that is protect himself. Now the same bunch who camped in the park last year are trying again to get attention.

Barney Google
Beaver, UT

A protest against the verdict of George Zimmerman?
Is there intelligent life in the US anymore?
What trial did these people watch that was different from the one I watched.
In Zimmerman’s own words to the 911 dispatcher; it was that he didn't know Trayvon Martin’s race, he was profiled as a suspect carousing through the community.
I believe there was far less racism in America before the people in the executive office came to power, I believe the majority of Americans are getting sick and tired of the minority playing the race card for political and financial benefit.
Catch a clue you people, your blindly following the architects of racism i.e; remember Tawana Brawley rape allegations?
History does repeat itself.
And the Justus system worked.

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