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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 3:50 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Ute seniors will sweep the byu seniors 4-0 in the careers.

Utah 30
byu 14

Mark it Down

I won't post on byu articles all year if byu wins.

I've made the same promise the last 3 years.

I'll be posting all year.

Ute seniors SWEEP!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Here is how things will play out

Utah 8-4
USU 8-4
byu 7-6

Mark it Down!

Las Vegas, NV

I was going to try to post something funny, but there are already three posts from Chris B.

Anyway .....

Go Utes!! Go KW, BJ, KS, DE, et al!

Las Vegas, NV

I can't wait for the fourth annual flock migration to Tulsa on 9/21! Silence will be golden!

Where is Fangupo??

Go Utes! Onward and Upward!!

Salt Lake City, UT


Most of BYU's Seniors already beaten the Utes (in 2009), and will be looking to even the score with another win in a couple of months:

BYU 31
Utah 14

Here's how things will really play out:

BYU 10-3
USU 8-5
Utah 4-8

Mark it down!

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

I thought that most people knew that the Des News writes articles almost exclusively to get comments. They never miss an opportunity to get the fans jabbing each other. They are the #1 group who is most disappointed in the rivalry taking a break and cooling down a bit for 2 years.

West Jordan, UT

There are 2 major flaws among the obsessive Ute and Cougar faithful on these comment boards:

#1, Utah does not have it made, nor are they respected nationally just because they are in the PAC 12. It's just not there, and if you think it is, then you really need to get out of Utah more. The Utes had way more respect when they were in the Mtn West and regularly beating Pac 10 teams (as well as winning BCS games). This has reversed considerably now that they are in the Pac 12 and the losses have begun to pile up.

#2, The ESPN deal, BYU's history, and it's national following does not translate into nationwide respect either. Interest yes, but respect no. Outside of the Oklahoma win 4 years ago, BYU wins are scarce against really competitive programs. The reason BYU has been able to come up with such great schedules in independence is that big time programs aren't nervous to schedule them. Big time teams avoid Boise St like the plague because they are scared of an L. BYU, not so much.

You have to get it done on the field.

Just Smiling

All 3 teams have intriguing schedules and BYU has a better schedule than the last 3 years. I'm amazed at anyone that questions that Utah has the hardest schedule. Everyone has forgotten that the possibility of scheduling Stanford, USC, Oregon or really either of the Arizona schools would have been unheard of in the past. Maybe one of them (if they were expected to be in a rebuilding mode) but never more than one a season and now all of them ARE the season. The real challenge is that not only have the Arizona schools vastly improved over the last 2 years but so have Oregon State and UCLA. Has anyone noticed that according to at least 2 prominent pre-season rating groups that Utah will be playing 7 PAC-12 teams rated higher than BYU or Utah. Utah State is much better than their preseason rating and will be very difficult for either BYU or Utah. That leaves Weber State, Washington State and Colorado as less difficult games. BYU plays Virginia, MidTennessee, Houston, Idaho State, and Nevada all rated #62 or worse. I'm just saying hope for the best for all Utah teams. It's going to be tough!

Omaha, NE

Alright, I got quoted! See, even the DN loves my comments about getting dropped only to be added by the big boys of Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Texas!

"#2, The ESPN deal, BYU's history, and it's national following does not translate into nationwide respect either. Interest yes, but respect no"

So Utah drops BYU and adds Fresno because they don't respect BYU? Utah doesn't respect the rivalry, and scheduling Fresno instead demonstrates that. You don't get other teams like Wisconsin, Boise, Virginia schools, Texas, Arizona and USC to schedule you if they don't respect you. East Coast to West Coast and North to South are scheduling BYU. That's interest and respect.

West Jordan, UT


Respect nationally and willingness to schedule are 2 different things. Trust me, USC doesn't schedule USU because they truly respect them. They schedule them because they know there is a high likelihood of coming away with a W.

Texas and Wisconsin schedule BYU for the same reason. Michigan schedules Utah for the same reason.

