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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 2:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

re: killpack 9:33p

It would seem your tin foil hat is on a little too tight.

Last I checked homebuilder confidence is up, price of gold is going down, etc...

"Actually, credit limits are set by creditors. One day, Uncle Sam's creditors will say enough is enough."

And what will you do if China (US's major creditor) says no more and Walmart goes bankrupt??

terra nova
Park City, UT

Romney lost because he does not have the common touch. I know people who wanted to support him. But the closer they got, the more they noticed a culture in his closest staff and supporters that made you either friend or foe. There was no middle ground. If you were not 100% for him, or voiced any concern about any of his policies, you became persona non grata.

Romney's religion did not kill his presidential bid, Romney killed it.

surprise, AZ

I think a small minority did not vote for him purely on his faith. I think Romney was as pure a republican canidate the party has ever had, no skeletons, strong morals, and an expert economist perfect for the time. Even that being the case the US is in a state of illness. Poor, loosing homes, expensive healthcare, and joblessness. A sick person in the moment doesn't think, maybe I should change the way I live to become stronger than ever. No, they think give me a fix now, and who cares about tomorrow. Obama was that idea of quick medicine and feel better now, but not nessesarily fixing the problems that got us sick and keep us sick.

Draper, UT

@LDS Are you saying that petty jealousy on the part of voters is why Mitt Romney lost?

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

@ junkgeek - Agua Dulce, TX - "He was simply a terrible candidate."

You, Sir/Ma'am, do not have a clue what you're talking about. None.

In 2007 (in the run-up to the 2008 election) I backed McCain until I saw Romney speak in Houston, TX in December 2007 at his "Faith In America" speech. Find it on YouTube. Anyone with an ounce of love in their heart for America knows every word he said is true.

Terrible candidate?

Not even close.

I started following Romney right then and there, and over almost FIVE YEARS of research, from MULTIPLE sources (ie, NOT just the Deseret News), I found 28 qualifications Mitt Romney had to be President. TWENTY EIGHT. They ranged in everything to the massive amounts of FREE public service he rendered (the 2004 Olympics salaray he donated) to his $1 salary as MA governeor, to the 13+ yrs of service as a Mormon bishop and stake president to the MILLIONS he gave away to charity (even NOT taking LDS tithing and offerings into account) to his elite grades he earned in college to his broke state budget he turned into a multi BILLION $ surplus as MA governor.


Uhhh, no...

Cedar City, UT

I believe Mitt's inability to understand and connect with the "common" citizen was a serious fault. Our president must be able to understand, empathize, respect and see the joy or sorrow in our everyday lives. He or she cannot be aloof or incapable of those feelings.

I believe Mitt is incapable of substantive understanding of everyday America. I don't know him personally nor have I ever talked to him nor seen him in person. I formed my opinion from watching the presidential debates. I'm sure the many millions of voters also gained their opinion from afar.

Back to the original question: "Did Mitt Romney's faith cost him 2012 election?" My answer is No. If anything his active membership in our church and recognition that he is Christian helped him get millions of votes. If he had a Christian demeanor and way of communicating with or ablout the American citizen (and non-citizen), then he could have gained more votes.

Freeland, WA

Arizona Reader: "Obama has far surpassed Bush in awfulness."
Furry 1993: "As bad as Obama is"
Technonerd: "The problem is, the government is out of money, and eventually, after we lose 2 more stars on the credit rating, the government will have no money to give the 50% of Americans leeching off of the system, and then mass hunger, and rioting will occur. Is there a need for government help, absolutely. Does 50% of the country need to be on it? NO."

I disagree with all 3 of you. I voted for Obama and I'm glad I did and I'm glad that he won. He was the best person to take on the mess that Bush left us. And the country will be even better off when we get rid of the do-nothing Congress in 2014.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

How can I address so many of the posters?

If his wealth was an issue, why wasn't it an issue with John Kerry at the time. I guess it's ok to be filthy rich, as long as you are a Democrat.

I guess it's ok if you once headed the KKK, but not ok if your religion once prohibited blacks from holding the priesthood. It's ok if you are a Dem?

I guess the Christian preachers are more OK with Obama in office than Mitt. By not voting, you simply voted for Obama. Brilliant.

Two primary reasons he lost is because he was not the 'candy man' giving away stuff to every special interest group. The second reason is that many on the GOP side were intimidated by the IRS (as well documented recently). Donate to a conservative cause and your taxes will not ony be audited but the EPA and other agencies will audit you as well.

And now the country has the mess it has. Too late to complain. Even the Dem's now admit that Obamacare is a 'train wreck'. Welcome to the train wreck. You voted for it!

USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS" that was more of a false perception. If you saw a lot of the side stories that were often buried, you saw that Mitt was very grounded and understood the common people quite well. His time as a Bishop, for example, he had to help people deal with common everyday plights.

Even during his business days, he showed concern for his employees and considered what their needs were.

The problem was the media distorting anything and everything they could with half truths and complete lies.

Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT

Someone should have told our good brother Mitt that he shouldn't imply voters are lazy freeloaders. Even though it's true, there's no reason to articulate that during an election. Very unwise on his part.

Patchogue, NY

It can be answered this way: Huntsman would have beaten Obama and he's Mormon as well. Romney had many faults as a candidate. With a high unemployment rate the election was his to lose and he lost. The reasons are many but his religion is not one of them.

Patchogue, NY

Huntsman would have won and he's a Mormon.

Bob K
porland, OR

Yes, Mitt was a horrid candidate -- and I personally think he was running out of duty to the lds church and being pushed by Ann (who came across as Marie Antoinette)
Yes, there are many stories of his helping people through his church, where it is expected, but many examples of his non-church actions being uncaring about workers, etc. As much as he tried to take back the 47% remark, everyone knows he believed it.

As for his faith being a factor --- I personally observed a lot of changing stories, flip flopping, etc, from him. I have also personally experienced lds people who seemed not to mind lying to me or looking down on me, because I am an outsider. It reminded me of 2008 in California, when awful lies and manipulation were part of the Yes on 8 campaign, run by lds people. THAT factor, a "bad" side of some mormons, was what sunk him.

Gainesville, TX

Romney was just too liberal. He didn't offer enough conservative alternatives to Obama. Those who live off the government are just larger in number than the conservatives who stayed home rather than vote for either one. Religion may have been important to an insignificant number of voters. Our country just is not that religious to care.

Mount Pleasant, UT

I beg to differ with the previous comments. Mitt Romney was a man of integrity, organizational skills that would make the next person envious. Loving your Heavenly Father and committing to a religion does not make him less of a man or candidate. He is not perfect as we are not. His humble demeanor was intimidating to many of which is a sad note.
He is a god-fearing man who loves his family and his Church and is completely dedicated to standing true to what he believes to be right and he loves the United States of America with all of his heart. The USA lost out when he was not elected.

Pheonix, AZ

Mitt lost because...

Harry ried told liesabout Mitt's taxes. Of course Mitt had a low tax rate. But that's not his fault. It was the work of the Congress who's job it is to set tax rates. Unfortunately, the low information public's vote counts the same as the informed. Too bad, to. It may well be the the death knell of our nation.

He didn't promise mega-handouts to the masses.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

I can't speak for others, but his faith cost him my vote.

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