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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 6:15 p.m. MDT

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pocatello, ID

West Point , UT
I just can't wait until about the 5th game of the season for some peace and quiet from Utah fans when they realize that SOS and taunting BYU fans won't make their pathetic utes look any better.
At least the disproportionately large PAC12 sticker in the window gives them some measure of joy...until it is smashed by BYU and USU fans passing by, laughing and pointing at their PAC12 thermos in hand, and Utah Man Sir sweater vest. Out comes a derisive finger and blue-faced retort "we have 4 star athletes and a tier 1 research school!"...bringing only more laughter from the jubilant Cougars & Aggies.

Yes, these are traditions I'm looking forward to in the coming years...can't wait til Aug 29th!


Yep traditions. You forgot some.

BYU has a crummy record against ranked teams.
BYU schedules 50-1, 4-2, & 2-1 games.
A tradition of losing to Utah.
The college sports world revolves around Provo.

ESPN market share is down 32%.
ESPN2 market share is down 12%.
Hope that contract works out for you. Otherwise it will be a temporary tradition.

pocatello, ID

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT
The poster who said the Utes "earned" an invite to the PAC12 based on play needs to explain how Colorado earned its invite. Neither invite was earned. The invites happened because Texas/Oklahoma did not bite when approached, and the TV markets were big enough to increase revenue shares to offset losses by adding teams.

If the PAC12 wanted programs of high football quality, than Boise State or Air Force would have been considered over Utah because each of those teams has demonstrated that they can consistently win, and have name recognition.


Boise St is a small market and lacks academics. Air Force would not be a good fit.
Texas wanted to keep its TV network revenue (Texas Jr.= BYU)
Joining the PAC 12 is not all about sports, its research institutions and the billions of $$$ in grants that Utah & Colorado now have access to.

Unfortunately for BYU, they have not "earned" an official invite to a real conference in 40+ years.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Tators

Let me help. Yes, one team is in a BCS conference, with a world of bowl options and opportunities ahead of them, a huge TV contract with home and home games scheduled against some of the best teams in the country. One team is stuck wandering the college football land scape, scheduling Big time schools 2 (road) for 1 (home) games, and hopelessly stuck in the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese bowl. No need to thank me for helping out; no problem at all.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Steven Jarvis

"than Boise State or Air Force would have been considered over Utah because each of those teams has demonstrated that they can consistently win, and have name recognition."

Since 1999 (the start of the MWC) AFA has 96 wins, a 3-4 mark in bowl games, and zero conf. titles

In the same time frame Utah has 118 wins, won 10 of 11 bowl games (2 BCS), and four conf. titles.... if AFA consistently wins, then what does it say about Utah?

Mesa, AZ


"Must be your lucky day. However, September 21st will not be."

We Utes saw this same, identical "forecast of impending-doom" for Utah on the football field preceding the last 2 games played between the two, yet how did they both turn-out?

Regarding the certain to come "2-Star byu blow-out of Utah" predictions pre-game 2013 out of provo, please remind us all of what the final-margin has been during this century on the extremely rare occasion they've even managed to beat us?

Personally, I talk about what's actually occurred to date and what the trend indicates will most likely happen in 2013 and beyond, yet you don't ever see me guaranteeing anything.

However, just this last year pre-game, I witnessed final-margin predictions by their fans of a 2-Star byu win against Utah grow exponentially as the start of the game approached, including some even talking among themselves about how many more wins it'd require, until 2-Star byu entered into the top-10 of the polls, as if winning against Utah were a foregone-conclusion. Utterly mystifying.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Marked it Down
An undefeated SEC team, plus 1-loss Ohio State, Texas, and LSU teams could easily occupy all four playoff berths, leaving the Utes on the outside looking in at the playoffs.


Yes. And an undefeated SEC Auburn team was left out the NC game in 2004.

What is your point? That is why I said Utah or any other PAC-12/BCS one-loss team will get a BCS bowl and have a "chance" at a playoff berth. I never said it was a guarantee.

