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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Frisco, TX

The schedule is just about perfect. Perfection would be replacing Idaho State with an old foe like New Mexico or Hawaii and then flip flopping that game with Utah, so we play Utah in November and an easier opponent in September.

I'd love to see a schedule like this every year (minus the cupcake).

Four teams ranked higher than us - Texas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Boise State

Four teams that should be very good games - Utah, Utah State, Virginia, Georgia Tech

Three games that should be wins - Nevada, Middle Tennesse, Houston

One cupcake - Idaho State

@Vladhagen - well said. No use bragging about SOS if U can't make post a winning record and make it to a bowl.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


While I agree it was a stupid thing to say, for obvious scoreboard reasons, the technicality is accurate. Utah fans have been telling us for months now that your schedule is one of the toughest in the universe, seemingly in preparation for another losing season. YOUR SOS will not help BYU's SOS if we beat you.

Of course, if we lose again, nothing will help us.

Fair enough?

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"* 11-1 Utah/Texas/ND will most certainly get a BCS bowl and have a chance at a playoff berth."

Not necessarily. We've seen a 1-loss USC get shut out of the BCS NC game before, so it wouldn't be at all surprising to see a 1-loss Utah team get shut out of a playoff berth. An undefeated SEC team, plus 1-loss Ohio State, Texas, and LSU teams could easily occupy all four playoff berths, leaving the Utes on the outside looking in at the playoffs.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Very good schedule. Big time challenge = Big time opportunity.

It's time for both Utah and BYU to punch the Big Boys in the mouth. I certainly hope that is the case.


Sandy, UT


The mere suggestion of an 11-1 Utah?
As Terry Bradshaw would say....
"I don't care who you are, that's funna."

Barney Google
Beaver, UT

"Will BYU's 2013 schedule be the toughest in school history?"


Payson, UT

@Spokane Ute

Well said

Gallup, NM

I hope this is the best BYU team ever if this is the toughest schedule ever. ha

I think we got to see if this is the toughest schedule. So many times the voters will rank teams high, only to see them crumble in the first four weeks of play. Kind of like voters always ranking USC as #1 no matter how bad they are. I mean, USC starts off as #1, loses every game and still can end up in the top 25. ha.

So we're playing 4-5 ranked teams. Lets see if they're still ranked by mid season.

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

"* 11-1 Utah/Texas/ND will most certainly get a BCS bowl and have a chance at a playoff berth."

First off, before the Utes ever go 11-1 again the BCS will be a distant memory and your 2008 Nutra Sweet Lite Bowl victory will be even further distant.

Let us know when the Utes ever go 11-1 again - EVER - because we'll all be dodging flying pigs and Chris B will be able to hold a snow cone in Phoenx without it melting

Boise, ID

Wow! College football season is just about here again. What I don't understand is why with all the talent the Cougs have they can't beat my alma mater, Boise State? Well sports fans, we Broncos love it anyway. Another notch on the wall for us. Thanks for providing Boise State football with the "W".

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK


"...will most likely play a 2nd-tier bowl...." If not selected for a BCS Bowl (and bowl eligible) BYU will play the Kraft Fight For Hunger Bowl against the PAC 12 #6 on 27 December 2013. That bowl has a $850,000 payout. Significantly less than the 22,000,000 BCS Championship game, and slightly more than the $325,000 Boise Spud Bowl. As another point of reference, the Las Vegas Bowl (MWC #1, PAC 12 #5) pays 1,100,000.

BYU's strength of schedule (as a point of reference) is similar to those of Penn State, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Iowa, Syracuse, Arizona, Washington.... Certainly not Oklahoma's schedule, but profoundly better than UNLV, Boise State and Air Force.

Utes have a killer schedule in 2013. I hope they win some big games.

Rexburg, ID

AZUTE1 said

"Yet, w/out SM, it took a late-game miracle-drive barely win by merely 1 point! OU hovered around .500 all season long and finished the season, unranked!"