Outside of Utah, BYU and Utah both have limited (or no) respect. Utah had it once but has lost all credibility with their PAC 12 results.

Fair or not, the only thing that will change the outside lack of respect are wins against quality opponents.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Chris B

"Mark it Down

I won't post on byu articles all year if byu wins"

I'll say it again, when BYU beats Utah this year do us all a favor a don't comment until they play again in 2016.

Salt Lake City, UT

I used to think BYU fans limited their ugly comments to Utah and USU fans; bad feelings brought out by long time rivalries. But check out the national boards sometime. BYU fans aren't shy about taking that ugliness to jab at Virginia fans, Texas fans, anyone on their schedule. Opposing fans don't get why BYU fans take their comments to such a low level. I guess I'm numb to it, but seeing those fan reactions make you wonder... what's happened to sportsmanship at BYU? The school doesn't want negative exposure like that.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


Actual quote from a Notre Dame fan on a CBS sports blog re: Utah and BYU fans:

"ND95KC: I think Red801 might need to travel more or move out of the 801 area code for the 1st time in his life. BYU was relevant long before his Utes ever were and have consistently been so for 30 years. I'm a Notre Dame alum and fan and was absolutely baffled by the crowd Utah brought to our game last fall. There I was, expecting to meet a humble, respectable crowd akin to the crowds we have seen when BYU has visited over the years. Utah comes to town and shows an arrogance I haven't seen since Miami in the 80's (at least Miami had national titles). Even their band was disrespectful. And for what? Two bowl victories? C'mon Red, you can do better than that. Call me when your Utes (what is a Ute anyway?) win a trophy that's worth something. Until then, all you are is Boise State."

Mission Viejo, CA

For sure, the comments on these boards are amusing. I've lived in Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, Connecticut, Virginia and Nebraska. I've worked in nearly every state, western Europe, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Jamaica, Brazil and a couple more ... I've been around a bit. I was living in Omaha in 1984. People noticed BYU then, for sure.

These boards are parochial. Outside of Utah, nobody cares about the University of Utah and Utah State. BYU? I've seen a BYU sticker on a car in Manila. I sat with a group of friends in Virginia watching a BYU-Penn State game. I've been seeing BYU in bowl games nearly every year since 1976. Almost every year a national TV game featured a BYU game. Texas, Notre Dame, Penn State. Now BYU plays a national schedule every year.

The only Utah team known by anyone outside of Utah is BYU. And that will continue to be the case.

Baltimore, MD

Solomon Levi

There will always be knuckheads in every fan base, but boorish fan behavior is definitely more prevalent amongst the crimson crowd.

Layton, UT

I've lived in a lot of states in every region of the country and everywhere I've been everybody knows who the Utah Utes are and nobody's ever heard of byu. lol.

West Jordan, UT

@Solomon Levi,

Again you are confusing the visibility and recognition of BYU with respect. Just because they know who you are, doesn't mean they fear you or your program.

BYU has very few quality wins in recent years. Top programs nationally have no reluctance in scheduling BYU because they know there is a high probability of getting a W.

All that other stuff is just fluff.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


And how much of your experience relates to Mormons outside of Utah?

All of it?


Highland, UT

I like the headline claiming "comment board explodes" as if this was a rare occurance. It is just more of what goes on around here all of the time, nothing "explosive" about it. Very funny LOL.

Just Smiling

Blue Husky- sounds like you are out of it (the country) alot. Also sounds like your world revolves around whatever LDS congregation is in the area you are in. Of course the local wards know the BYU brand, but realistically outside of membership ranks BYU is either unknown or insignificant. Read multiple articles in D-News talking about BYU recruits who aren't LDS and they say that they hadn't heard about BYU until they were recruited. Just look at BYU bowl ratings. Not exactly a national passion. BYU visability will grow at the same rate as church membership growth increases. And that's ok. Some of us see our membership in the the church and BYU football as two very different things.

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