Alpine, UT


"BYU has a crummy record against ranked teams."

Utah has an even crummier record against ranked teams.

Lifetime records against ranked teams:

BYU: 15-55(21%), 16-66(20%)
Utah: 14-72(16%), 15-76(16%)

MUCH more important is ranked finishes

AP: BYU 17, Utah 5
Coaches: BYU 18, Utah 7

Even more telling is this:

Ranked in AP Poll:
BYU: 11 Times (Preseason), 17 Times (Final), 236 Weeks (Total)
Utah: 2 Times (Preseason), 5 Times (Final), 77 Weeks (Total)

Bottom line: Utah wasn't invited to the PAC because of the supposed "excellence" of anything to do with Utah's football program.

At Utah's current rate, it could take the Utes a couple more CENTURIES just to match the number of AP Top 25 finishes BYU has already achieved.

AP/Coaches Top 25 Finishes
Bronco: 4/5
Kyle: 2/3

Wins over teams with Winning Records
Bronco: 25
Kyle: 25

Losses to teams with Losing Records
Bronco: 4
Kyle: 6

Loss to 10-loss teams
Bronco: 0
Kyle: 2

Alpine, UT


10 of 11 in bowls sounds impressive, until you examine the record a little closer to discover that only 4 of Utah's 11 bowl teams (36%) were good enough to be ranked in the final AP poll.

One mediocre team beating up on an even more mediocre team in a bowl doesn't prove anything.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Utah or any other PAC-12/BCS one-loss team will get a BCS bowl and have a "chance" at a playoff berth."

That's a nice crimson-colored pipe dream for a team that only won SIX WAC/MWC championships in the last 50 years and has only managed to finish in the AP Top 25 FIVE times in their entire history.

Except for 2004 and 2008, the number of Utah teams that have won 11+ games in a season, which is what U would have to do to finish with only one loss: ZERO

11+ win seasons during the Bronco/Kyle era:

Bronco - 3
Kyle - 1

Ann Arbor, MI

Really? We're talking about a 46th ranked SOS....

Pretty sad the Dnews finds the need to trumpet a very average schedule.

What will they do in 2014 when the SOS will most likely be 90-100?

On the other hand...Utah 5th ranked SOS might actually be STRONGER next year with the kick drop bYu and the upgrade of UofM

Orem, UT


There's no reward for SOS unless U WIN.

Unfortunately for U, SOS has become nothing but a whiny excuse for LOSING.

The records and final Sagarin rankings say it all:

BYU(10-3) 2011 #90 SOS, #34 Ranking (#25 Coaches, #26 AP)
Utah(8-5) 2011 #49 SOS, #39 Ranking (not a single vote in either poll)

BYU(8-5) 2012 #63 SOS, #26 Ranking
Utah(5-7) 2012 #41 SOS, #61 Ranking

The most important thing for U to worry about in 2014 is how the Utes will do after they kick drop Whittingham for finishing 3-9 in 2013.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

It would be hard to beat the cougars 2004 schedule, the one where they lost to three teams that went undefeated that year. If I recall the SOS at the end of the year was top in the nation.

This schedule is definitely going to be a challenge. The Cougars will do just fine this year.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ SportsFan

"There's no reward for SOS unless U WIN"

"Unfortunately for U, SOS has become nothing but a whiny excuse for LOSING"

There's no reward for top 25 finishes either; Unless of course your ranking is high enough to qualify for BCS bowls. Which is something BYU has failed to do.

Unfortunately for the Y, top 25 finishes have become nothing but excuses for losing to Utah and every year.

West Point , UT

"Those are strong words about a school that you are 0-for against...I would actually predict a big Bronco rout of BYU".

As I said, Bronco fans can predict whatever they want, but the actual team and CP know they got out of there with 2 victories in the last 2 games that very easy could have, and probably should have gone the other way. Your prediction hardly reflects the recent trends of these two teams...the Broncos lose away from the blue, take that to the bank.