Yes Oklahoma finished unranked in the final polls which is rather unusual for them.

However, finishing unranked for your PAC-thetic Utes is quite normal considering, with the exception of 5 times, they have finished unranked their entire football history.

LOL is quite appropriate.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT


We are not punding our chests, we no longer need to. The UTES do need to come out and win games though. That is what puts you on the map, and that is what put the UTES on the map in 04 and 08. You are right though, winning games makes you elite. This is something that Byu has yet to do since becoming an Indy WAC school, and it also goes back to the beginning of Bronco's tenure. Since 2009 the Y has only beat 6 or so teams that finished the year .500 or better. 2 of those were vs Utah St, and one against Utah in 09. The Y usually wins the games they are supposed to win, except for San Jose St last year, and loses to the teams that have half way decent talent. The Y cannot compete with team speed. They lack speed on the edge, and in the secondary and cannot keep up. They may keep it close against lesser talented teams with speed, but in the end they lose. See Utah the last 3 years, Oregon St last year, and Texas 2 years ago. That is Byu's fate for now.

Rexburg, ID

Papa Smurf UTE,

"You are right though, winning games makes you elite. This is something that Byu has yet to do since becoming an Indy WAC school"

Why don't you remind us how many WAC championships Utah won in the 37 years it belonged to the WAC?

If you said 2 you would be right. Please try and remember that; the rest of us do.

Salt Lake City, UT

The fact that Holmoe & Mendenhall had to settle for an FCS/Big Sky Idaho State on the slate does have a downgrading effect on the 2013 slate.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Denver2Portland

"Utah is on BYU's schedule, that will definitely weaken it"

Coming from a BYU fan whose team hasn't beaten Utah since 2009. The Utes have 3 straight, 8 of 11, 56-34-4 domination over your little kitty cats.

Seriously, you Y fans have no room to talk smack to a team that flat out owns you on the gridiron. Since BYU has a hard time beating Utah, i believe the Utah game strengthens your 2013 schedule.

Frisco, TX

* 11-1 USU will most likely get to play in Vegas and has no chance at a BCS bowl.
* 11-1 BYU will most likely play a 2nd-tier bowl but with a 2013 type schedule does have a shot at a BSC bowl game since 4 BCS teams will be in the playoffs.
* 11-1 Utah/Texas/ND will most certainly get a BCS bowl and have a chance at a playoff berth.

Do U really believe that an 11-1 Utah team will be ranked among the Top 4 for the playoff? BYU, USU and Utah would need to be undefeated to be in the playoff. I concede U would have a shot at a BCS bowl with 1 loss, but so would BYU with a schedule like this year. There are only a few wildcard spots available. Last year, a 2 loss Stanford, Texas A&M, or Georgia would have beat out a 1 loss BYU or Utah for available BCS slots.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

7 Wins 5 Losses. That's the way I see it and that is beating Utah,Utah State and Georgia Tech.

Just like Utah,it's time to put up or shut up BYU and fans.

Best of luck to all in state schools!

HS Sport Dude
Salt Lake City, UT

Still a very weak schedue compared to an SEC team. Real college football (SEC) is on a completely difference level compared to BYU.....always has been. BYU's schedule is much better now than in the 70"s 80's and 90's but still a joke. 1983/84 oh what a schedule that one was.....not a single team finishes in the top 25 that was on their schedule and they somehow get NC votes. Thank goodness for the BCS.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Sandy, UT


The mere suggestion of an 11-1 Utah?
As Terry Bradshaw would say....
"I don't care who you are, that's funna."


That comment is from Bradshaw after BYU's game one victory over Oklahoma when they showed a live feed from Provo:

"PROVO — People danced in the streets. They hugged perfect strangers. They lit off fireworks. And in general, they celebrated and celebrated and celebrated [on Sep 5, 2009]."

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