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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 2:30 p.m. MDT

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Harwich, MA

Yes, it's true.

Salt Lake City, UT

Obama is a likable person. I think that many of those that voted for him in 2012 were still hoping for him to make the changes that he had promised in the 2008 campaign, thinking "Maybe if we just give him four more years". Well his actions in his first term proved that he was not true to his word. I could not vote for him a second time.

The polls at the time showed that the majority of people were against Obamacare yet they voted against the person that had he been elected could have changed that policy. Well, look what selecting a President based on how much he is liked has gotten us.

We now have a predominantly ignorant voter base in this country and the only way to win an election is to be liked by them.

Charlotte, NC


Obama has spent the past five years demonstrating that he is not up to the job and yet here he is, president. So there has to be another explanation. When you look at a man who has dined at the public trough his whole life and never really accomplished much other than the ability to give speeches, you have to wonder how a man like Romney could have possibly lost to him. A lot of people are scratching their heads trying to come up with an explanation. The most likely is Vladhagen's. People just want stuff from the government.

Huntsville, UT

Romney lost because he was Romney (unlikeable, out of touch, untruthful, etc.).

@Arizona Reader;

I believe it was over 60 people (SIXTY) who DIED in Embassy attacks during George W. Bush's reign of error. Why didn't the Republicans conduce EVEN ONE investigation? Because they've decided to obstruct each and every objective that the current administration attempts; even if it will benefit the country.

It's amazing to me how many of you keep bringing up the "takers", "free loaders", etc. Why don't you take a good long look in the mirror and see how much you benefit from the government's largesse.

Highland, UT

skeptic - "The beauty of American democracy is that the citizens elect their choice and all good Americans respect the elected president of the nation and cooperate in the effort to serve America."

I respect the office of the president of the United States; however, the elected president, whether Republican, Democrat, or something else, earns my respect through their actions.

kitchener, 00

As has been mentioned above, he lost because he came across as a cold, greedy, hard-hearted man who cares nothing for the poor, and only wants to further enrich himself and his very wealthy cronies. That, coupled with his incompetence on the world stage (remember his disastrous trips to England and Israel), cost him the election. I'm an active, dedicated member of the Church, a U.S. citizen living in Canada, and I voted for Mr. Obama, and am very glad he won. He's not a great president, but the country and the world dodged a major bullet when Mr. Romney lost.

Merritt Island, Fl

Mitt lost because he is Mitt, and his social background did him in. He did not have a clue about the common working man and woman. Why? Electing him would mean the end of minimum wage, unions, benefits and any security left for someone who works hard and can just barely keep their heads above water. The right to a fair election would be in jeopardy, loading National barriers to the poor and minorities to vote. Any hope of a College education for middle class would end with the end of PELL and any other financial support. When Mitt said "go ask your parents for the tuition" he showed just how naive he is of the working people.
I could go on, but the other writers covered it as well. This had nothing to do with religion; I doubt more than 1/2 of 1% were influenced by religion. The excuse is simply a cop out to the fact that we did not want an Emperor

La Vegrne, TN

I'm not a fan of Mitt Romney - never was, but to say that because he is a Latter-day Saint is the reason why he lost the 2012 election is ludicrous. Romney was not ashamed to say that he is a member of the Church and he should never be to do so. Even the President acknowledge the Romney family's service to the country in his acceptance speech (to a point). It is really no ones business what religious denomination a person adheres to and calling that said denomination a 'cult' because of past issues or just because you're to asinine to understand just makes the person doing the name-calling look really rather pathetic. A minister, reverend, rector, vicar, presbyter, bishop, brother or sister of Christ should know better. The pulpit is not the place to be 'preaching' personal prejudices and negative propaganda.

La Vegrne, TN


I can't wait until she arrives so I can vote her!


Are we seriously quoting World Net Daily articles in a real newspaper? Could you not find a good Onion link?

You're better than this DN. What a joke.

Barney Google
Beaver, UT

"Did Mitt Romney's faith cost him 2012 election?"

No, Mitt lost it.

Marlborough, MA

It may have been a factor for some people. I would prefer that a candidates religious affiliation be left out of the profiles, debates and discussions when choosing elected officials. I also believe the same should apply for marital status. After all isn't it illegal to ask job applicants about either when hiring?

The Skeptical Chymist

How much lower can the Deseret News sink? To offer Jerome Corsi, the author of the swiftboat propaganda against John Kerry any sort of publicity whatever is ridiculous. And then to actually link to a story in the World News Daily (which I like to think of as the World Nut Daily), as if that organization bore any resemblance to an actual news organization, is just preposterous. (A current headline at that site is "China selling 46-year old chicken for food".)

And once more, why are we still paying attention to Mitt Romney?

Layton, UT

While Romney missed a lot of opportunities, I felt the big kicker was Hurricane Sandy. Mitt had no ability to mobilize massive government resources and look presidential in the wake of one of the worst disasters to hit the east coast, and I think that clinched it for a lot of desperate people. All the rest of this conjecture is kinda moot when an "Act of God" decides an election... :)

New to Utah

His faith was a factor. It was exploited by a nimble and well funded campaign to suppress the white protestant vote. Romney lost because Obama's campaign would literally do anything to get their man elected and the mainstream media refused to have even an ounce of objectivity. The partisan nature of the media and the hundreds of millions spent on negative ads and even the IRS targeting conservative groups all factored into Obama's narrow win.Democrats always have excelled Republicans in counting the votes. The Black vote was a higher percentage than the white vote the nearly unlimited expenditure of unions in getting out the vote was worth hundreds of millions. Collusion a book by L Brent Bozell explains the media's bias in the election. Jonathan Alter a liberal magazine editor presents the lefts view in his book The Center Held.
Mitt Romney's message didn't get out that he had a bold plan to create jobs, quicly assist in getting the US energy independent and dealing effectively with our $17 trillion deficit. We will continue to learn from this election.

Sugar City, ID

It was his stale old Republicanism of the pre Teddy Roosevelt days that hurt him the most. He was a combination of Taft and Coolidge. I hope another Mormon comes to the forefront that resembles neither Reid nor Romney. They are Party men - first and foremost.

Murray, UT

His failed presidential election bid had little to do with his personal faith and more to do with his lack of empathy, dry personality, poor strategy, and association with Wall Street.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

What cost him is that he and his party are out of touch.

Flower Mound, TX

The Republican party is too diverse for it to come together and really agree upon anything or any one candidate. The only thing the Republicans have in common is that they are against the Democrat's agenda. I believe this is the root of the problem. Some republicans are very conservative, some are very liberal and there is everything in between. They cannot agree enough on anything to be anywhere near unified. "A house divided cannot stand" is a description of the Republican party. Some want moral values while others only want a good economy. Therefore, they cannot all get behind one person.

I also agree that the majority of people who voted in this election wanted a free lunch (life).


Mitt could not get a break from the media. The major portion of the media was there to pounce on anything they could get their hands on that would tear down Mitt and build up Obama. I am expecting more of the same in the next election.

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