"Just out of curiosity, I believe I heard long ago that bsu had actually visited provo once previously for a game against 2-Star byu. Can anybody enlighten me as to how it turned-out?"

Throwing stones in a glass house again, AZUTE? Tell us, what happened last time BSU played in SLC for a game against cellar dweller Utah? Final score? Details? As a matter of fact, while you're at it, fill us all in on just how tough Utah has been against BSU this century. Have you even sniffed victory, even close? Lol

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ scott

If what you say is true than BYU hasn't had a meaningful bowl win since 1996...

@ Jarvis

BYU did have a very strong schedule, but it was not the top in the nation. BYU's SOS was 11th.


According to Phil Steele's most recent evaluation of most difficult schedules for the upcoming season, Utah's schedule is the 12th hardest schedule in the country, and BYU's is 49th.

So why are we hearing all about how difficult and challenging BYU's schedule is? Where are all of the articles on the difficulty of Utah's schedule?

Hyrum, UT

@ Elmer Fudd:

You lost all credibility when you said that Utah beats the Y every year. The U beat 3 times in a row. Wow. 2 of those games went to the last play of the game. Last year the Y had more first downs, more time of possession and more offensive yardage. The U simply got lucky in the turnover department. The key word there being lucky... since they actually lost the game statistically. Before the last 3 games, BYU beat the utes 3 of the previous 4 games. So there hasn't been any real domination in a while.

Real domination is when the Y beat the Utes 19 of 21 games under LaVell Edwards. That's right. There was a stretch of 21 years when the U won only 2 games. That was real domination.
For you to say the U beats every year is just plain silly. Either you are a very young kid or the red in your sky is not allowing you to remember reality as it really is. Save some room to remember September 21st... though I promise you won't want to.

Hyrum, UT

@ GoRed:

No one cares how difficult a team's schedule is if they've proven themselves incapable of winning any of those difficult games. When a team competes for the cellar of their conference every year and can't even qualify for the Has-Been bowl, then talking about their SOS is nothing but an excuse for losing. That's what most of the Ute fans have fallen victim to on these posts. Go back and read them. It's really quite sad.

The once great Utes have fallen on hard times and some of their fans can't accept the reality of it. They lost to USU last year and barely beat the Y after the game went down to the last play of the game... giving the Utes their very last talking point.

Go back and read Scott's statistics about how many times the Utes and the Y have been ranked in pre-season and post-season polls, and how each school has fared against teams with winning records. Any comment to that? Oh, and the Utes won the WAC championship only twice in 37 years. So what can anyone expect of them in the PAC??

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Elmer Fudd

"There's no reward for top 25 finishes either"

Actually, the recognition received from finishing in the Top 25 IS the reward.

Lots of undeserving teams have "qualified" for "bcs bowls".



"If what you say is true than BYU hasn't had a meaningful bowl win since 1996..."

What part of being "good enough to be ranked in the final AP poll" did you not understand?

Since 1996, BYU has had FIVE bowl teams that were good enough to be ranked in the final AP poll, which, btw, is as many AP Top 25 finishes as the Utes have had in their ENTIRE HISTORY.

West of I15, UT

Cougie fans really crack me up it's like groundhog's day same thing every year with cougie fans.

February - August...We are going to be the greatest team in college football history this year. We have all americans, 50 future NFL players and the best coaches on earth. We are going to dominate Utah and Boise St. will be on a quest for perfection this year and no doubt will be undefeated because we are so Awesome.

September- It's the ref's and coaches fault we lost to Texas and Utah. That one game doesn't mean anything. Utah just wanted the game more thats why they won. If we didn't turn the ball over 5 times we would have won the game for sure we just gave it to them.

End of October- Yes 4 wins in a row over Middle Tenn, utah st, houston and georgia tech were so Awesome. It's a good thing for Utah and Texas they didnt play us later in year we would dominate them.

LOL never changes cougies are best team on earth except on game days against good teams.

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